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Enter the Magic: Disneyland Paris Star Wars Experience

Attractions, dining, shows and specially-themed seasons are all waiting for you at Disneyland Paris Star Wars corner, one of the top attractions from the park.

The theme of Star Wars Disneyland Paris has actually been integrated right into Disney parks worldwide for several years.

No wonder, nevertheless, the Walt Disney Company purchased Lucasfilm in 2012 and also with it all trademark legal rights to Star Wars.

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Even if Disneyland Paris (up until now) does not supply a dedicated location for this saga movie, different attractions, dining establishments, and also shops make sure that Star Wars followers additionally obtain what they are trying to find.

Discoveryland is certainly especially fascinating for these followers, due to the fact that everything about Star Wars can be found there.

For example, if you want to visit the Star Tours attraction, you can experience a really amazing flight with the huge expanse of the galaxy.

Yet not only the attraction itself is an experience, but likewise, the queue location created with wonderful focus to detail.

Disneyland Paris Star Wars
Disneyland Paris Star Wars

The rollercoaster Hyperspace Mountain offers you a lot more action as you want with the Star Wars saga.

If you don’t have the mood for a bumpy journey through space and you are brave enough then you can meet Darth Vader and take some memorable photos with him.

By the end of 2018, Disney Group announced a 2 billion- euro investment with the purpose of expanding Disneyland Paris.

Star Wars Disneyland Paris
Star Wars Disneyland Paris

This expansion focuses around the following themes: Marvel superheroes, Frozen and Disneyland Paris Star Wars.

The beginning date of the works was the first part of 2019 and the estimated opening date for each zone was initially between 2021 and 2025.

Because of the coronavirus health crisis, the extension works have been stopped and the opening dates might suffer delays.

But nothing official has been yet announced so everything you heard and read is simple speculation.

The Star War Disneyland Paris land expansion has an estimated opening date in 2024 or 2025 but nobody has any clue about what this expansion is about.

Stormtrooper Walt Disney World Disneyland Paris
Stormtrooper Walt Disney World Disneyland Paris

The area might resemble the two Star Wars Lands opened in 2019 at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort in Anaheim nut, but nobody knows for sure.

There are some rumours according to which a new restaurant will be opened and will have at least 300 seats and new stores with many beautiful and interesting figurines from this saga movie.

The maximum height of the building from the Star Wars area most probably would have around 17 metres, for an overlaid decor reaching about 40 metres high and cover a floor space plan of about 10.200 sqm.

By far, the highlight for all Star Wars fans was Legends of the Force season, which took place at Walt Disney Studios Park from 11th January to 15th of March 2020.

This seasonal event which premiered in January 2017 featured an incredible evening show that was projected on the Tower of Terror while some of the most famous characters from the movie were active on a stage.

Even if the amazing season is over, you can still find many interesting elements which remind you about this saga movie.

Let me tell you some words about Disneyland Paris Star Wars attraction which you can visit on a daily basis.

Star tours at Star Wars Disneyland Paris

This is an amazing flight simulator with the saga movie theming and the journey is supposed to lead to the planet Endor.

At its debut in another Disneyland park in 1987, this was the first attraction based originally on a non-Disney licensed intellectual property.

Starting with March 2017, the classical Star Tours was replaced with Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, which contains more elements and stories from Episodes III and IV.

Star Wars Disneyland Paris
StarWars Disneyland Paris

Star Wars: Hyperspace Mountain

Hyperspace Mountain is a seasonal Star Wars overlay of Space Mountain which was opened in 2017 as part of its 25th-anniversary celebration.

After boarding the reconnaissance automobile (played by Space Mountain’s rocket automobiles rather than a totally new vehicle layout), the spy team makes a jump with hyperspace.

Upon arrival at Jakku, a team of CONNECTIONS ambushes the group virtually instantly.

The reconnaissance vehicle ducks as well as weaves its means with the dogfight and also various laser-fire from either side.

With the TIE armada destroyed, Blue Squadron can make an important damaging hit on the Star Destroyer’s bridge area and also make a quick jump with a hyperspace back house.

Meet Darth Vader at Disneyland Paris Star Wars

Are you brave enough to face the dark side of the Force from Star Wars Disneyland Paris?

If the answer is yes, then head up directly to Starport in Discoveryland and meet Darth Vader.

Darth Vader at Disneyland Paris Star Wars
Darth Vader at Disneyland Star Wars

Once you have walked through the doors you cannot go back and you enter directly into the sphere of the influence of the dark side of the Force.

How the encounter with Darth Vader turns out depends on you because you can hardly expect friendliness and gentleness from this character.

When you pull out your Photopass, the moment of the encounter will be captured, so that your family and friends get proof of your actions.

Shopping resources

After regaining your strengths and recovering you from the Darth Vader encounter, it’s time to get a small souvenir to remind you about these unique moments in France.

How about taking with you as a memory a Yoda figure or a T-shirt with Star Wars design or a lightsaber?

All these things can be found at the Star Traders Boutique, a place which makes the hearts of the real Star Wars fans beat faster.

Cafe Hyperion

Have you ever imagined that you can eat Jedi burgers, Yoda cupcakes and many other snacks and goodies which reminds you about Star Wars?

Chewbacca beef burger Disneyland Paris
Chewbacca beef burger Disneyland Paris

There are many specialities waiting for you and I bet you feel hungry after the exciting encounter with the dark side of the Force and after the long journey on the galaxy.

baby Yoda cake Disneyland
baby Yoda cake Disneyland
Tie Fighters Burger Disneyland Paris
Tie Fighters Burger Disneyland Paris

After such an exciting experience at Disneyland Paris Star Wars, I bet that all you want is a comfy bed and a relaxing room to reflect on how wonderful your day was!

Radisson Blu Hotel Paris Marne-la-Vallee
Radisson Blu Hotel Paris Marne-la-Vallee Disneyland Hotel

Radisson Blu Hotel Paris Marme La Vallee is my recommendation when speaking about hotels near Star Wars Disneyland Paris area!

You might not find the Star Wars characters on the hotel lobby but at least it is a very clean hotel with a great price-quality ratio.

Radisson Blu Hotel Paris Marne-la-Vallee room
Radisson Blu Hotel Paris Marne-la-Vallee Disneyland Paris Hotel room

It also offers a free shuttle bus to and from the park and very tasty breakfast to begin your day in force.

This is all you need to know about the Star Wars-themed park from Disneyland Paris before you go.

Pack your bags and hit the road as an unforgettable experience is waiting for you, not to mention the legendary encounter with Darth Vader.

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