Where Black sea is located and why it is so called?


Located in southeastern Europe, is bordered by Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia this place is a hidden gem of Europe. More easily, to answer to the question where Black sea is located is to say that it connects Asia and Europe.

Why Black Sea is called so? Read the whole article and find the answer below

It connects with the Marmara waters through Bosporus Strait, then with the Aegean Sea through Dardanelles Strait and then with the Mediterranean Sea.

The location is just perfect for a weekend escape or for a summer holiday if you are looking for sun, wild nature and beautiful landscapes.

Where black sea is located and why it is so called?
Where black sea is located and why it is so called?

It is not very clear why Black Sea is so called. There are many legends regarding the origin of its name. Some people say that its name was given due to the fact that in the past, the area was known as an inhospitable place inhabited by savage tribes.

This aspect made from this site a very dangerous place to navigate. Although it was a dangerous place for sailors, where Black Sea’s located made it a very important place for regional commerce.

It is supposed that the name of this saltwater was given in the Medieval period by Ottoman people but nobody knows for sure. Now that we know where Black Sea is located let’s see if there is any life in the saltwater.

Due to the lack of high or low tides, there is no water fluctuation making from this place a calm and serene saltwater on the surface. One of the most interesting truths regarding this saltwater is its anoxic water.

Precisely, there is a substantial lack of oxygen in the water. These waters happen to be the largest water body with a meromictic container, which suggests the motion of water between the lower and also top layers of the saltwater is a rare sensation to discover anywhere in the globe.

This makes a considerable temperature distinction in between these layers along with making the lower layers outright without oxygen and also for this reason, non-active.

At the same time, this saltwater gets fresh water from its rivers and also rainfall. Nevertheless, the Black Sea only witness water transfer with the Mediterranean Sea.

As the transfer takes place in the Bosphorus and also Dardanelles, the inflow of thick water from the Mediterranean occurs at the bottom of the basin, while outflow of the saltwater surface-water takes place near the surface of the basin.

Considering that there is extremely reduced blending between both layers of the water in the Black Sea, aquatic life can not survive in the anoxic zone of the saltwater. It is just the oxygen-rich surface waters of the Black Sea are sustaining marine life.

What everybody knows for sure is that the Black Sea is located where a number of important rivers meet: Danube, Southern Bug, Dnieper, Rioni and Dniester. There is also a legend regarding why Black Sea is so-called.

The legend says that during a storm on a winter day the place appears black and so the sailors called it the Black Sea. The saltwater is incredibly beautiful and worth visiting it! It is surrounded by mystery and uniqueness!

Another legend is about the Landing Point of the Noah’s Ark.

According to a number of aquatic rock hounds, the Black Sea was a freshwater lake around 7,000 years ago before a surge of water in the Mediterranean waters triggered the access of deep-saltwater into the lake.

According to this concept, many argue that the so-called flood represents the disastrous flooding stated in the Noah’s Ark tale in the Holy Bible.

The tales assert that the ark of Noha came to rest on the inclines of Mount Ararat in Turkey once the flooding ended. Periodically, marine excavators have actually argued in support and also versus these cases.

However, due to the absence of legitimate scientific proofs, this certain background of the Black Sea still stays as a topic of dispute.

Where Black Sea is located make from this destination a very accessible place for many of us!

The easiest way to reach the Romanian Black Sea Coast is by car! There are only 3 hours away from Bucharest. It is a good destination for a daily trip from Romanian capital, Bucharest.

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This place is a great destination for cruises! Yes! Don’t be amazed! Despite all the secret linked to the Black Sea, the reality remains that this inland body of water happens to be a significant vacation location all the year-round.

With high hills and stunning coastlines, the countries on the coasts of the Black Sea become a residence for marine and travelling fanatics.

Along with its appeal, the historical and also archaeological value of the Black Sea has actually also welcomed a rather number of cruise ships annually to the area. Do not hesitate and plan a trip to the Black Sea Coast!

Despite that it is called “black” I am sure you will find it beautiful and you will understand why Black Sea is so called!


What feels like an intriguing and also virtually terrifying reality is that the dead continue to persist in these waters.

Remains of ships as well as people and also various other decomposable products like ropes, timber etc. can still be found at the seabed, hundreds of years after their entry right into the waters of the Black Sea.

As thrilling as this reality sounds, the scientific explanation for it is that because of anoxic nature of the lower water layers of this salt water, the process of decomposition is negligibly slow-moving, for this reason, the perseverance of remains of the dead inside the sea’s water.

However, this phenomenon has actually brought about the creation of number rumours regarding these waters.

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