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Review: Hilton Rotterdam Hotel in the City Center

One of the best accommodations in the city, Hilton Rotterdam Hotel is a classic Hilton touch hotel located in a beautiful central area of the second largest city of Netherlands.

Updated September 2020: We update this article regularly so you have the information fresh and up to date so you can better plan your trip.

Even if you are in the center of the city you do not feel stressed and the atmosphere is very peaceful at this hotel Rotterdam.

Hilton Rotterdam Hotel in city Center Review
Hilton in Rotterdam city Center Review

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Hilton Rotterdam Hotel

Some of the rooms are facing a big roundabout for cars, trams and most important, bikes. In Rotterdam, most people use bikes for transportation. Obviously! It is Netherlands and bikes rule!

For me was a pleasure to look at rush hour how hundreds of bikes were swarming like ants in that roundabout! Young or old, men or women, in shirt or suit, everybody was on a bike! I looked at them for minutes and I was wondering when I will see this picture in every big city of Europe!


Hilton Rotterdam Hotel is located in the heart of the city, right near vibrant bars, cafes and restaurant.

Every iconic place is within walking distance to the accommodation and from Rotterdam Train Station to the hotel are no more than 10 minutes walk. The Casino, Luxor Theater and Markthall and other things to visit in Rotterdam are few walking minutes away from the accommodation.

What am I saying?! Actually from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the main point to start visit Netherlands or to visit Amsterdam to the hotel is about 30 minutes by train. Because in Amsterdam the accommodation is more expensive than in Rotterdam, you can check in at this hotel! The trains are very fast and also very often! If I remember correct, there is a train from the airport to Rotterdam every 30 minutes.


The rooms from Hilton Rotterdam Hotel are classic, clean and comfortable. The bed is comfy and big and in the room you have a small desk enough to open a laptop and write a quick email. The quality of the amenities is very good.

Don’t expect to luxurious interiors! You will not find them at this accomodation! In the room you can find what you need at medium level!

All the rooms are facing the city: some of them are facing a roundabout and other a pedestrian alley. At Hilton Rotterdam Hotel, we had a room facing the roundabout I was telling earlier. I had a very nice surprise in the morning when I have looked over the window: I saw few cars, some trams and hundred of bicycles; everybody on the bike was smiling and the atmosphere was very relaxing. It was like everybody was on holiday and not going to work!

Are you ready for your own experience at Hilton Hotel Rotterdam ?


Usually, when we go to a hotel we try its sauna or the pool. But in this case, we were so busy visiting the neighborhoods that we were to tired when we return to the hotel to try anything.

Hilton Hotel in Rotterdam is equipped with a fitness center, two restaurants and a conference center. One of the restaurants from the hotel has one Michelin star.

The hotel does not have self parking lot. It has just valet parking and for this service there is a fee.

The services in the hotel are very good. The employees are very well trained and very willing to help you.


The breakfast at Hilton Rotterdam Hotel is tasty and had many choices. You can try some pastries, croissant, jam, milk and cereals,  salami or cheese and fruits. The coffee is tasty and the there are many types of tea to try.

For asian travellers, there are also special courses for breakfast.

The restaurant where we had breakfast had a modern design and was very clean. The quality of the services was OK and the waiters were willing to help you.

If we would go again to Rotterdam, we would choose this hotel again!