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19 Fun Activities to Explore in San Angelo

There are plenty of interesting and fun things to do in San Angelo Tx, so you should consider spending at least one weekend here.

San Angelo is a pretty city located on the Concho River in western Texas. It’s well-known for its Army post that was established in 1860.

The city is located where three branches of the Concho River meet.

The city has three lakes and the Concho River goes through the middle of it.

The most common nicknames of the city are Angelo,  the Pearl of the Conchos, Concho City, and 

 the Oasis of West Texas. 

The city was founded in 1867 when the United States decided to build Fort Concho. The fort was designed to protect people living on the frontier.

The fort hosted infantry, cavalry, and the famous Black Cavalry, also known as buffalo soldiers by American Indians.

As you can see, San Angelo is a city with a lot of history and beautiful natural attractions. This makes it the perfect place for a relaxing getaway.

I have made a list of things to do in San Angelo, Texas.

I only chose the most interesting and important ones so you can have fun and explore what this city has to offer.

Fun things to do in and around San Angelo

The city is located in the western part of Texas, between the Permian Basin to the northwest, Osage Plains to the northeast, Central Texas to the southeast, and the Chihuahuan Desert to the southwest.

The city was founded in 1867 and has many interesting attractions, including museums, natural attractions, and landmarks.

Please see the full article below for the complete list of the most interesting things to do in this city.

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Interesting and fun things to do in San Angelo Texas

1. Historic Murals of San Angelo

The city is famous for its collection of murals. There are murals all across the city. They depict elements from the city’s history and modern-day life.

Paintbrush Alley is a good place to see artworks.

Start your journey from where Avenue C meets South Chadbourne Street.

Historic Murals of San Angelo
Historic Murals of San Angelo

The first painting you will see is The Stagecoach, illustrating the beginning of Concho Valley public transportation.

You will see stagecoaches and wagon trains used to transport people and merchandise between 1840 and 1930.

The alley is centrally located in the historic downtown, so don’t be surprised by the buildings’ old look and the street’s modern vibe.

2. International Waterlily Collection

Located in Civic League Park, in the center of San Angelo, The International Waterlily Collection is a must-see place when visiting San Angelo.

The International Waterlily & Water Gardening Society named this collection the world’s premier collection of waterlilies.

Once you enter the premises, you feel that you have stepped into another world, in a Shakesperean Eden or a mythological garden.

International Waterlily Collection fun things to do in San Angelo
International Waterlily Collection

The garden was created by the famous poet, scientist, and florist Ken Garden and here you can find species of waterlilies from all over the world.

There are several basins of water lilies brought from all over the world and a beautiful walkway from where you can observe and photograph these fantastic flowers.

What I find interesting about this place is that only a sampling of Landon’s collection is displayed each year, so there is always something new to see here.

The best time to go is October and September when the waterlilies are in blossom.

3. ASU Planetarium

San Angelo University hosts the ASU Planetarium, a place that we, no matter our age, should visit.

Take some time and admire the stars, the galaxies, and the planets from our solar system and learn some new things about our planet and our closest neighbors.

Planetarium San Angelo
Planetarium San Angelo

Here you will find modern systems and high-tech instruments to better see what’s in our sky.

There is also a dome theatre with an HD projector, comfortable seats, and an excellent acoustic where you can watch 3D shows and night sky specials and find many useful things about our solar system.

4. San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts

One of the most spectacular buildings in the city, judging by its unique and stunning architecture, is the Museum of Fine Arts.

Its arched shape reminds us of a horse saddle or a covered wagon, and its design inspired creativity and curiosity.

Inside the museum, you will find many exhibits and art galleries belonging to talented artists worldwide.

Among the most common elements, you will see here are sculptures, American glass, Spanish Colonial art, Texas art, and ceramics.

Museum of Fine Arts ceramics collection
Museum of Fine Arts ceramics collection

There are permanent and temporary exhibits that delight the eyes of the public and attract many experts from all over the world.

From the museum’s rooftop, you have the city’s most beautiful view; on a clear day, you can see the outskirts of San Angelo.

The museum, including fundraising events, live music shows, and art festivals host many events.

5. Fort Concho Museum of San Angelo

Located along Oakes Street, Fort Concho is one of the most prestigious sites in Texas and one of the most important fun things to do in San Angelo.

The fort was built in 1867, just after the Civil War, and was used until 1889.

Formerly it was the place where “buffalo soldiers” stayed. It is full of artifacts that remind us of that period.

Fort Concho Museum soldier picture
Fort Concho Museum soldier picture

You will find machinery and canons used by the soldiers, and performers enact historical scenes here.

This is one of the best places in San Angelo to bring your kids.

At any rate it is a wonderful place where the entire family can have fun and learn new things simultaneously.

6. Air Force Base

Located on Kearney Boulevard, Goodfellow Air Force is one of the city’s most beautiful attractions.

The air force base was built in 1940 and is one of the few non-flying air force bases in the United States.

