Places to stay in Netherlands for a great experience

Finding the best places to stay in Netherlands might look a little bit difficult but it is not, as long as you know exactly what are you looking for.

No matter if you want to visit one of Holland’s big cities or if you are interested in exploring the whole country and choose to spend your nights also in the countryside, this wonderful country offers many interesting accommodations spread all over the country.

places to stay in Netherlands beach lodge
Sea Lodges Bloemendaal in Netherlands Countryside

From cosy hostels to fancy hotels overlooking the canals or some other beautiful spots, you will find everything you could wish for in any city of Netherlands.

But how about renting a room on a boat?

Or sleeping in a windmill?

Or in a lake cottage?

Yes, all these things are possible if you are looking for amazing accommodations spread all over the country.

Places to stay in Netherlands

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