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How to visit Cascada del Tamul in Huasteca Potosina

Cascada del Tamul is located in the southwestern part of Ciudad Valles, and it is the tallest waterfall in the state of San Luis Potosi.

It has 105 meters tall or 345 feet, and it is the most spectacular waterfall in La Huasteca Potosina region of Mexico.

La Huasteca Potosina is a smaller part of the Huasteca region located in the state of San Luis Potosi.

It comprises 20 different municipalities and is a hub for adventure and nature tourists.

Here you can find a unique geography with vast canyons, spectacular rivers, caves, lush forests, and thundering waterfalls.

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Tamul waterfall is one of the top places to visit when in the area for its natural beauty and spectacular size.

Located in the beautiful La Huasteca Potosina region near Ciudad Valles, Cascadas de Tamasopo adds to the charm of Cascada del Tamul, creating a beautiful natural landscape.

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General information about Cascada del Tamul San Luis Potosi

Cascada del Tamul is the most impressive waterfall in the area, with more than 100 meters in height and up to 300 meters wide during the rainy season.

It is not easy to reach, making it more beautiful and spectacular.

You can’t just park your car and walk for 2 minutes to get to the waterfall.

You must hike to the base of the falls or paddle a lancha boat upriver.

At the end of your hike, you will be rewarded with some of the most beautiful views you have ever seen.

Cascada de Tamul waterfall
Cascada de Tamul waterfall

Where is Cascada del Tamul

Tamul Waterfall is located in the municipality called Aquismon.

It is located about 1 hour and 15 minutes drive from the town of Aquismon, 1 hour from Tamasopo, and 1 hour from Ciudad Valles.

The waterfall flows into the Tampaon Rives, which originates from the Gallinas River.

Tamul Waterfall is a remote waterfall between Ciudad Valles and Xilitla.

Cascada de Tamul and lancha boat
Cascada de Tamul and lancha boat

How to get to Tamul Waterfall

To get to Tamul Waterfall, you will first need to arrive at the area along the road that connects Aquismon and Highway 70.

There is no public transport in the area, so you will need to rent a car or take a tour to get to this waterfall.

Getting to Cascada de Tamul by car

Renting a car when visiting Mexico is the most convenient, comfortable, and easy thing to do, especially if you plan to explore this beautiful country on your own.

Public transport is available between cities, but most attractions are outside the public transport areas.

And, of course, Cascada de Tamul is not an exception.

Driving in Mexico is safe, and the road conditions are generally good, so there is nothing to worry about.

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Before you leave the town, where is your hotel or campsite fill up on gas as there are very few gas stations on the road to reach Tamul waterfall.

The last part of the road to the waterfall is quite bumpy, a simple dirt road.

You will have to pass a checkpoint where you will have to pay a fee to a local man as the waterfall is located on private property.

From here, the road gets bumpy, and there are rocks and dirt grooves along the way, so a 4WD car is recommendable, especially if you visit this waterfall in the rainy season.

Mexico car rental
Mexico car rental

Finally, you will reach a car park at Campamento Tamul, camping from where the hike to Cascada de Tamul starts.

You will be right on the top of the falls and then descend and get close to the falls, to its lower part.

Here you will need to pay a second fee to enter the land of the campground.

Getting to Tamul Waterfall by tour

Visiting Cascada del Tamul by tour is suitable if you are a solo traveler or if you don’t have a driving license.

The best tour that includes a visit to Tamul waterfall is from Ciudad Valles: Trip to the Tamul Waterfall by Canoe.

The tour last for about 8 hours and starts at 9 am with hotel pick-up if you are staying in Ciudad Valles.

You will arrive as close as possible to Tamul waterfall, and from there, you will get on the canoe and start paddling on the Tampaon River.

You will paddle for almost two hours before reaching this spectacular waterfall.

The tour also includes some time to swim at Cueva del Agua before paddling downriver to La Morena Community, where you will serve lunch.

The lunch you will serve is at a local house; you will eat traditional Mexican food prepared by locals.

Accessing Cascada del Tamul

As I mentioned earlier, Cascada del Tamul is a remote attraction, and there 2 ways to reach it:

  • Hiking a trail
  • By boat

The most popular option is to paddle upstream in a canoe-style boat called a wooden “lancha”.

All these boats leave from the small town of La Morena.

The boat cannot go to the base of the waterfall as a huge rock in the water blocks access.

You will get a beautiful view from there, no need to go to the bottom of the waterfall.

Cascada del Tamul aerial view
Cascada del Tamul aerial view

The other option is to hike to the waterfall.

The hike starts behind the waterfall, giving you a fabulous view from the top.

From there, you will hike down alongside the river and get as close as possible to this fabulous waterfall.

How to paddle to Cascadas de Tamul

Paddling in a traditional panga, a traditional wooden canoe boat, is the most popular way to see the Tamul waterfall.

The paddle upstream lasts around 2 hours, while the return trip lasts about 45 minutes.

Tanchachin is a popular town to depart to the waterfall as well as La Morena.

Along the road that goes to the waterfall, you will see many signs with boats to Tamul, but the towns mentioned above are the most popular.

lancha for Cascada de Tamul
lancha for Cascada de Tamul

If you choose to paddle to the waterfall, then make sure you bring with you water shoes and try to go during the dry season.

The rapids near the waterfalls can be quite intense, even during the dry season.

You will paddle until you reach a rock which is your viewpoint.

The place might become crowded during weekends and legal holidays, so for this reason, we advise you to visit this waterfall during weekdays.

