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Val D’Isere: Your Ultimate Ski Resort Destination

French ski resort Val D’Isere is one of the places where winter comes early and leaves late, so you can enjoy good quality snow the entire season.

Most of us plan their winter escape before knowing how much snow will be in the winter.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises you have to secure your holiday and book a hotel somewhere at high altitude in the mountains, like in the French Alps.

Here are the reasons why you should choose Val D’Isere ski resort France to be your next winter destination:

1.Amazing sceneries

Wonderful peaks, blinding white snow, set against gleaming sunlight is the picturesque landscape you’ll see each day while in this area.

It is a playground for the bold & energetic who return year after year for endless wintertime delights and unique landscapes.

Two- thirds of Val D’Isère is located within the Vanoise National Park which is the oldest national park from France, created in 1963.

French ski resort Val D'Isere

French ski resort Val D’Isere Ski resorts in France

The park is home of one-third of France’s Alpine ibex population and many smaller mammals such as Alpine hare, the marmot and the snow vole.

The beautiful villages of La Daille and Le Fornet are part of this magnificent area and are two of the main places where guests book their rooms.

2. Most user-friendly European resort

France Val D’Isere ski resort is the perfect combination of amazing scenery and good quality snow.

This is the favourite winter escape for Britains so finding English speaking personnel is very easy.

You can check-in at your favourite hotel, rent you ski equipment and eat your favourite food without any language barrier.

3. Many ski pass options for French ski resort Val D’Isere

The good news when skiing in the area is that you can choose the best ski lift passes based on your length of stay.

There are afternoon ski passes from 45 euro per adult, up to 15 days tickets from 690 euro for an adult.

Val d Isere Tignes Ski Map Slopes Pistes

val d’isère Tignes Ski Map Slopes Pistes largest Ski Holidays

For those of you who are lucky enough and can stay more than 15 days at ski, we recommend buying the full season ticket which costs 1425 euro per adult.

With this pass, you can enjoy the pistes the entire season without any worries, including the ones from Grande Motte glacier and famous La Face black run.

The passes cover the entire areas of Val D’Isere and Tignes known under the name of Espace Killy.

4. Long and well-maintained pistes and ski lifts

Val d’Isere ski resort France has more than 300 kilometres of pistes serviced by 79 lifts spread all across the mountains.

The ski lifts are modern and very well maintained, the area having one of the most efficient lift systems from all the French big winter resorts.

Most lifts have 6 or 8 passengers chairs and besides these, there are a large variety of gondolas, trams and funicular style railways which transport an impressive number of people up on the mountain.

5. Most reliable snow cover from Europe

According to the European standards, Val D’Isere ski resort France enjoys a good reputation for having the perfect winter conditions and the best snow for practising winter sports.

This is why most early-season World Cup races are held in this place in early December.

Val d Isere French Ski Resorts in France

French ski resort Val D’Isere Ski Resorts in France

There a few reasons why snow conditions are so good here:

  • Pistes orientation
  • Slope inclination
  • The presence of a natural phenomenon known as Retour d’Est, in which a large quantity of rain and snow come up from the Mediterranean.

6. World cup races are held here each year

French ski resort Val D’Isere hosts the World Cup races like FIS Men’s Alpine Skiing World cup which takes place each December.

There is also the International Ski World cup for kids which takes place in March and gathers young winter sports lovers from all over the world.

7. Has the largest snowmaking capacity in Europe

Ski resort Val D’Isere France is world-famous for having one of the largest snowmaking capacities in all of Europe.

The snowmaking equipment covers about half of the skiing area from the entire area and produces enough snow for a perfect day at ski even in April.

8. Many restaurants and bars right near the slopes

What I like most about this resort is that you can find everything within a walking distance one to another.

Around the ski lifts and the slopes, there are a lot of interesting places where you can drink a glass of wine and eat a tasty meal.

From all the restaurants and bars near the slopes, the ones which stand out are:

  • La Peau de Vache, located halfway down the Olympic downhill course
  • Le Signal, located on top of the mountain, right near one of the gondolas
  • L’Etincelle which is one of the hot spots from the area

9. Most famous day club in skiing

Val D’Isere ski resort France is the snowy version of Ibiza or St. Tropez.

Several famous bars and clubs from Europe open outposts in France Val D’Isere ski resort.

While most of the places are open from 12 to 6 each day and serve around 7.000 customers daily, the bars and clubs are open during night time.

Live DJs and guests dancing on the tables are a common way to spend your time with friends and have fun.

10. The only Michelin 2 star restaurants at a ski resort

French ski resort Val D’Isere has not just a lot of snow and many possibilities to spend your time outdoors, but it also has one of the best foods in France.

You can find all types of restaurants in this amazing village, from budget-friendly ones to high-end Michelin stars.

The most famous 2-star Michelin is called L’Atelier d’Edmond and is located at the base of one of the lifts.

It offers a memorable culinary experience, all the products being invented and prepared by master chef Benoit Vidal.

Tip: Try the “British chalet model”


Conclusion: French ski resort Val D’Isere

I am sure you have seen or at least heard about this option of accommodation but you don’t know that it is called the British chalet model.

The idea is the following: you rent a whole chalet for a week and in the rental package you have included the private personal chef, full house staff, drivers, all the meals and drinks including spirits and wine.

There is a wide range of chalets which can be rented after the British model from modest to luxurious, from a few thousands of euros per week up to a few tens of thousands.

The most luxurious ones include special amenities like saunas, spas, hot tubs, fitness area and the list can go on.

If you are not interested in such accommodation, then we recommend choosing a classic high-end hotel like Hotel Avenue Lodge Valdisere which is a 5 stars resort located in the heart of French ski resort Val D’Isere, 200 metres away from the pistes.

The hotel has a wonderful spa area, an indoor pool, a beauty area and a hammam. You can enjoy a glass of wine near the fireplace in the lounge area or at the hotel’s restaurant.

Val D’Isere ski resort France attracts a large number of tourists each year because of the reliable snow, user-friendly experience and high-end resorts and restaurants.

If you want to experience the best of European skiing, then you should head to Val D’Isere as it is one of the best choices when talking about ultimate winter destination.