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Night Owl’s Guide: Best Nightlife Activities in Athens

Things to do in Athens by night

Athens is one of the most vibrant and cosmopolite cities from entire Europe. It is famous for its ancient ruins and history, but once you get there you’ll see that Athens is more than that. It is a wonderful city with very welcoming people and incredibly tasty food!

What I like most in Athens is that during nighttime this city is as beautiful and vibrant as it is during the day.

Sunset in Athens from Lycabettus things to do in Athens by night

Sunset in Athens from Lycabettus

There are so many options if you want to spend your evening outside the hotel! Trust me! It is very hard to decide what to do!

Based on our experience, we prepared a top with the best way to spend your evenings when in Athens!

1. Watch the sunset from Mount Lycabettus

Start your night in a romantic way and watch the sunset from Mount Lycabettus! It is a truly romantic place which offers an incredible view of Athens and the Acropolis.

Athens Sunset Lycabettus

Athens Sunset Lycabettus

This is the right place to be if you want to take some memorable photos of Athens and its emblematic Acropolis.

2. Drink a cocktail on a rooftop bar

Athens’ rooftop bars offer wonderful views over the ancient monuments of the place. And the great news is that there are plenty of rooftop bars to choose from.

Cocktail on a rooftop Bar in Athens

Cocktail on a rooftop Bar in Athens

Pick one you like most and is conveniently located from your hotel and be there at sunset! You’ll see Athens bathed in the sunset light, a beautiful panorama and one of the greatest things to do in Athens by night.

3. Watch a film at an open-air cinema

There are a few interesting options when we speak about the open-air cinema in Athens. But in my opinion, the best of all is Thissio’s open-air cinema.

The cinema is located close to the Acropolis, so in the background of the display, you can see the Acropolis bathed in the moonlight.

Athens Open air Cinema

Athens Open air Cinema

There are many interesting movies to choose from if you are thinking to watch one when visiting this city: comedies, dramas, thrillers or even animations.

Check it out for a great experience during your stay in Athens!

4. Enjoy a traditional dinner with greek food and music

Traditional Greek food is extremely tasty! It is a pity not to try it while in Greece!

Start with a greek salad with peppers, tomatoes, olives, onion and cheese. Then order some dolmades, a vine leaf parcel, or tomatoes, courgettes and peppers stuffed with minced meat and baked in the oven.

Traditional Greek Dinner Food

Traditional Greek Dinner Food

Or why not a moussaka? It is one of the best in the whole world! Greeks are really masters of moussaka!

And for the dessert how about some portokalopita which is a moist greek cake made with oranges, shredded phyllo dough and greek yoghurt, all soaked in orange syrup.

Yummy! Sound tasty and trust me, it is!

End your night with some traditional music and why not smash some plates in a traditional Greek restaurant from Plaka area.

5. Take a walk in the historical centre

One of the best things to do in Athens by night is to explore its historical centre and to watch the Acropolis bathed in the moonlight.

The best way to experience this amazing city by night and make some new friends is to book a ticket at Athens at Twilight Night Tour.

This is a 3.5 hours tour which leads you along the animated streets of Athens, stop at three iconic bars for a short drink, which by the way is included in the price and ends in a cool bouzouki venue featuring urban folk music where you can party with your new friends till morning.

Athens at Twilight Night Tour

Athens at Twilight Night Tour

After such a tiring night, I bet you need a cool place where to sleep!

Here are our suggestions for your overnight stay:

1. Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens is one of the best choices from Athens. The hotel is situated in the heart of Athens, near the House of Parliament and Constitution Square. From the hotel window and common areas, you can see the Acropolis.

The rooms are elegant with marble bathrooms and wood furniture.

2. Electra Metropolis Athens is another great choice for Athens. It is located centrally near a metro station, just 10 minutes walk from Plaka street.

The rooms are modern and nicely furnished with organic Korres toiletries.
From the rooftop pool of the hotel, you can admire the Acropolis while relax and sip a cocktail!

3. Amalia Hotel Athens is a beautiful 4-star hotel which offers great views of the Acropolis located right across the National Gardens.

The resort is located in the heart of Athens, 10 minutes walk from the Acropolis and Plaka.

The hotel was awarded the Green Key eco-label, which means that it uses only environmentally-friendly toiletries and cleaning products.

These are the best things to do in Athens by night! Athens offers many attractions not just during the day but also by night! Check them out!