Taking a panga to the waterfall is around 8 USD per person.

There are also larger boats that can accommodate up to 20 people, but you miss the traditional touch.

We recommend paddling in a boat that can accommodate around 8 people, to be less exhausting for you and to keep the local touch.

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to swim in the area near the waterfall as the currents are really strong.

How to hike to Tamul Waterfall

Hiking to Tamul waterfall offers a better view of Tamul and allows you to get closer to this fabulous attraction.

There are not many instructions about hiking to the waterfall, so I drop below the complete itinerary.

The trail starts from Campamento Tamul, which is accessible from the small town of El Naranjito.

Once you reach El Naranjito’s entrance, you will probably find local guides standing on the road.

After you agree on payment, they will guide you on how to get to the waterfall.

If you miss the official entrance to El Naranjito, then you will also miss the guides.

You will drive for kilometers down a rocky road that will take about 30 minutes, and you have the impression that you go the wrong way.

Cascada del Tamul from water
Cascada del Tamul from water

But you are not!

Actually, this is not quite a road, it is more likely an offroad trail.

Getting to the first gate

You will get to the first gate where you will have to pay 20 pesos for parking as that is the campsite parking lot.

Although you will pay a parking fee, you won’t leave your car here. 

Continue down the same road to the campsite and hike entrance.

After a short drive, you will meet a group of men in the middle of the road. 

Don’t worry! They don’t heart you!

These are local guides who will lead you to the waterfall.

You will have to pay for the guide who will lead you to the waterfall.

Bear in mind that the campsite and the hiking trail are not on public land, so you have to pay the entrance fee.

rapids at Tamul waterfall
rapids at Tamul waterfall

The waterfall hike lasts about 30 minutes one way and is not very easy.

The way to the waterfall is packed with sketchy, steep series of ladders and stairs to get down into the canyon.

It is not a hike only for experienced people, but I would definitely not recommend it to families with kids, elderly people, or generally those who do not have hiking experience.

Make sure you have enough water with you, and stop to rest whenever you feel necessary.

Hiking gives you the unique opportunity to get really close to the waterfall.

Cascada de Tamul hike entrance fee and tour price

Mandatory local guide – around 8 USD per person

Campsite entrance – around 2.5 USD per person

If you need to use the restroom at the campsite – 0.25 USD per person

Best time to visit Cascada del Tamul

If you choose to explore Cascada del Tamul by boat, then the best time to go in the middle of the day.

You will get wet, and warm sun is welcome, especially on the return.

If you decide to hike to the waterfall, then start your hike early in the morning and see the waterfall with the sun.

The best months to visit the waterfall are from December to February and sometimes October to March, depending on weather conditions.

April and May are not such great months to visit the waterfall as it is right before the wet season, there is not much water flowing down, and the days are really hot.

During the wet season, from May till October, try to avoid the waterfall as it becomes too strong to safely get close to it because of the force of the water.

To avoid the crowds, try to visit the waterfall during weekdays, and avoid going here during public holidays and weekends.

Tamul waterfall from the boat
Tamul waterfall from the boat

Facilities at Cascada de Tamul

Tamul waterfall is completely undeveloped so no facilities are in the area.

The place is completely untamed, and that is the beauty of it.

There is only a small camping area at the beginning of the hiking trail where you can find restrooms that can be used for a small fee.

There might also be snacks and food at the campsite, but I did not look for it when in the area.

If you choose to go by boat to La Morena pier, you can find restaurants, changerooms, toilets, and car parking.

In terms of activities at Cascada de Tamul, paddling, boating, and hiking are the activities you can do in the area.

There are no ropes or jumping platforms around the waterfall, and swimming is forbidden close to the waterfall.

Where to stay at Tamul waterfall

Where to stay when visiting Cascada del Tamul depends on how you decide to approach your holiday in La Huasteca Potosina.

Some like to travel from one point to another and change hotels each night, while others like to stay in the same hotel and do day trips in the vicinity.

To be more efficient and maximize our time spent abroad, we decided to stay in a different place each night.

No matter which option you choose, I drop a few different accommodation options below for you when visiting Cascada Tamul.

Staying near the waterfall

You can stay at the campsite right at the beginning of the trailhead to the waterfall if you want to be among the first hikers to the falls.

The place is pretty isolated, and you have to bring with you food, drinks, and everything you need to spend some time at the campsite.

You cannot reserve any place at this campsite, I only found on the internet this telephone number 481 139 8149, you can try and call them to check for availability before you go.

Honestly, I don’t think there would be problems in finding a spot.

Staying in Ciudad Valles

Ciudad Valles is the best place to spend your night if you are planning to visit Cascada de Tamul.

We stayed at Hotel Casa Ortiz, a beautiful 4-star hotel with an outdoor pool, a beautiful garden, and free private parking.

The rooms are spacious and clean, with a flat-screen TV and private bathrooms with free toiletries.

Hotel Casa Ortiz
Hotel Casa Ortiz

Staying in Aquismon

Aquismon is also a wonderful place to spend the night, depending on which part of the state you are coming from.

Gran Tamoanchan is a brand new boutique eco-hotel that opened in July 2022 and looks simply fabulous.

It features a beautiful outdoor pool, a garden, a terrace, a restaurant, and free Wifi.

The hotel rooms are elegant and spacious, with air conditioning, flat-screen TV, a patio with a garden view, and a safety deposit box.

Gran Tamoanchan
Gran Tamoanchan

What to bring to Cascada del Tamul

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