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Top 5 best things to do in Athens

There are so many beautiful places to visit in this city and so many possibilities to spend your time that it is very difficult for someone to decide which the best things to do in Athens are during a trip. Athens is the capital of the country and the most important city of Greece. It is located in the southern part of the country with direct access to the sea.

It is one of the oldest cities from the world considered the heart of Ancient Greece. That is why Athens is full of history!

Greece is full of ancient sites and history! No matter where you go it is almost impossible not to find an archaeological site near you!When visit Greece you have the opportunity to see very well preserved places dating ancient times and to have a whole picture of ancient life.

Top 5 best things to do in Athens in 2020

I must confess that I am not a big fan of history but I have always wanted to visit Greece. I am sure that all of you heard and maybe read the Legends of Olympus.In my case, this was the main factor which made me want so much to visit Greece. I decided to take it step by step and to plan a first visit to Athens.

The best things to do in Athens

Now, after being there I want to share with you which are top five places to visit when in Athens.

1. Visit Acropolis in Athens

A visit to Athens is not complete without a visit to Acropolis. You heard about Acropolis right?!It is the greatest architectural masterpiece of Ancient Greece, a whole hill full of ruins! Be prepared as it is very touristic and crowded!

Take some water with you and a sun hat because the sun is really burning in summer and it takes you few hours to visit it!

For sure you will get some memorable photos from there! A small hint! A picture with sunset near Acropolis will bring you many likes on social networks!

2. Visit Temple of Poseidon from Cape Sounio

Are you a seaside lover? But are you also interested in ancient ruins? What about seeing some ancient ruins on a steep cliff right near the sea?I can recommend you a place where you can find these things!Take a day trip or a bus and visit Temple of Poseidon from Cape Sounio. We really enjoyed it! We consider this trip one of the best things to do in Athens!You definitely should go! We rented a car and had a wonderful day trip outside Athens! The road to Cape Sounio is very nice! From the top of the hills you can see Athens with its ancient ruins! Very impressive!

I guess you want to see other things not just ruins when you visit Athens! No worries! Athens has something to offer to everybody!

3. Visit The National Gardens in Athens and also include the ZOO

Are you looking for a relaxing walk in a park? Well, actually it is not any park but the National Gardens!I advise you to book some time for visiting The National Gardens! An amazing place! A perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city!The Gardens are really big, with many gravel paths, ponds and even a ZOO. Trust me, it is the perfect getaway!Try it if you have the opportunity! Dating since 1838, these gardens were arranged by the first Queen of Greece, Queen Amalia.

4. Visit Monastiraki

Other best things to do in Athens during your trip are visiting two famous areas from the city: Monastiraki and Plaka Neighborhoods. Monastiraki is one of the oldest places from Athens with many rooftop bars, markets and ancient sights.The area is very easy to reach by subway.Walk along the pedestrian alleys and shop for souvenirs from locals. Then, rest your feet on a rooftop bar and cool yourself with a cold drink!After a long day of walking you deserve few moments to rest!

5. Visit Plaka Neighborhoods

Plaka Neighborhood is one of the oldest places in the world which was inhabited continuously.The area has many beautifully restored buildings from various times, ancient museums, old churches and lots of cafes and restaurants.

These two places help you get a really accurate picture about old times! They are really close to Acropolis, so worth paying a visit!

6. Visit Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens

A top with best things to do in Athens could not be complete without mentioning a visit to a museum. I recommend you to visit the Museum of Cycladic Art. In my opinion, it is the most representative museum for Greece. It is home of over 3000 artifacts of Cycladic, Cypriot and ancient Greek.There you can find almost all you could ever thought when speaking about ancient cultures: weapons, figurines, vases and so on.

Now that you have an idea about what to visit when in Athens, hurry up and get your tickets to this magnificent and unique city! Visiting Athens is a unique experience and is something you should include into your travel list!