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Trip research planner

Travel preparation calls for a great deal of initiative as well as time particularly when you want to find the most effective flight, resort, vehicle, restaurants, and bars for your trip.

The choices you made in this part of the process influence straight the quality of your journey as well as the amount of cash you need for your vacation.

Picking the best price-quality options allows you to spare some money, stay within the budget and have a lot of fun abroad.

This travel research worksheet helps you to structure the research process, to write down in one place all the options you have for your trip, and in the end to choose the best option.

You can take the right decision only if you compare the same elements for all the options available and the easiest way to do this is by filling in the printables we prepared for you.

We created these printables based on our own experience and expertise to help you have a clear view of what you find on the market, picking the ones you like most.

Not always the cheapest option is the right choice for us, and this is why we strongly encourage you to fill in all the fields created by us, to be able to pick the option that has the best price-quality ratio and fits you best.

In this stage of the process, the amount of information available online is huge and that is why choosing the best option might be difficult unless you use these printables and you write down and highlight the points that really matter to you.

Planning a trip worksheets pdf created by us comes to give you a helping hand so that you have a clear view of the options and choose the one that fits you most.

These files can be used not only for the trips you do in your home country but also for international trips as they help you better organize your trip everywhere in the world.

With these planners, you will spare a lot of time and effort and you can choose the best option available and have everything written down and packed together so it will be much easier for you once you get to your destination.

The planner is structured in two parts: the first part refers to the research process where you will write down all the options available on the market and that you will find interesting for your trip.

And there is the second part, where you write down all the useful information about the hotel, car, flight chosen as well as about the best restaurants, bars, and clubs found.

Tip for multiple use

Print the files and fill out the basic information (the ones that will not change).

Place the printed document in a self-laminating sheet or a plastic page protector.

Each time you leave home you can update the information with a dry erase marker.

After you come back home just erase the page protector or the laminating printable and keep the things that never change no matter the destination chosen and you will have a trip research worksheet ready to be used again.

Why you need this Trip research planner

  • These worksheets help you structure your research process and keep all the information in one place
  • You will find it easier to compare the flights, hotels, cars, activities, and restaurants by highlighting the pluses and minuses of each option
  • You have on-hand anytime the entire selection process and so it will be easier for you to see your options and decide which is the best for your trip
  • With these printables, you will find it much easier to prepare a trip, have a clear view of the options available on the market, and pick the one that suits you best
  • These printables are the core elements of your trip and give you immediate and direct access to the research process and to the options picked by you based on your needs and preferences
Packing List Printable PDF download
Packing List Printable PDF download

How this planner will help you

  • With this planner, you have all the relevant information about activities, hotels, flights, and food in one place
  • You have immediate access to the whole research process and can easily see the reasons that determined you to pick a hotel, a flight, a car, or the activities for your trip
  • This is a step by step planner that guarantees you that you don’t miss anything on your trip and choose the most suitable options for hotels, restaurants, cars, and activities
  • This planner gives you a clear view of the available options and by filling in all the cells provided it will be easier for you to choose the best option for your trip
  • The research and planning of a trip are much easier and less time consuming with this printable as you can write down in a single place all the information you find available about hotels, flights, food, and beverage as well as things to do at your destination and then pick your favorites faster and stressfree
Packing List Printable 8
Packing List Printable 8

Frequently asked Questions

What makes this Trip research planner different?

Most of the travel research planners contain a simple list where you should write down the resources chosen for your trip: hotel, car, restaurants, bars, activities, and flights and let the research process on your side.

This printable is structured in two parts:

  • The first part refers to the research process and the worksheet helps you gather all the relevant information in one place to be easier for you to analyze it and choose the best option
  • The second part contains the worksheets where you write down the final options, the one chosen for your trip ( the hotel where to sleep, the flight chosen based on rates, departure time and arrival time, the activities you like most, etc)

So you have on hand all these lists and you can access them anytime and if you have a doubt that your decision is not correct you can reassess the process and convince yourself that you took a smart decision.

Our advice is to tick all the boxes and fill in all the fields so that you have the same elements when comparing the options, to be able to take the right decision anytime.

This planner is useful not just for international trips but also for the holiday inside your home country as the process of filtering the activities, the hotels, restaurants, and bars is the same, no matter the destination.

