Ultimate guide to visit Holland tulip fields

Netherlands is a very beautiful country with many traditional villages, authentic windmills, beautiful architecture and vast plains.

During the spring season, the country is more beautiful than usual thanks to its huge fields in blossom.

Yellow, red, blue, purple are just some of the colours which beautify the landscape.

Flowers blooming is a seasonal event and for a perfect holiday, you need to know where to go and when you should visit Holland tulip fields.

Netherlands visit Holland tulip fields Amsterdam
Netherlands Tulip fields Amsterdam

Where to go to see Holland tulip fields

In spring seasons huge plains of Netherlands transform into colourful fields.

It is one of the best time to visit Netherlands countryside!

The most beautiful and famous tulip farms are located in the following areas of the Netherlands:

  • in the province of Flevoland in Noordoostpolder
  • from The Hague and city of Leiden up to Alkmaar
  • Keukenhof
Holland Tulips in Amsterdam
Holland Tulips in Amsterdam

Another interesting experience to try when visit Netherlands in to visit the world biggest flower auction known as FloraHolland.

FloraHolland is located in Aalsmeer at 30 minutes by car from Amsterdam.

The easiest, simplest and most comfortable way to visit Holland tulip fields is by car.

To fully enjoy the beauty of the fields and the colourful plains you need a car.

Buses and trains don’t stop whenever you want to take a picture and don’t go out of the road just to take the perfect photo.

It’s a pity to visit their magnificent fields without enjoying the view. Renting a car is not that expensive but it offers you flexibility and freedom to fully enjoy the view.

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When to go and visit Holland tulip fields

Spring is a little bit too vague as the best time to visit Netherlands tulip fields.

Actually, based on historical data and weather forecast, the best time to visit Netherlands for tulips is mid-April.

The flower season lasts from the end of March to May, but mid-April is the peak season for tulips and other flowers.

All the fields are in blossom and a very colourful and happy landscape dominate Netherlands!

Tulips fileds in Amsterdam visit Holland tulip fields
Tulip season in Amsterdam

Each year in Keukenhof 7 million flower bulbs of dutch tulips are planted so there are flower bulb fields everywhere.

When the flowers are planted the tulip bulbs are matched in such a way to guarantee a beautiful view during the entire spring!

What could more relaxing and beautiful than to go by bicycle between the colourful fields of tulips!?

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Flower parades

All over Netherlands during spring season there are all kind of parades and tulip festivals and flower markets which celebrate the beauty of these world-famous flowers.

Most of these events do not have a fixed date and are closely related to the blossoming process which happens every year on different dates.

Pink tulips Amsterdam Netherlands
Pink tulips Amsterdam Netherlands

Huge allegoric cars made from flowers and people dressed in flowers dance on the streets at these parades!

The atmosphere is very vibrant and nice!

One of the most important flower parades starts at Noordwijk and ends up in Haarlem.

The date of the event varies, but usually, it is on a Sunday.

The parade starts at 9.30 a.m. and ended up at 9.00 p.m. At around 3.30 p.m. the Flower parade passes the Keukenhof gardens.

World wide travel tips for visit Holland tulip fields

To be part of the flower fest, book a night in a hotel in the middle of the tulip fields in the Netherlands.

I mean, where else could you sleep if not somewhere in the heart of the tulip fields?!

There are many beautiful hotels near the flower fields.

The most famous ones are from Keukenhof!

They all offer really nice views, clean rooms and are just minutes away from the park!

Amsterdam Tulips Field
Amsterdam Tulips Field

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