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Navigating Sibiu, Romania: Transportation Tips and Best Times to Visit

Sibiu Romania is one of the most beautiful and representative cities of Transylvania, being known as one of the best-preserved medieval cities from Europe. It is located in the central side of Romania, right near the Carpathian Mountains in the south side of Transylvania.

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The origins of the city go back in time, at around the XII century, when the city was a Saxon Settlement. The remaining of the German occupancy are still visible. German architecture is characteristic for the houses of the Old Town together with the medieval walls and towers which are very well preserved in the centre area.

It is hard to express in words my feelings when I first visited this city. It has a very bohemian air! Walking around the paved streets of the Old Town makes me imagine that I travelled back in time. It is very easy to forget that I am in the 21th century. Oh! And the Brukenthal Palace! This emblematic building is hosting a museum in our days! To get a better understanding of Sibiu, include on your list this city when you visit Transylvania.

How to get and when to go to visit Sibiu Romania
How to get and when to visit Sibiu Romania

I also liked a lot the Central Square called The Big Square. It building which surrounds the square has a nice architecture! From the bars and terraces displayed in and around the square, you can admire the beauty of the place! For me was a really relaxing experience!

God! I have been telling you how beautiful this city is but I did not tell you anything about how to get there! Well, it depends from where you come! Hihi!

You can reach Sibiu by car, by train and by plane.

Sibiu Airport is one of the most important airports from Transylvania. Flights to and from big European cities and also to and from other main Romanian towns land to Sibiu airport almost daily! Because Sibiu is an important German centre there are frequent flights to and from Germany and Austria operated by Wizz Air, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines. If I think better than most of the flights are connecting Romania with Austria and Germany. There are cheap flights to and from Sibiu airport. Book your flight in advance and for sure you will get a good price!

You can reach Sibiu also by car! From Bucharest to Sibiu are almost 300 km. It takes you about 4 and a half hours to get from Romania capital to this beautiful city of Transylvania.

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Sibiu is located right on E81 road. So, it is very accessible by car also! I would advise you to let your car at the hotel and visit Sibiu Romania on foot. This is the best way to discover the beauty of the place. I guess a car is useful when you want to visit the areas near the city. In town, you can walk or use public transportation.

The third way to get this magnificent place is the train. There are also 3 trains per day which get to Sibiu from Bucharest. The distance is covered in about 6 hours. Unfortunately, this is not the most efficient way to travel to Sibiu but it is still an option.

If I were you, I would do something like this: I would land on Bucharest and take a car to Sibiu. The Romanian landscape is very beautiful and wild and is a good opportunity to see the country while travelling from one point to another. Not to mention Transfagarasan, which is one of the most beautiful alpine roads in Europe. During summer, on your way to Sibiu from Bucharest, you can choose to drive along Transfagarasan road as it is on your way. The road goes up to 2000 m altitude and snakes through the mountains.

Grab a jacket with you if you plan to reach Sibiu via Transfagarasan. If you stop along the road you might need a jacket even in summer because of the high altitude.

By the way! Speaking about jackets! I want to tell you some words about Sibiu weather.

Visit Sibiu Romania – a city located very close to the Carpathian Mountains.

What does this mean? Hmmm! The average temperature in winter is around 0 degrees Celsius in the daytime and below 0 degrees Celsius during the night. Snow is something very common in this city. There is also a beautiful Christmas market in the Big Square. You feel like a child when outside is snowing and Christmas feeling is in the air.

In summer are 24 degrees Celsius in the daytime and around 15 degrees Celsius during the night. If this is too hot for you, then you can escape from the heat by visiting the mountains nearby!

Sibiu weather in spring and autumn is colder than in summer and it has more days with rain. Still, it is a good time to visit the city. The big minus, if you go to Sibiu during these seasons, is that the Transfagarasan is closed, so you will miss one of the most beautiful roads of Europe.

If you are interested in a short city break to Sibiu, then Christmas time is a beautiful period to go. Actually, there is no bad time to visit this city. Each season has its own beauty.

But if you want to visit the surroundings not just the city, then the best time to visit Sibiu Romania is in summer. Days are longer, Transfagarasan is open, so you can visit the entire area and enjoy the landscape as you wish.