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Bulgaria’s Best: Unveiling the Top 5 Beach Destinations

Best beaches in Bulgaria made from this country one of the most popular summer destinations among European tourists.

Bulgaria Riviera has a total length of 378 kilometres of coastline and stands between Romanian coastline on the north side and the Turkey coastline to the south side.

best beaches in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Beach Black sea coast

There are many wonderful beaches along the Bulgarian coastline, some of them modern and with all the facilities needed, while others are some oasis of peace and the perfect place for meditation.

Here are our suggestions for the best 5 beaches in Bulgaria

1. Bolata beach

One of the most beautiful beaches at Black Sea Coast, Bolata beach with its calm and turquoise waters is a hidden gem at Black Sea Coast. The beach is part of a natural reserve and is surrounded by rocky cliffs which protect the golf and the beach against the wind.

In the past, access in this area was forbidden because it was part of a military base. Today there are no resorts in the area. The closest town is Kavarna where you can find many options to spend the night.

The beach is accessible only by car and the closest airport is Varna, located 50 kilometres away.

Around the Bolata beach, there are some very famous golf resorts where you can spend the night. We chose to stay at Thracian Cliff Golf and Spa and Lighthouse Golf and Spa.

Both resorts are beautiful, well maintained and offer great services. You have a wonderful sea view from most of the rooms and the food is very tasty and well cooked.

2. Nessebar beach one of the best beaches in Bulgaria

Nessebar is a wonderful UNESCO World Heritage Site located close to Sunny beach resort, one of the most famous resorts from Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

Most people visit the ancient ruins from the city and explore the ancient sites without knowing that Nessebar has its own beach, a very beautiful and secluded beach not as crowded and commercial as the ones from Sunny Beach.

Bulgaria Beach on the black sea

Bulgaria Beach on the black sea

It is the perfect getaway for the ones who are looking for a more authentic experience.

Between Nessebar and Sunny Beach there is public transport, so don’t worry, it is very easy to get around!

You can book your accommodation in Sunny Beach and one time you can try the Nessebar beach! I am sure you will love it!

Are you planning to visit Sunny Beach? See which are the available options for your stay

3. Kara Dere Beach

One of the last wild beaches from Bulgaria, Kara Dere beach is a hidden gem, pretty inaccessible and kept away from tourists eyes. There are no facilities in the area and to get there you need to have a car. You need to drive along a bumpy road to get there!

It is the ideal place for those looking for a romantic experience and for camping lovers.

Kara Dere Beach, one of the best beaches in Bulgaria is located close to Byala city, 50 kilometres south of Varna.

To get here you need a car. Renting a car in Bulgaria is not very expensive and gives you the so much needed freedom to explore the entire area.

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4. Marina Dinevi

Located in St Vlas village, Marina Dinevi is a resort and a yacht complex very famous among rich people. In the area, there are many luxury hotels with fancy restaurants and great spa’s. Here is one of the few beaches from Bulgaria which earned a Blue flag for its clean waters.

Bulgaria Beach Black sea coast

Bulgaria Beach Black sea coast

Bathing experience in this area is a very secluded experience but also pretty pricey.

For a complete experience, you have to book a few nights in one of those luxury hotels from the area. The quality of the services, the facilities and the amenities from the hotels will make you feel like a little prince/ princess.

5. Silistar

Located in a remote area of the Strandzha National Park, Silistar beach is a natural oasis with clear waters and beautiful surroundings. The place is also known as the pirates’ beach because it is believed that back in time in this place used to hide the pirates.

In our days the place is the perfect retreat for those looking for a relaxing day at the beach and also for nature lovers as in the area there are many species of birds.

The beach is located on the southern side of the Bulgarian coastline, very close to the Turkey border.

These are the best beaches in Bulgaria and the perfect places to relax and enjoy your holiday! Which one is best for you? Check them out and see!