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Essential Travel Tips for Exploring the Netherlands in June

The Netherlands is one of the most interesting countries in Europe. It is the only country on Earth with such a reliable water pumping and pumping system. Traditional villages with windmills spread all over the area could be found in the Netherlands countryside and the scenery is amazing. It is a very beautiful country with interesting things to do all year round. Still, in my opinion, the best time to visit Netherlands is from late spring to early autumn, except for July and August.

Travel tips to visit Netherlands in June

Travel tips to visit the Netherlands in June

Why not July and August? Because that is peak season and is very crowded and the prices are higher than usual. June is a good time to visit Netherlands because the weather is warm, the days are long enough and the number of tourists is still low.

Travel tips to visit Netherlands in June

June is one of the driest and sunniest month in the Netherlands. There are many outdoor and indoor events and most of the main attractions extend their opening hours and prepare for the big number of tourists which are about to come.

Netherlands Windmills Summer

Netherlands Windmills Summer

Another interesting fact about this month is that June also has the longest day of the year thanks to the summer solstice, so it is the best time to visit the Netherlands.

1. Book everything in advance

Because is one of the best time to visit Netherlands, June is a pretty crowded month. The number of tourists starts to increase and flight tickets, accommodation and food prices begin to rise. For the best price-quality ratio I strongly advise you to book in advance flight tickets and accommodation, as well as car rental. About the food, if you want to eat to a certain restaurant book in advance as well.

2. Take with you a raincoat

One of the most useful travel tips to visit Netherlands in June is to take with you a raincoat or an umbrella, whichever you will find more comfortable.

Regarding the number of rainy days, there are around 10 rainy days throughout the month. But don’t expect to heavy and cold rains. There are short rains, enough to make you use your raincoat. So, you’d better take with you a raincoat or an umbrella, just to be precautions.

Netherlands in Summer cows

Netherlands in Summer cows

3. Take with you the swimsuit

The average monthly temperature in June is around 15 degrees Celsius so if you are brave enough you can do bathe in the Nord Sea. There are many beautiful beaches in Netherlands and many locals use to swim in the cold water during summer months. So, you’d better take with you the swimsuit and a towel and spend some hours in the sun!

Because of Netherlands location on the map, the country is colder than many other summer attractions across Europe but have its own charm and beauty. I strongly recommend you to spend some hours at the beach.

4. Visit Van Gogh Museum, travel tips to visit Netherlands in June

Visiting a museum is always a very exciting experience and the Van Gogh Museum is one of the most famous art museums in the world. June is the best time to visit this museum because it displays the largest collection of paintings signed by Vincent Van Gogh in the world. Another good thing is that the museum has extended opening hours so each tourist could visit this magnificent painting.

Van Gogh Museum Netherlands

Van Gogh Museum Netherlands

The main downside is that the tickets for the museum are limited and are likely to sell soon. So, to secure your entrance we recommend you to buy the Van Gogh ticket in advance.

Or, you can combine the museum sightseeing with a very relaxing boat tour along Amsterdam canals. With Amsterdam: Van Gogh Museum Ticket & Canal Cruise you can do that. It’s up to you! But trust me! Amsterdam looks completely different from the boat than from the roads, so I advise you to take a canal cruise while in Amsterdam.

5. Take part to a local outdoor event

June is the celebration month and there are plenty of festivals all over Netherlands. MidzommerZaan Festival, Holland Festival and Aalsmeer Flower Festival are just some of the most interesting events across the country.

Netherlands Flower Festival

Netherlands Flower Festival

MidzommerZaan Festival takes place close to Zaanse Schans. It is a 3 days festival with many activities indoor and outdoor. Literature, fine art and music meet around Verkade Chocolate Factory from Zaanse Schans.

Midsummer Festival Netherlands

Midsummer Festival Netherlands

Some events have free admission while for others you have to pay a fee.

Holland Festival took place in Amsterdam and is one of the biggest festivals in the world. It lasts for about one month and brings together artists from different domains like music, opera, theatre and dance.

Aalsmeer Flower Festival is a yearly festival which took place in Aalsmeer, a small village from southwest of Amsterdam. It lasts for about one week and is a festival dedicated to flowers and plants.

6. Rent a car and explore the countryside

Way cheaper than Amsterdam, Netherlands countryside is amazing. Small villages with windmills and narrow streets are the perfect getaway from daily stress. People are warm and welcoming, the food is great and the scenery is wonderful! What are you waiting for?! Rent a car and hit the road!

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Netherlands Countryside Summer Byccicle e

Netherlands Countryside Summer Byccicle e

These are the best 6 travel tips to visit Netherlands in June. It is one of the best months to visit this country. It is warm and sunny, the days are longer… it is exactly what you want when visiting a foreign country.


Thursday 20th of April 2023

Is the water safe to drink in the Netherlands?

Alex Hash

Friday 21st of April 2023

Yes, the tap water in the Netherlands is safe to drink. In fact, the tap water in the Netherlands is considered to be some of the safest and highest quality drinking water in the world. The country has a very advanced water treatment system, which ensures that the water is clean and safe for consumption. So, you don't need to worry about buying bottled water in the Netherlands, as you can simply fill up your water bottle from the tap and enjoy the refreshing taste of the country's excellent tap water.