The good thing about this is that you can keep the file for the second time when you go to this destination and tick the remaining boxes from the activity list and have a starting point when picking a hotel, a flight, and a car.

Why should I need this Trip research planner for my trip?

All the fun begins after you choose your holiday destination as finding the best hotel, the most convenient flight, the perfect car, and the most interesting activities is quite challenging.

With this travel planner, you have everything in one place and immediate access to them when you need it.

The planner is structured in two main steps: the research part when you write down grouped on categories all the options available on the market and found interesting by you and the second stage when you have already chosen the perfect option and you have to write down all the relevant information about it.

Print this planner and put it on the fridge or near your computer and each time you find something interesting for your trip write it down.

Take a moment and filter the findings to obtain the best option for you when discussing flight, restaurants, hotels, cars, activities, restaurants, and bars.

On your trip, you will find these pages very useful as you will not use precious time searching for a place to eat or to drink something, or for interesting activities to do each day.

Why is this Travel research planner useful?

Planning a trip might be quite chaotic and if you don’t have all the information in one place things might be more complicated than normally should be.

This planner helps you gather in one place all the important information, to compare the same elements for each option and so to pick the right option for you.

The planner is structured on two levels, the research process, and the final result, so to give you a helping hand when choosing the best accommodation, flight, activities, and restaurants for your trip.

You have available anytime the information from the research stage and can double-check that the things chosen for your trip are the ones that fit you most.

Take the list with you on holiday and so you will spare a lot of time and energy when planning each day when deciding where to eat and where to drink a cocktail, as well as where to sleep to be close to the main attractions.

Can I print this planner?

Yes, you can as this is not an online trip research planner. This Printable will be provided to you in PDF and it can be printed by you to fill it in a paper format.

Are there tips about traveling cheaper inside or any coupons?

Unfortunately, there are no such things inside this planner, but it included some very useful planners to help you classify the activities to be done, the restaurants and bars available, the best hotels, and the most convenient flights.

If I have any questions, can I contact you?

Of course you can! If you have any questions about this planner or anything related to travel please don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact page.

Get the Trip research planner now

This Travel research planner help you put together all your research work and to highlight the best options in a matter of flight, accommodation, car rental, restaurants, bars, and activities for your next holiday.

The planner consists of two main levels: the research sheet which is the first worksheet to be filled in with the information about the flights, hotels, activities, car rental, restaurants, and bars available for your destination.

The next worksheet should be filled in once you have chosen your flights, your hotel for your trip as well as the best car and the most beautiful restaurants and bars located along your itinerary.

Don’t forget to take with you these papers as you will find them extremely useful when planning each day of your trip.

Get the Trip research planner now to better plan your trip and enjoy more of your time spend abroad!

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What our customers say:

Andy Pierce

An amazing tool that has helped me tremendously
The Trip Research Planner is an amazing tool that has helped me tremendously in researching and planning my travels. I have used it to plan trips for both myself and my family, and it has never failed to help me out. The best thing about this planner is the fact that it is so comprehensive – it includes information on everything from flight research to finding the best activities suitable for my trip. It really takes all of the guesswork out of trip planning, and helps you find the best options, best price and that you won’t forget anything important.

Matthew K

The perfect tool for my trips
If you’re looking for a comprehensive and reliable trip research planner, then this is the perfect tool for you. I have used a lot of different planners in the past, but none of them come close to matching the level of detail and comprehensiveness of this one. This is the only research planner you’ll need!

David Clark

Money saver! I’m so thankful I was able to find this travel planner before my trip! It saved me so much money!

James Garner

Helped me a lot throughout my travels. The Travel Research Planner has really helped me throughout my travels. Thank you for creating such an amazing product! I am so glad that I stumbled upon your Trip research Planner!

Diana White

Best printable for flights, accommodation and car rental. This planner has really helped me with planning ahead and organising my trip from flights and accommodation to car rental, activities and even restaurants! I like this planner because it has everything in one place, making it easier to refer back to during my trip!

Get the Trip research Planner Now

Trip Research Planner Cover

Planning a trip can be a time-consuming and daunting task, especially when it comes to finding the best flights, hotels, cars, restaurants, and bars.

The decisions you make during this process can significantly impact the quality of your trip and your budget.

That’s where our travel research worksheet comes in! It helps you organize the research process, compare all your options in one place, and ultimately make the best decision for your trip.