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Exploring the Coastal Beauty: 6 Countries Along the Black Sea

The Countries of Black sea are: Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey,  Russia and Georgia because they are bordered by the Black Sea, one of the largest inland seas from Europe.

Black sea countries list:

  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Turkey
  • Georgia
  • Russia
  • Ukraine

This beautiful saltwater is located in the Balkan Peninsula, in the southeastern part of Europe and it is connected with the Atlantic Ocean through Bosporus and Dardanelles Straits.

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This body of water is flowing into the Sea of Marmara and then into the Aegean Sea through the Straits mentioned above and in the end, it reaches the Atlantic Ocean.

Most of the countries of the Black Sea occupy a strategic position due to their location, right between the Caucasus, Western Asia and Eastern Europe.

black sea countries
Beach Sunset on BlackSea Coast

The expanse of saltwater is surrounded by Pontic Mountains, Caucasus Mountains and Crimean Mountains and is home to many marine creatures.

BlackSea has many islands belonging to Romania, Ukraine, Turkey and Bulgaria.

Black Sea Countries with beautiful coastline

1. Romania

With an estimated population of 19.6 million people, Romania border this saltwater on the east side.

Romania is one of Europe’s hidden gems, famous because of its vast virgin forests, untamed nature and traditions very well preserved.

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This magnificent country has everything you could wish for: high mountains, vast plains, romantic hills, a unique habitat in Europe known as the Danube Delta.

The Danube delta is formed by the Danube River and also the seaside, the Black Sea coastline with many beautiful and vibrant resorts and wild beaches.

Black Sea Coast Romania black sea countries
Black Sea Coast Romania

Romania is one of the most beautiful Black Sea Countries which has 3 islands in the Black Sea: Sacalinu Mic Island, Sacalinu Mare Island, and Novaya Zemlya.

Black Sea Coast Sfantu Gheorghe
Black Sea Coast Sfantu Gheorghe

The most important city of the Romanian coastline is Constanta and the most vibrant and famous resort at Black Sea Coast is Mamaia.

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It is the ideal destination if you are searching for beach and history.

Constanta is the biggest port located on the Black Sea and one of the oldest cities in Europe.

Black Sea Coast Mamaia
BlackSea Coast Mamaia

Mamaia is located right near Constanta and is the most famous resort from the Romanian shore.

Vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches, fancy hotels and great restaurants are some of the things Mamaia is famous for and which attract thousands of tourists each year.

It is the ideal destination for a beach holiday for those of you looking to spend some relaxing time in a very chill atmosphere and great conditions.

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2. Bulgaria

The southwest neighbour of the Black Sea is Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is located between Romania and Turkey and has one of the most impressive coastlines from the Black Sea.

Known as Red Riviera among European tourists, the Bulgarian coast is full of all-inclusive resorts and golden sandy beaches.

The most important city of one of the most beautiful Black Sea Countries are Burgas, a town located in the south part and Varna in the north.

Both cities have their own airports and most hotels offer airport transfer to and from the hotel if you pay a fee.

Bulgaria Beach on Black Sea Coast countries
Bulgaria Beach on BlackSea Coast

Bulgaria has 5 islands in the Black Sea: St Thomas Island, St. Peter Island, St. Cyricus Island, St. Ivan Island and St. Anastasia Island.

The most important resorts at Bulgarian Black Sea Coast are Golden Sands, Sunny Beach and Albena.

Golden Sands is located on the north part of the coastline and is one of the biggest and beautiful resorts with golden sandy beaches and all-inclusive hotels.

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Albena is located very close to Golden Sands and is another beautiful resort on the north side of the Bulgarian coast. The resort is located 12 kilometres from Balchik and 30 kilometres from Varna airport.

Albena Beach Bulgaria
Albena Beach Bulgaria

It is a resort specially built for beach holidays with many all-inclusive resorts and endless beaches. It is a resort more suitable for families with kids and not for people searching for nightlife.

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One of the most famous resorts of all Black Sea Countries is Sunny Beach, a magnificent manmade resort created in 1958.

It is close to Nessebar, one of the oldest towns at Black Sea Coast and has many all-inclusive resorts and a very vibrant nightlife.

It is also famous for its water sports and sand dunes, as well as for the high quality of the sand and the long and large beach.