This military small base plays a very important role in Texan history, about which you and your kids should learn.

Air Force Base firefighters old car
Air Force Base firefighters old car

The place also hosts one of the best firefighting schools in Texas, so you will meet well-trined firefighters who can tell you a lot of stunning stories from their rescue missions.

On-site, there is a movie theatre and also an event center, and access is allowed based on ID.

7. Miss Hattie’s Bordello Museum

Located in downtown San Angelo, in a historical building dating from 1896, Miss Hattie’s Bordello Museum is your next stop when visiting this beautiful city.

The museum offers an interesting walk back in time,  into the rustic Old West.

Miss Hatties Bordello Museum
Miss Hatties Bordello Museum

This discreet bordello operated for 50 years and was one of the most famous in the state of Texas.

The bordello was closed by the Texas Rangers in 1952, and today it is a small but interesting museum that can be visited by tourists from all across the world.

8. SoCo Taphouse and Brew Company

After visiting so many beautiful attractions is time for a relaxing break, and there is no better place for this than SoCo Taphouse and Brew Company.

Order a drink, more likely a beer, as the place is famous among beer lovers from entire Texas.

You will be quickly fascinated by the decor, the ambiance, and the positive vibe, not to mention the good beer.

SoCo Taphouse and Brew Company
SoCo Taphouse and Brew Company

It is the place with the friendliest staff and if you want to find out more things about this place, ask for a detailed guided tour of the taphouse.

The place was opened in 2015 and quickly became the favorite place among locals for a night getaway and a good beer.

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9. Tule Princess Steamboat Cruise

Tule Princess Steamboat Cruise is a unique and interesting boat that takes visitors for a one-hour excursion around Lake Nasworthy.

The boat also operates private tours, but you should book in advance.

This boat is special because it is the last walking-beam engine paddlewheel steamboat in the world.

Tule Princess Steamboat Cruise
Tule Princess Steamboat Cruise

The cruise starts from Spring Creek Park and goes along Lake Nasworthy, so book some time to explore Spring Creek Park before or after the boat tour.

The area has lots of recreational areas, trails to walk, and shops from where you can rent kayaks and pedal boats and go on the river.

10. The Chicken Farm Art Center

Open to the public in 1971, the Chicken Farm Art Center is a unique place, and a visit here is one of the best and most fun things to do in San Angelo.

Here you will find an old chicken farm converted into a restaurant, a bed and breakfast, and resident artist studios.

On the property, you will find two dozen studios filled with vintage chicken buildings with art on display.

You can buy artwork if you like, and here I am talking about ceramics, sculptures, paintings, woolen goods, and ironworks.

The Chicken Farm Art Center woolen socks
The Chicken Farm Art Center woolen socks

A good time to visit this Art Center is on Saturdays when the galleries stay open late as the place is used for social gatherings.

You will have musicians for a cool atmosphere, and you can easily make new friends among the locals who come to have fun.

Take a walk on each studio open, get some really cool souvenirs to support local artists, and stay for brunch at the Silo House Restaurant.

11. Railway Museum of San Angelo

In the early 1900s, when the railways were created, the destiny of many Texas towns changed radically, and San Angelo is no exception.

In this town, you have the opportunity to find out a lot of interesting things about railway history by visiting the Railway Museum.

Here you can visit the historic Santa Fe Depot, a very well-preserved place, a top attraction among locals and tourists from everywhere.

Railway Museum
Railway Museum

The museum is located inside the depot, and you can only see many well-preserved artifacts used when the railroad operated in San Angelo.

The best time to visit the museum is on Saturdays when visiting history tours are available.

Railway Museum has limited hours, but even if the museum is closed, you can walk outside the historic depot and admire the historic train cars on the tracks.

12. Be Theatre

How about getting some tickets to a beautiful show when exploring San Angelo?

There is no better place to go if you want to see a show than Be Theatre, among the most educative and fun things to do in San Angelo.

The theatre is located on Gillis Street and hosts a wide range of shows and events, so you will surely find something to like.

Be Theatre
Be Theatre

Be Theatre is small and really affordable, but the quality of the shows and events is among the best I have seen.

Here you can see dramas, comedies, tragedies, monologues, romances, cabarets, and live performances.

13. Concho Riverwalk

Also known as the San Angelo Riverwalk or Concho Avenue, the Concho Riverwalk is a very popular gathering place for the local community.

It spans over 4 miles and offers a long list of riverfront attractions, perfect for a day out with family and friends.

There are all kinds of community events every weekend here and public concerts at the amphitheater.

Concho Riverwalk
Concho Riverwalk

You can also walk along the picturesque gardens and enjoy all the recreational activities while breathing fresh air and admiring the view.

Pack your picnic basket with you for a good picnic in nature, go biking or jogging, and teach your little ones to fish or play golf.

With such a long list of activities and so many things to do around, Concho Riverwalk definitely should be on your list when exploring San Angelo.

