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Courchevel: 5 Reasons to Choose this Ski Resort in France

Choosing the best ski resort in France is a very difficult process as there are many amazing villages hidden in between the mountains like Courchevel ski resort.

All of these places provide high-quality services and hotels where you can relax and run away from any city noise.

Still, my favourite place for going to ski in France is the resort of Courchevel especially Courchevel Moriond because of its location and facilities.

It is located in the Three Valleys region of France and was among the first man-made ski resorts from France.

Courchevel Ski resort in France

France Ski resort Courchevel

Top reasons to visit Courchevel ski resort:

1. Guaranteed snow cover

An extremely important factor which makes from this resort a top destination is a quantity and the quality of snow.

More than 80% of the ski area is located at 1800 m or higher and most of the pistes are facing north. So, the snow conditions are absolutely perfect for skiing from early December up to April.

And if natural snow is at scarce, the local authorities have thought about everything, so they bought snowmaking machines.

Courchevel ski resorts in France

Courchevel ski resorts in France

There are not one, nor twice snowmaking machines in the area, but more than 600.

They are covering about 60% of the ski area and produce enough quantity of snow for you to have the perfect ski conditions.

Today you can ski the entire winter on good conditions on all green, blue, red and black runs spread across Mont Blanc and the surrounding area, including Grand Couloir the widest and easiest of the infamous trio of the area.

2. Michelin star restaurants

Michelin star restaurants have a very long tradition in this amazing mountain resort.

The first restaurant of this kind was open in 1979 and was Michel Rochedy’s restaurant called Le Chabichou.

5 more restaurants have been opened along the year so today there are 7 magnificent Michelin star restaurants, the highest concentration for one ski resort in the world.

The seven Michelin star restaurants are:

  • 2 Michelin stars: Le 1947, Le Chabichou, Les Airelle
  • one Michelin star: L’Azimut, Baumanière 1850, Le Montgomerie and Le Kintessence

3. Handiski adaptive ski area

Courchevel ski resort has a handiski dedicated area so that all people can enjoy winter sports.

The handiski sector is known as Pralong and it has chosen because it is extremely accessible for people with special needs.

It is serviced by a 6 seater detachable chair lift which serves two pistes adapted for these people.

In the nearby area, there are two dedicated parking lots and more than 10 specially trained instructors are available for those interested in learning to ski.


Courchevel Ski Map Slopes Pistes

Courchevel Ski Map Slopes Pistes

4. Respect for the environment

From the lighting equipment to the snowmaking machines everything is upgraded or replaced with news items which are more efficient and have less impact over nature.

A few years ago, the existent snow making machines were capable to produce around 3.500 cubical metres of snow per hour.

Today, with the same quantity of electricity and water, the snowmaking equipment is able to produce 6.000 cubical metres of snow.

And all this is possible because local authorities invest a lot in equipment which is environmentally friendly (as much as possible).

5. Open-air museum all across the mountain

The last thing you would expect when skiing is to spot a giant red gorilla on the mountain! But Courchevel offers this experience too during your ski holidays!

You don’t have to worry because this is not a real creature but a snow sculpture located across the mountain.

Either you’ll see a gorilla or a crocodile, or any other strange creature appearing in from of your eyes, you don’t have to worry about!

Courchevel ski resort is the only French resort to have six of its buildings listed.

It is a very famous place among artists and those interested in art as it has a very rich history behind.

Famous artists like Botero or Dali have exhibitions in the area and its a real pleasure to admire the beauty of the buildings and the surrounding scenery.

6. BONUS: Best resort from the area

Courchevel village is famous for its high-end services and resorts so if you want to treat yourself like royalty this is the right place. Here, on top of the mountain, there is one of the best resorts from the entire area.

It is called Hotel Le K2 Altitude Courcheve and is one of the best options from Courchevel 1850 because of its top-class services and its location.

The hotel was built more than 50 years ago as a luxury retreat and was named Hotel Kilimanjaro.

A few years ago it was bought by Le K2 Palace hotel chain and was transformed into one of the top attractions from the area.

The renovation of the hotel took about 8 months and all the interiors were refurbished and updated.

Because of its amazing location, near Pralong piste, the hotel offers amazing views over the mountains and you are right on the ski slope.

Once you complete the check-in procedure you have access to the hotel’s own cinema, to the huge spa, fitness centre and hairdressing salon.

Not to mention about the Michelin star restaurant La Table du Kilimandjaro. This was renamed Le Montgomerie, after the person who first reached the top of the mountain in 1856.


Courchevel ski resort is the perfect place to go if you want to be treated like royalty and spend some quality time with your family.

It is a place which offers many wonderful attractions for everybody, no matter the age or social status.

You definitely have to put Courchevel on your travel list as it is one of the most amazing places to ski in the world!