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Most stunning hotels in Maldives for a fabulous holiday

Hotels in Maldives are famous worldwide for their top-notch services, amazing sceneries, and the most incredible villas from Asia.

Where Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean, ranks it among the world’s best places for those looking to perfect their tan, to reconnect with nature and get pampered in some of the best hotels in the world.

These best hotels at Maldives are spread all over the archipelago, consisting of more than 1,200 small coral islands and sandbanks.

There are more than 700 resorts and hotels in the archipelago so choosing the best hotels in the Maldives might be more complicated than you have ever imagined.

This article lists the best hotels of Maldives based on their services, amenities, and facilities and this is not just our opinion but these top hotels in the Maldives are made taking also into consideration the reviews of travelers published on famous travel sites.

Soneva Jani Maldives
Soneva Jani Maldives

I had a hard time picking just 10 hotels and resorts from the whole group, but I can tell you that they are all great.

They have good services, facilities, design, and of course views.

Celebrities from all over the world stayed at these resorts so expect to top-notch amenities and high-end services.

The resorts in Maldives are some of the best and most luxurious hotels you can stay in.

So get ready for an amazing vacation in the middle of the Indian Ocean!

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The best hotels in Maldives

1. Soneva Jani

Without any doubt, one of the best hotels of Maldives, Soneva Jani Maldives comes with outstanding sceneries, incredible services, and the unique retractable roof.

This beautiful roof allows you to see the stars and the moon during nighttime.

This feature is available only at premium villas, but definitely worth getting a night or two in these beautiful villas just for this memorable experience.

Soneva Jani four bedroom suite Maldives overwater villa
Soneva Jani four bedroom suite Maldives

This resort is usually very beautiful, with a design that matches the surroundings well.

The villas are also some of the most spacious compared to other places in the Maldives.

The wood decks take you from the common areas to each villa.

The muted tones of the villas look good with the turquoise color of the water.

A new area of Soneva Jani Maldives was opened in 2021 called Soneva Chapter Two which resembles perfectly the villas from Soneva Chapter One, the only difference is that the furniture is newer.

Soneva Jani Luxury Resort Maldives 80
Soneva Jani Luxury Resort Maldives 80

There are two spas at the resort. They offer different types of massages and therapies.

The people who work there are very good at their job.

Make sure you don’t miss the homemade ice cream room or the chocolate room while you are at Soneva Jani.

These are the best that I have ever eaten in the Maldives.

What guests say

Aurel 178 from New York, US
Our stay at Soneva Jani was everything we dreamed about !!! The transparency of the Maldives water, the welcoming staff, the room, and the service was simply BEYOND! We were assigned a fantastic butler, Saeed, who took care of all our wishes and needs. He was wonderful and available 24/7. The activities are great and the attention to detail is spectacular. We hope to be back very soon with our sons next time!

Olivia from Cardiff, UK
We had the most fantastic honeymoon at Soneva Jani. It has a lovely atmosphere and we feel very lucky to have stayed here. Great restaurants and activities with friendly staff. A special thank you to our host Shyma! Highly recommend!

Michelle C from US
The entire process of getting to Soneva Jani was a breeze from the moment we arrived Male international airport. The hotel staff at the airport were very helpful and the seaplane lounge even offers cooked meal for guests who’s got a longer wait time for the seaplane transfer.
Soneva is the only resort in the Maldives that requires guest to take a PCR test upon arrival. They have an in house PCR testing lab, so guests just have to wait a couple hours until their results come out before leaving their villa. I personally think that this is a great way to ensure and protect all other guests who are staying on the island. The villas at Soneva are MASSIVE, filled with details, and Super photogenic. I could spend days inside without leaving the room!
I was staying at Chapter 2 this trip, the newly opened water villas here at Soneva Jani. I must say, this is definitely the largest one bedroom overwater villa I’ve ever seen in the Maldives. The layout and interior design of the rooms are all really well thought out, from the entrance to light switch, the stair handles, door knobs to book shelfs and closet space, etc… You can tell a lot of creativity have been put into curating this living space. Plus, there are so many lounging spots for relaxation – on the outdoor deck, roof top terrance, even in the bathroom! Overall, I must say it has been a fantastic experience and I definitely would love to return one day.
Another thing I wanted to highlight is the cinema restaurant – Director’s cut, the entrance to this restaurant is beautiful! Perfect for families with kids too, they will definitely enjoy watching movies while having dinner, and adults can have a great time too!
Last but not least, the Island Spa is a MUST try when you visit.

2. St Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort

My list of good hotels in Maldives continues with the St Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort.

It is a pretty resort located about a 40-minute ride on a seaplane from the Velana International Airport.

What I like most at St Regis Maldives Vommuli, the best hotel on Maldives, besides its services is its location, as it stands in the middle of an undeveloped area where the marine life is incredible.

St Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort 80
St Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort

You can snorkel a few meters from your villa and see cool animals like clownfish, powder blue surgeonfish, and parrotfish.

You might even see turtles, dolphins, and other sea creatures.

Come meet the biologists from the watersports center and learn neat things about sea creatures!

What’s even more amazing is that there are still new species of marine life being discovered in these waters!

St Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort Villa Sea View
St Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort Villa Sea View

Villas from St Regis

The design of St Regis Maldives Vommuli is inspired by the Maldivian lagoon life with curves that imitate the waves and all kinds of twists and constructions that flow into the sand.

The villas that were built using the traditional Maldivian architecture are very impressive and come with a personal butler.

The butler makes sure you have a good time while on vacation by taking care of everything you need.

For your holiday, you can pick from 3 main types of villas: garden villas, beach bungalows, or Maldives huts.

Garden villas are in the garden. Beach bungalows are on the beach.

Maldives huts are on the water overlooking the sunset or Indian Ocean.

St Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort Water Villa hotels in Maldives
St Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort Water Villa hotels in Maldives

You can control the curtains, air conditioning, lighting, music, and others using the tablets from your room.

I recommend that you book a seat at the 5-course degustation and wine pairing evening that is held in the Decanter.

The Decanter is the resort’s underground wine cellar.

What guests say

Hussain A from Illinois, US
Without any doubt, the one of the best hotels worldwide. We spent 5 days in the hotel and will definitely come back due to the amazing overall experience. Accommodation, as well as dining opportunities and offered activities, are simply spectacular.
We have travelled to more than 140 countries, visiting mainly 5* hotels and resorts however for the first time were completely blown away by the service. Our butler, Abanoub, was amazing and went above and beyond when it comes to the birthday surprise. For the first time ever we have experienced butler to actively communicating and engaging with us consistently to ensure he is able to meet our needs. He tailored every aspect of our stay at the hotel still offering a warm, relaxed, yet refined ambiance with a sense of place.
We loved our morning chats with Imad and Jenif during breakfast and their readiness to accommodate every breakfast request we had:) Hats off St. Regis Maldives for training your staff on that level.
Thank you!

Ted from New York, US
From the moment we stepped off the plane in Male, we were surrounded with luxury and service. The waiting area at the Male airport was amazing, and we had a delightful breakfast.
As we arrived at the St. Regis resort, we were welcomed by the staff, and of course by our wonderful and phenomenal butler, Nicol.
Although we have stayed at many top shelf luxury hotels around the world, we never experienced such attentive service as was provided to us with grace from Nicol.
Nicol addressed our every need and request. Quite frankly, I do not even understand how she was always available to help us immediately.
At the Alba restaurant we had ordered food from the Kosher Menu. The 2 Chefs, Executive Chef Sunil and Executive Chef Ajim were extremely gracious, and we enjoyed meeting them very much. They were constantly preparing special wonderful dishes, and it was an amazing culinary experience
The food was superb; My wife enjoyed her chicken and salmon, and I never had such delicious lamb chops in my entire life!
It was such an amazing treat to be able to have gourmet Kosher food at your resort.
The facilities as well as all the staff were amazing; Our room, the beach, the pool, everything was like a dream.
When we left, Faiz met us at the airport. He was truly a gem. We had an issue that one of our tickets was not properly issued. He took us to the proper ticketing window to resolve the issue, and when I needed to show documentation and I did not have internet, he provided me with his hotspot so I could connect to the internet. We would not have made our flight if not for him.
This was an amazing dream vacation that we will not soon forget, and we look forward to coming back as soon as we can.

Maui1728 from Boston, US
From the moment we arrived to the moment we left we were treated like royalty. I could not have asked for a better 50th birthday gift! This place was off the chart on all levels. First off, thank you Akram for being the best butler and most accommodating and patient person. We could not have asked for a better experience. Hear of day drinking? Try morning drinking, champagne and more champagne at breakfast… with anything and everything you could possibly want for breakfast. Free if you have elite status to accept as your welcome gift…well worth it. The restaurants all and all were 5 star. No meal we had was disappointing. The SPA-again, I think it became my daily routine to go every day for a massage. Life was pretty simple, wake, eat breakfast with champagne, go shelling on the beach, snorkeling, ride bike to find guy cutting down the coconuts and get fresh coconut water from him, swim in the water, spa, pool, afternoon cocktail, sunset, dinner and star gazing. (amazing on a clear night). Next day-repeat! I could get use to the lifestyle. No cars, no stores, nothing commercial. Amazing to see sharks in knee deep water. Parasailing is a MUST to get an amazing view of the resort and all around the island. We asked to be taken around the island on parasail flight, if not they take you straight out in the ocean, so ask to tour around the island, you will not be disappointed. We loved it so much we did it on two different days. If you have elite status insist on an upgrade! It was well worth it. We spent a week in over the water and then moved to a 2-bedroom beach villa. Loved them both! Will return in a heartbeat

3. The Ritz Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands

The Ritz Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands is one of the best hotels in Maldives.

