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Is Travel Insurance Necessary for a Winter Holiday?

Winter is about to come and Santa Claus has already prepared the presents. But have you prepared for your winter holiday? I hope you have everything ready: plane tickets, hotels and ski equipment.

I know! You might consider you won’t need it! I mean… which are the chances to happen something bad to you?! You have been to so many holidays before and nothing wrong happened. It is just a waste of money!

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Snowy Mountains in Romania Travel Insurance
Snowy Mountains in Romania Travel Insurance

Have you bought your travel insurance for winter holiday?

I invite you to think again! Bad things might happen and you should be prepared for that moment! The last thing you want is to have bad luck and something bad happens to you or your family.

Take into consideration the fact that during winter there are higher chances that unpredicted things happen. It is snow, ice, cold, and many other factors which amplify the risks.

I am a winter sports lover! I always go skiing in a foreign country during winter holiday! More than once I were on the slopes and saw horrible accidents!

travel insurance for winter holiday
Winter Gondola Sky Insurance

I know that for some of you money should not be an issue when an accident happens is, but there might be situations when even if you have money, you cannot afford to pay for helicopter or ambulance to rescue you, not mentioning the price of the medical services in a foreign country!

Oh, how terrifying! I don’t even want to think about it! That is why you need travel insurance whenever you leave your home country! And you need a good one!

Don’t get excited if you find cheap travel insurance! You’d better check before what it covers and what’s not covered!

The most important thing is to asses if the travel insurance policy covers your needs or not. Is that travel insurance for winter holiday what are you looking for?

Romania Tree with snow swing
Romania Tree with snow swing

When it comes to buying travel insurance, I make sure to assess my needs and obtain a travel insurance quote to compare prices.

The best thing is that I have already found very good insurance which covers many things, including many types of activity.

Since I discovered it, buying travel insurance is a very easy and fast process.

The best part is that it can be bought online, so no matter how late I remember to buy the policy I know I have it a few clicks away.

The Flexible TRAVEL insurance COVERS 150 activities you love + more

Whether you prefer to do summer and water activities or winter and snow activities, you should have a travel insurance.

Just think about any activity you wish to do on your holiday and this travel insurance will cover it. Don't take my word for it, check and see for yourself!

I buy this travel insurance because it is best when we are speaking about coverage. They have a special plan dedicated to winter sports.

The plan is called “Explorer Plan” and it covers the following winter sports:

  • skiing and snowboarding on all open and safe runs on marked trails
  • skiing and snowboarding in a terrain park
  • skiing and snowboarding on terrain that is on-piste and off-piste
  • Nordic skiing on marked trails
  • cross country skiing and snowboarding
  • Snowcat
  • Heli-skiing
  • backcountry skiing and snowboarding

Now you see why I consider this travel insurance for winter holiday the best one?! It has really good coverage and one of the best price-quality ratio.

Romanian Snowy Mountains Insurance
Romanian Snowy Mountains Insurance

Of course, it has some limitations but the policy had listed very clearly what is not covered. The following things are not covered:

  • participation in competitions or races
  • if you go to areas marked by relevant authorities as “closed”, “out of bounds” or “unsafe”
  • if you act with disregard for your own safety or if you are engaged in any illegal act search and rescue at any time
  • all the medical expenses occurred after you return home
  • any expenses caused by incidents which happen while you were working
Romania Mountains Snow Travel Insurance
Winter Sports Travel Insurance

We never leave home without HeyMondo Insurance or Safety Wings Insurance as they offer the best services and a good value for money, plus COVID coverage.

For me is very important to feel safe and to be safe while abroad.

I always choose to buy this travel insurance policy because I saw with my own eyes that in a matter of seconds’ things could change from good to bad.

I don’t want to experience on my own any trouble and I buy this travel insurance for winter holiday. Better safe than sorry!