14. Lake Nasworthy

For those of you looking to escape in nature without driving for hours from San Angelo, we recommend taking a tour of Lake Nasworthy.

The lake is a quiet refuge for locals besides the fact it provides water to the city and the nearby areas.

The lake was named after the Texan historical figure John R. Nasworthy, and it is a very popular place among visitors and tourists looking to escape from city noise and pollution.

Lake Nasworthy
Lake Nasworthy

Visitors can practice swimming and diving in the waters of the lake, admire the view from a boat cruise or play all kinds of water-based games.

The area around the lake has recreational areas with picnic facilities and even camping.

15. Kirby Park

Spanning over 24 acres, Kirby Park is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your friends and family, not far from the city center.

This urban park features many wide open spaces and recreational facilities, ideal for chilling with your beloved ones.

There are numerous sports courts, a playground perfect to keep your children entertained, and designed picnic areas.

Kirby Park overview
Kirby Park overview

You can play basketball, baseball, and volleyball in Kirby Park, fish, and eat a delicious burger after some hours of exercise.

Grab a picnic blanket and a good book, and find a quiet place to spend some time in nature.

16. San Angelo Visitor Center

The impressive building that hosts San Angelo Visitor Center is more like a heritage museum, one of the most important and fun things to do in San Angelo.

It is located along the banks of Concho River Walk and features a beautiful fountain built with rocky sculptures.

San Angelo Visitor Center
San Angelo Visitor Center

On the lake, right near the San Angelo Visitor Center, you can spot ducks and on the nearby trees, look for squirrels.

Inside the center, you can find lots of guides and brochures that will tell you everything you need to know about the history of the city and its landmarks.

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17. San Angelo State Park

San Angelo State Park is home to one of the most beloved and rare animals from the United States of America, the bison.

To get close to these gentle creatures, you need to pay a day-use fee, and you can spend the whole day in the park.

The state park has 55 miles of walking trails and many campgrounds.

San Angelo State Park
San Angelo State Park

You can go boating and fishing on the O.C. Fisher Reservoir, located right near the state park.

But one place you must see when you visit San Angelo State Park is the Cougar Overlook.

You can see the North Concho River and the park from around you from this spot.

You will find maps at the park entrance to help you find your way around.

The maps will help you make sure you see everything the park has to offer.

18. Pop of Color

This art center located in San Angelo offers many classes suitable for all ages and preferences.

The center is a good place to visit if you want to have a romantic getaway in this city. You should book some time and visit the center.

Remember to bring a bottle of wine to the event.

You might want to join one of the art workshops that are happening.

Pop of Color souvenirs from Texas
Pop of Color souvenirs from Texas

You can attend interactive classes on cookie decorating, patella knife painting, or sketching.

Before leaving, pay a visit to the gift shop, buy a souvenir to help the community, and commemorate the visit.

19. San Angelo Nature Center

This small facility located right on Lake Nasworthy is the best place to go if you want to get close to local wildlife.

Here you can spot native wildlife of the southwest, like snakes, porcupines, scorpions, and lizards.

Take some time to explore the facility and discuss wildlife, their feeding habits, and their habitats with naturalists.

San Angelo Nature Center porcupine
San Angelo Nature Center porcupine

The Nature Center is near Spring Creek Park and Marylee Park. You should explore these places!

The museum is only open for a limited time each day so plan your visit during the opening hours.

San Angelo hotels

Courtyard Marriot San Angelo is a beautiful hotel with an outdoor swimming pool and an on-site restaurant.

All the rooms come equipped with a microwave, a refrigerator, and a coffee machine.

Courtyard by Marriott San Angelo
Courtyard by Marriott San Angelo

The property is located about 6 minute’s drive from Angelo State University and 5 minute drive from downtown.

SpringHill Suites by Marriott San Angelo is located just 8 minute’s drive from Goodfellow Air Force Base and 5 minutes drive from San Angelo State Park.

The hotel features a modern interior, and all suites have a living area, pantry with a microwave and mini-fridge.

SpringHill Suites by Marriott San Angelo
SpringHill Suites by Marriott San Angelo

A continental breakfast and vending machines and barbeque facilities are available each morning.

Holiday Inn Express San Angelo, an IHG Hotel offers spacious and clean rooms with microwaves and refrigerators and a large desk with ergonomic chairs.

The hotel is close to San Angelo State Park and San Angelo University and has an outdoor pool, rooms with free WiFi, and a gym.

Holiday Inn Express San Angelo
Holiday Inn Express San Angelo

Daily breakfast is available at the property and includes sausage, eggs, and cinnamon rolls.


This is the list of the most important and fun things to do in San Angelo that you should take advantage of when exploring the area.

At the present time, this city is one of the calmest refuges for travelers worldwide, packed with lots of natural attractions and museums.

Pick the ones that suit you most and be prepared to discover a beautiful city nestled in a beautiful natural environment.

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