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Galactic Snacks: Star Wars Treats at Disneyland Paris

Star Wars Celebration has begun at Disneyland Park Paris and fans from all over the world are expected to come and live the adventure of their life!

Disneyland Paris Star Wars snacks and unique experiences welcome all their guests interested in living such an intense experience and meet the face of the Dark!

Walt Disney company worked hard and made many improvements for you to have a more real experience and to enjoy the goodies prepared by professionals.

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For those of you who used to visit Disneyland Paris France at least once a year, the improvements in the food area are notable and the park’s chefs continue to amaze us.

Star Wars snacks Disneyland Paris are the best way to end a day full of amazing experiences and encounters with famous characters like Darth Vader.

In this article, I will present you the most interesting and tasty goodies prepared by chefs and decorated using the Star Wars theme.

Disneyland Paris Star Wars snacks
Disneyland Paris Star Wars snack

Disneyland Paris Star Wars snacks

1. Chewbacca Coffee

This is an extremely delicious milk coffee with praline syrup, whipped cream, almost chips and caramelized hazelnuts which can be bought from Star Wars kiosks and other kiosks from the park at the price of 4.5 euros.

2. Tie Fighter and Han Solo Shortbread

These specialities are available at Hep Cat Corner and other Walt Disney Studios Park kiosks and contain chocolate and hazelnut or chocolate and vanilla if you decide over Han Solo.

The acquisition price is 3.99 euro for each of them and these are the most bought cookies from the Star Wars collection.

3. Yoda cake

Yoda cake is one of the cutest Star Wars snacks Disneyland Paris sells to its guests. It contains pistachio financier, green chocolate glaze with Yuzu and costs 4.3 euros.

baby Yoda cake Disneyland
baby Yoda cake Disneyland

The new Star Wars goodie is made with two oatmeal cookies, packed together with a fluffy whoopie-pie cream filling.

All of that is topped off with a chocolate bar designed to look like Chewbacca’s bandolier.

Cookie Wookie Disneyland cookie
Cookie Wookie Disneyland cookie

The price for this delicious cookie wookie is 4.3 euro and was inspired by Star Wars favourite hero Chewbacca.

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5. Lemon meringue pie

The lemon meringue pie provides something for you to chew on as well as a rich, buttery pastry flavour, while the lemon filling is smooth and creamy.

This cake is decorated with Poe Dameron’s X-Wing and is available at Walt Disney Studios Park kiosks.

Lemon meringue pie Diensyland Paris
Lemon meringue pie Diensyland Paris

6. Imperial stormtrooper cheese waffle

Disneyland Paris Star Wars snacks list continues with the delicious imperial stormtrooper cheese waffle.

The cake was introduced into the menu in 2020 at a cost of 8 euros on its own or 10 euros with a drink.

The waffle is cooked to order so this might cause the queue to move slowly as cooking time lasts for 3 minutes.

Imperial stormtrooper cheese waffle Disneyland Paris
Imperial stormtrooper cheese waffle Disneyland Paris

7. D-O macaroon

This vanilla macaroon is another goodies served by Disney parks and it comes in at a price of 4.3 euros which is, by the way, more than fair for what you get as it is pretty large.

The macaron is quite chewy and dense with a lemon flavour, while the head is shaped from white chocolate.

D-O macaroon Disneyland Paris sweets
D-O macaroon Disneyland Paris sweets

8. Chocolate mug cake

Star Wars snacks at Disneyland Paris also includes this delicious Chocolate mug cake available with a soft drink of your choice at the price of 6.6 euros.

Chocolate mug cake Disneyland Paris
Chocolate mug cake Disneyland Paris

9. Tie Fighters and Chewbacca beef burgers

Tie Fighters delicious burger is available at Annette’s Diner in Disney Village and is made up from pepper jack cheese, chorizo, tomatoes, onions, pepper and chipotle BBQ sauce.

Its dark colour of this Disney food was inspired by the dark side from your favourite saga movie Star Wars.

Tie Fighters Burger Disneyland Paris
Tie Fighters Burger Disneyland Paris

Chewbacca beef burger is available at Restaurant en Coulisse in Walt Disney Studios Park and is made up from white bread with Chewbacca sign on it.

It is filled up with cheese, salad, tomato, crispy onions and Mexican mole sauce.

Chewbacca beef burger Disneyland Paris
Chewbacca beef burger Disneyland Paris

10. Cottage cream cheese R2-D2

The culinary adventure continues with the cottage cream cheese which can be found only at certain restaurants inside the park.

Disneyland Paris Star Wars snacks include the delicious R2-D2 cottage cream cheese with mango flavour and white chocolate.

Cottage cream cheese R2 D2 Disneyland Paris desert
Cottage cream cheese R2 D2 Disneyland Paris desert

It is available at Restaurant en Coulisse in Walt Disney Studios Park and can be bought as a dessert after eating the beef burgers with french fries also inspired by the Star Wars Saga film.

Star Wars snacks Disneyland Paris are a nice surprise for those passionate about this movie.

It is a great opportunity for all of us to enter into another world, a world of tales and stories carefully designed by experienced people.

Come and explore the amazing Walt Disney World, a world of wonder and taste all the goodies especially prepared for you by highly trained staff.

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