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Choosing the Perfect Rental Car for Your Road Trip

What is the best car to rent for road trip

What could be more exciting and fun than travelling in a rented car and exploring a new destination?! You can stop whenever you want and stay for how long you wish.

Can you imagine yourself in a convertible car driving along the coastline of a beautiful island? Or in a 4×4 on a rocket terrain exploring new areas?

best car to rent for road trip

car rental for your holiday

Well, in both cases, what makes the difference between a nice holiday and wonderful one is the vehicle you have chosen. So, which is the best car to rent for road trip?

Is it an SUV, a convertible or a normal vehicle?

Let me tell you which is the best car for each destination and why!

Best car for a beach holiday

Imagine an exotic island with lush vegetation and a road along the coast. The best way to enjoy the scenery and live the moment is driving a convertible car with many horsepowers and a fancy colour!

For such islands, you don’t need a big vehicle, but a convertible one! Especially if it is a flat island without mountains or high hills. What could be more relaxing than enjoying the ride and watching the turquoise water?!

car for beach holiday convertible

car for beach holiday convertible

If it is a volcanic island then you need a more powerful vehicle but still something small or convertible. For sure there will be many steep roads and serpentines, so a more powerful vehicle will be very useful. More powerful not bigger! Keep in mind that bigger vehicle means higher consumption and higher cost. Asses very well your needs and do a little research about the relief of the place before deciding which is the best car to rent for road trip on a beach holiday!

Best car for mountain terrain

If you are preparing for an adventure up in the mountains then you should prepare a higher budget for renting a car. Why!? Well, because the most suitable vehicle for mountain terrain is a 4×4 because you will need increased traction and a very stable vehicle.

4x4 car for mountain terrain

4×4 for mountain terrain

For sure 4×4 are not the prettiest cars but for sure they are the most suitable for rough conditions. These cars can get you out of trouble anytime! Muddy terrain, snow or ice are not obstacles for 4×4.

Indeed they are much more expensive to rent and have an increased consumption but worth every penny!

So, if you plan an adventure trip then 4×4 are what you need!

Best car for a city escape

Well, I personally don’t rent vehicles when I visit cities. You know why? Because there is always a parking fee at the hotel, which usually is pretty expensive and parking places in the city are very hard to find. When visiting a city I prefer to use public transport. Still, renting a car is an interesting option when visiting a city.

Car rental explore country

vehicle rental explore country

The best car to rent for road trip inside a city or in the nearby area is a small or a normal car. You don’t need a lot of horsepowers because you don’t have where to use it. Something really basic is exactly what you should rent. It is cheaper and is exactly what you need to move from one point to another.

More than that, if it is smaller it is easier to park! And parking is a really important problem in big cities!

Best car for exploring a country

One of my favourite holidays is the ones in which I have the opportunity to explore the whole country. We rent a car and travel around the country for one week or two, depending on the time we have and the size of the country.

When we do that we usually rent a normal vehicle or an SUV because we are all day in the vehicle and we need space for us and our luggage and we need to feel safe. More than that, with SUVs, are easier for you to drive on icy and snowy roads and the chances to survive a car accident is higher.

best car to rent for road trip

Car-rental for country exploring

All these aspects made us consider that best car to rent for road trip when exploring a country is an SUV.

These cars are the best options for each type of holiday! Book in advance the vehicle you want and you can secure a good price! No matter where we go, we always rent cars from the same international site.

Get the best price for your car rental today

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