The 5 famous cities to visit near Netherlands

Travelling across Europe has never been easier.
Nowadays, all you need are some money, an ID card or a passport and time because between the U.E. state members there are no borders and you can reach very easy the main European cities by train or by car.

Everybody dreams to visit Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Prague or Vienna. Now everything is possible. Depends only on your availability. And the Netherlands is a very good place where to set your camp and explore a part of Europe. For a few days you visit Netherlands and for the rest of the days maybe you want to explore the neighbouring countries.

Dusseldorf capital city panorama
Dusseldorf capital city panorama

From Amsterdam, for example, there are direct trains which take you to the most important cities in Europe. Some of them are just a few hours distance while others are a little bit far.

A convenient way to discover the cities near Holland is to hire a car and go exploring on your own pace, without a fixed schedule, just build your own route around the Netherlands and pin each city to your personal travel itinerary.

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I prepared for you the best 5 cities to visit near Netherlands based on their location and beauty.

1. Brussels

The capital of Belgium, Brussels is located 220 kilometres away from Amsterdam. It is also home to the European Union headquarters.

The city is famous for its architectural landmarks, history, gastronomy and cuisine. Everybody heard about Belgian waffles or Belgian chocolate! It has one of the best chocolate in the world! And beer! Hmm! Belgian beer is world-famous! There are dozens of types of beer! A beer tasting while in Brussels is a must-do thing!

Brussels Netherlands cities to visit
Brussels cities to visit near Holland

You have to visit Brussels and see with your own eyes where the European Union was born and where are taken all the major decisions which impact the rest of the world!

If you are thinking to spend at least one night in this beautiful city there are many beautiful hotels in the area, some of them located right in the heart of the city and most of them offer nice rooms and good breakfast.

2. Antwerp

The old city of Antwerp is another beautiful Belgian town with a very rich history dating from the Middle Ages. It is a beautiful port town, actually the biggest port of Belgium, famous for its diamond traders, polishers and cutters. It is one of the most picturesque cities to visit near Netherlands.

The architecture of the city dating from hundreds of years and the way the city is built reminds us about the medieval town in which the central square was the masterpiece of the town and from that point many small streets made their way through the houses.

Antwerp old Holland city Netherlands
Antwerp city to visit near Netherlands

Antwerp is home of the famous painter Pieter Paul Rubens and during the last centuries was one of the hottest points from Europe. It attracted fashion moguls, diamond traders and art lovers.

Spending a night in this beautiful city is a good idea! You will have more time to explore the city and its surroundings!

3.Cologne or KOLN

If you go further east from Amsterdam you will reach the beautiful city of Cologne or Koln. It is a place full of history, a 2000 years old town. It is one of the biggest cities of Germany and stands out with its impressive monuments and its architecture.

Cologne or Koln is a very important cultural centre, being home of more than 30 museums and hundreds of art galleries. It is also the home of many prestigious universities, like the University of Koln, the oldest university in Europe.

Cologne Netherlands cities
Cologne Koln city near Netherlands

It is a very cosmopolitan place where new and old interconnect in a very interesting way. The masterpiece of the city is the Cathedral of Koln, the seat of the Catholic Archbishop of Cologne.

The best way to experience Cologne nightlife is by spending a night in this emblematic city. There are many accommodations available, suitable for all of us. You will find everything: from cosy hostels to fancy hotels. It is up to you where you want to spend your night!

4. Dortmund, one of the most interesting cities to visit near Netherlands

Famous for their fantasy football team called Borussia Dortmund, the city is located 240 kilometres east from Amsterdam. It is a city which plays a very important role in the German economy, being the home of many high tech manufacturing companies.

Besides the football stadium, you will want to visit the Florian tower, the highest point in town with an incredible observation point from where you can have a magnificent view of the city.

Dortmund cities in Netherlands
Dortmund cities near Netherlands to visit

After a tiring day of exploring the city, I suggest spending your night in one of Dortmund hotels. There are plenty of options to choose from and most of them have good breakfast and clean rooms. Some hotels are close to the stadium while others are in the heart of the city. Which one is best for you?

5. Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is the seventh-largest city of Germany and is world-known thanks to its vibrant art scene and fashion industry.

The history of the city goes back in time, in the medieval period. Many chronicles dated XIII century speaks about this town as an important point in Europe. St Lambertus Church, Allstadt and the Castle Tower or Schlossturm are all buildings from medieval times. All these 3 buildings are from the XIII century and you will be amazed by how well preserved they are.

Dusseldorf cities to visit near Netherlands
Dusseldorf cities to visit near Netherlands

Playing an important role in the fashion industry, Dusseldorf is a place with many streets full of boutiques and international stores.

It is a beautiful city located just 230 kilometres away from Amsterdam. So, it is a pity not to visit it if you have time.

Just to be sure that you will have enough time to explore the city, I recommend you to book a night in this magnificent city. You will be surprised by its beauty and charm.

Dusseldorf city to visit near Netherlands
Dusseldorf city to visit near Netherlands

These are 5 beautiful cities located a few hours away from Amsterdam. There direct trains between Amsterdam and all these cities so it is a very good idea to visit them as they are the best cities to visit near Netherlands. If you have a car to travel with is even better as you don’t have to respect any scheduler.

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