People searching for endless parties and beautiful beaches are welcomed here.

The resort is located on the south side of Bulgarian coast and is just 37 kilometres away from Burgas airport.

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3. Turkey

Located between two continents, Asia and Europe, Turkey border the Black Sea on the south side.

There are many mountains spread across the country and unfortunately, earthquakes are very common.

The main port at Black Sea Coast is Istanbul.

As other Black Sea Countries, the Turkey coastline is dominated by small and beautiful resorts with endless beaches and golden sand.

Ordu Turkey Black Sea Coast
Ordu Turkey BlackSea Coast

Istanbul is one of the best European destinations and best town from the Black Sea.

It is ideal for a city break or a short holiday. It has many beautiful and authentic hotels close to the Old Town from where you can explore the city on foot.

The city is fascinating and unique and has many beautiful attractions: Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar and Turkish baths.

Burc Beach Istanbul Turkey Black Sea Coast
Burc Beach Istanbul Turkey BlackSea Coast

Let yourself lost in Istanbul wonders and discover its charm and beauty with the following tours:

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4. Russia

The northeast neighbour of this inland expanse of saltwater is Russia, part of ex Soviet Union.

The climate in the coastal zone is subtropical and Mediterranean and is influenced by the Caucasus Mountains.

The most important cities of the coastline are Sochi, Novorossiysk, Tuapse and Gelendzhik.

Sochi is one of the best resorts from Black Sea Countries and hosts the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The city is famous for its XXth century neoclassic buildings and has many beautiful hotels with a nice view of the sea.

Sochi Beach Russia Black Sea Coast
Sochi Beach Russia BlackSea Coast

Another important town at the Russian Black Sea coast is Gelendzhik.

The place is famous for the safari park with lions, giraffes, bears and many exotic animals.

Gelendzhik has many water parks with water slides and wave pools, the ideal entertainment place for youngsters and adults.

It is a very good place to spend some nights in this interesting resort and explore the surroundings.

5. Ukraine

Ukraine borders the Black Sea on the North part. It is the second-largest country from Europe and has the capital at Kyiv.

This is the most important saltwater from Ukraine, more popular than Sea of Azov which connects Ukraine to the North Russia and which flows into the Black Sea through Kerch Strait.

The most important ports are Odesa and Sevastopol.

Ukraine has many islands in the Black Sea, the most important are Zmiinyi Island and Dzharylgach Island.

Among Black Sea Countries, Ukraine has few beaches with golden sands and all-inclusive resorts. It is famous for its ports and strategic position.

Dzharylhach Ukraine Maldives on Black Sea Coast
Dzharylhach Ukraine Maldives on BlackSea Coast

Odessa is an important tourist centre with 2 ports and many interesting things to see.

If you plan to visit the region book a night in Odessa and make a tour of the city and visit Ballet Theatre and Odessa Opera.

These are the most famous building from the city dating from the XIX century.

A relaxing walk along Primorsky Boulevard, the most famous promenade from the city which is parallel with the sea will help you clear your mind.

Dzharylhach Maldives of Ukraine on Black Sea Coast
Dzharylhach Maldives of Ukraine on BlackSea Coast

Sevastopol is the largest city from the Crimean Peninsula and one of the most important ports at the Black Sea.

Since 2014, when the Crimean Peninsula was attached to Russia, the city is under Russian administration.

6. Georgia

Georgia is located in the Caucasus region and borders the Black Sea on the southeast.

The country’s predominant relief is mountainous and is split in two by Likhi Range.

The most important destination from Georgia Black Sea Coast is Batumi.

Among Black Sea Countries, Georgia has the smallest number of resorts.

Georgia Beach Black Sea Coast
Georgia Beach BlackSea Coast

Except for being the second-largest city from the country, Batumi is a very hot gambling spot and a very popular summer destination from the Georgian seaside.

These are the 6 countries which border the Black Sea Coast.

The most famous resort for its all-inclusive resorts and beautiful beaches is Bulgaria followed by Romania and Turkey.

Black Sea Coast is one of the most popular destinations among European tourist because of its low prices and great services.

It is the ideal destination for a beach holiday or for a city break.

You definitely have to come at least once in your lifetime and visit these magnificent countries with their incredible beaches and breathtaking sceneries!

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