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Exploring Romania: The Ultimate Danube Delta and Black Sea Coast Tour

I’ve visited Black Sea Coast for many times but I did not visit Danube Delta even when I passed nearby. I know it sounds stupid, but I was so afraid of mosquitoes that I have turned down tours in Romania which included Danube! What a mistake from my side!

How we decided to visit the Danube Delta

When I was at work in a sunny day of spring I saw a picture with lots of pelicans on the Delta channels and I decided to take a chance and go to Danube Delta when we visit Romania.

I started to plan our trip. I was amazed by the accommodations I found: traditional architecture with modern amenities…mmmm….I like that!

Tours in Romania Visit Danube Delta beautiful Romania visit the danube delta
Visit Romania beautiful Danube

As I was frightened by the mosquitoes but I want to visit Danube Delta, I decided to book accommodation on the mainland, to a place very easy reachable by car and a little far from the delta. Because everything was so close to Black Sea Coast, we booked few nights on the beach too. Here it is! A nice and relaxing holiday tailored for our wishes!

So, armed with mosquito repellent we started one of the most beautiful tours in Romania. We established our base at our accommodation from Enisala and we begin our tours to visit the Danube Delta; we booked daily boat tours on different channels!

Here are our suggestions of available accommodations in Enisala in Danube Delta area << click

I cannot describe in words what a relaxing and peaceful experience it was! All day round we were surrounded by water lilies, birds…. thousands of birds! Some of the birds we recognized and knew their names, but others were new to us! The most romantic moment we had, was a sunset on the channels!

Find the perfect accommodation for your stay in Danube Delta

Visit Danube Delta! 

You know why?! Because of Delta’s special and unique environment where you can find hundred of species of birds, lots of plants and some interesting species of animals.

We visited Danube Delta for about 4 days and then we headed to Black Sea Coast. Mamaia, which has one of the best beaches on Black Sea Coast was exactly what we need for a complete relaxing holiday!

I saw lots of youtube movies and lots of photos on social media with Danube Delta but you can feel the real vibe of the place just by seeing it with your own eyes!

Now, I regret not visiting this place earlier! It was something stupid from my side to be afraid of mosquitoes! In the end there were not many at all! With a classic mosquito repellent, we went out without a bite!

It is an incredible place which should be included in your tours in Romania!

To be honest with you, now I am planning to visit Danube Delta again but this time to sleep in the heart of Delta… very close to the place where Danube meets the Black Sea!

I promise I shall come back to you with more ideas for tours in Romania which include this unique region as soon as I will return from Danube Delta!