Visit Danube Delta Romania, Europe’s best kept secret

Plan to visit Danube Delta as it is unique in Europe and easy accessible for anyone who visits Romania.

If you love nature, bird watching and eating or catching fish, this is heaven for you. At only a few hours from Bucharest by car, it is a must-do trip when you visit Romania.

Where else can you find tastier and more fresh fish than in Delta ? You should book a tour on the channels and enjoy the quiet time on the water while watching nature, birds nesting and flying or fishing. Take a tour that will include lunch so that you can experience some local food served by a local in their house. That is one unique true local experience you have to try.

Sayiling a day in the Delta Canals you will have lots of opportunities to observe wildlife. Pelicans, cormorants, wild ducks and so many other bird species that will just appear in front of your eyes. Some of them were with chicks, others were nesting and others were searching for food.

Visit Danube Delta pelican canal
Bird-watching tours in Danube Delta

Visit Danube Delta

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