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Day Tripping: Planning the Best London to Paris Excursion

London to Paris day trip

I bet you’d always wanted to visit Paris with its remarkable monuments and incredible atmosphere.

Just imagine yourself strolling on Champs Elysee, taking a romantic river cruise or visiting Arc de Triomphe and the Notre Dame Cathedral!

Or why not take the hop on hop off bus for a quick tour of Paris and end your trip at Eiffel Tower for some memorable photos!?

Or how about taking a guided tour of London and the Queen first and on the following day take a day trip to Paris?

How about visiting Paris and London on the same trip? Or better… on the same day!

Yes! This is possible! And you don’t have to take the plane to go from one city to another and to take a day tour of these amazing cities!

There is another option, cheaper, faster and more convenient so you have to spend more time exploring Paris and London.

Do you know what I am talking about?

It is a train! A magnificent train which leads you from Paris to London and vice versa in less than 2 and a half hours.

It is by far the best choice if you plan a day trip from London to Paris!

Eurostar London to Paris

Eurostar London to Paris

The train leaves from London St. Pancras Station and arrives at Gare du Nord in Paris.

Both train stations are located in the city centre so you don’t have to waste precious time on a bus or a metro to reach the city centre.

This magnificent train is known as Eurostar train and it links Paris with London through the English Channel.

There are three trains per day from each of the two cities (Paris and London).

The first train leaves early in the morning and the last one late in the evening.

Just think about it! If you are in Paris and you want to plan a London to Paris day trip, jump in the first train and at 9 o’clock in the morning you are in London.

Enjoy this wonderful city for as much as you want and 8 p.m take the train and come back to Paris.

Very convenient, I must say!

As about the price, you don’t have to worry!

To get the best fare you’d better buy your tickets with a few weeks in advance! If you do that, the price for a round trip is somewhere around 66 euros.

Train Ticket London to Paris day trip

Train Ticket London to Paris

If you buy your tickets on the last minute, the price might be higher depending on the seats and categories available.

Many people use these fast speed trains to travel between these two cities, so you’d better buy tickets in advance if you want to get a good price and secure your seat.

Maybe some of you are asking why to choose the train and not a bus or a plane.

Let me tell you why you should not use other transportation options!

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If you choose to travel by bus, it will take you about 7 hours to get from London to Paris.

No matter how early you will wake up, after 7 hours on the bus and another 7 hours back I am sure you will be too tired to explore and visit these cities.

Buses are too time-consuming and too tiring!


Cars might seem a great option for a London to Paris day trip, but again, it will take you around 6 hours to get from one city to another!

You’ll have to wait in line at the border, you are stressed out by traffic and once you’ve reached your destination, you have to search for parking.

And parking in big cities like Paris or London is a pretty complicated and time consuming not to mention that it is also very expensive!


Flying from one city to another might look the best option because in about 1 hour you reach London from Paris.

But don’t forget about the fact that you need to be at the airport at least 90 minutes before the departure time.

Ryanair Low cost Europe Flight

Ryanair Low cost Europe Flight

And there is something else! The airports are located outside the city, around 30 minutes to 1 hour away from the city centre.

So, when you sum up, you’ll have about 4-4.5 hours to get from one city to another.

So, definitely, the train is faster and even cheaper if you book in advance.

One thing should be very clear: no matter if you choose to travel from London to Paris by train, by bus, by car or by plane you have to show your passport at the security check/ border.

If you don’t have a valid passport, you cannot have your incredible London to Paris day trip.

Still, if you decide to spend a night in one of these two amazing cities we recommend to book accommodation at Hotel Dupond Smith Paris in Paris. It is a wonderful hotel located right in the heart of the city, 15 minutes walk from The Louvre.

As for London, our option is Great Scotland Yard Hotel London , a wonderful resort located in Westminster simply 200 metres far from Trafalgar Square.

I hope you realise that visiting one of these cities in a day is impossible and you will not have enough time to visit all the attractions in the area.

So, choose an attraction which you really want to see and go see it!

Or just go to London to drink a cup of tea! It is one of those crazy things which you’ll do once in your lifetime!