It is innovative because it has 3 independent resorts that are connected with each other by a turquoise lagoon.

This project will be done in 2023. You can go to more than 30 restaurants.

You can also go to the spa and use the other facilities.

The Ritz Carlton Maldives Fari Islands Water Villas
The Ritz Carlton Maldives Fari Islands Water Villas

The Ritz Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands is close to Male, the capital city of Maldives.

It is only a 50 minute speed boat ride away.

Ritz Carlton Maldives was designed by the famous Australian architect Kerry Hill and the main idea is to blend in into the landscape, which it does extremely well.

The interiors of the villas are simple and minimalist and highlight the amazing sceneries that surround the villas.

The floor-to-ceiling windows and the position of each villa maximize the stunning sunrises and sunsets from the Maldivian archipelago.

The Ritz Carlton Maldives Fari Islands Room 80
The Ritz Carlton Maldives Fari Islands Room

Each villa comes with an “aris meeha”, or a butler. He will do his best to serve you and transform your holiday into a memorable experience.

No matter if you need help in planning your day or if you want to get a seat at one of Ritz Carlton Maldives restaurants, Aris Meeha will help you.

All the employees at the resort are very well trained.

This means that you will be treated like royalty and have a great stay while you are at The Ritz Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands.

The Ritz Carlton Maldives Fari Islands Over Water Villa 80
The Ritz Carlton Maldives Fari Islands Over Water Villa

There are a lot of restaurants and bars on the property, so you can try something different every night.

What guests say

Mary M from Michigan, US
This resort was phenomenal! They hit the nail on the head and they thought of every little detail! Food, service, employees all top notch! This is not a cheap resort by any means. The food and drink prices are extremely high, but were excellent. My only complaint is that I don’t mind paying $25 a cocktail… but they were super tiny!!! A couple honorable mentions…Putu (Hendra) was the best bartender. He was so great we constantly sat at the Eau bar for drinks and food. He went out of his way to please us and couldn’t do enough for us! Dominic, Apple, Ginon were also so good to us. Our room attendants were amazing…Ahusan and Ilm! Lovely personality and my room was perfect everyday. They even predicted my bath time correctly and ran me a beautiful bath with ferns and leaves shaped like fish. What a lovely surprise when I got back to my room. It was very sad to leave this resort after five nights. When our boat transfer got back to the airport we were greeted by the nicest employee Haleem! We were having a couple issues with check in, Covid test issues and he was able to fix everything for us when he helped us check into the airport. He was one of the best things about the trip. He should be promoted. He has a ton of personality and is very charismatic! Please promote this young man he deserves a raise!! I can’t say enough how awesome he was to us and helped iron out some airport check-in issues.

James B from New York, US
Excellent, brand new resort which opened mid-2021. The rooms are wonderful and the ocean and nature are spectacular. There are many water activities and tennis but most days are spent relaxing and staring at the ocean. The hotel staff went above and beyond to make our stay enjoyable. Thank you Moosa, Musto, Bikash & everyone

Precious Lin from Texas, US
Everything was amazing from the day we arrived! We were greeted by the GM (Mark) and other staff. Kids went snorkeling and ride a bike around the island. Our aris meeha (Hussain) was very kind and helpful, he definitely made our stay enjoyable. He helped take the kids to and from the kids club with a simple text message AND even gave us farewell gifts. The Christmas program was spectacular and beyond our expectation!! Definitely A+++ Best Christmas ever!!!!

4. Gili Lankanfushi

The list of top resorts in the Maldives cannot be complete without Gili Lankanfushi, one of the most exclusive hotels in Maldives.

The stunning sceneries and perfect services as well as the beautiful rooms and top-notch amenities make Gili Lankanfushi Maldives the perfect destination for your Maldivian experience.

Gili Lankanfushi
Gili Lankanfushi

This eco-friendly resort is located 20 minutes speedboat from Male International airport in the North Malé Atoll.

The main theme of the resort was inspired by the Robinson Crusoe book and all the villas resemble Defoe’s boat.

Each villa comes with its own helper called Mr Friday.

This is a person who will do their best to help you and make sure you have a good time on the island.

Gili Lankanfushi Room
Gili Lankanfushi Room

In the construction of Gili Lankanfushi Maldives, the architects used only sustainable materials like coconut, teak, bamboo, and palm.

I can say that Gili Lankanfushi is the most eco-friendly resort I have seen in the Maldives.

Plastic is not allowed on the island. They recycle materials instead.

And the hotel’s motto is “No news, no shoes.” That means everyone should walk around the island without shoes on.

Gili Lankanfushi Maldive Resorts Room 80
Gili Lankanfushi Maldive Resorts Room 80

The facilities on the island include a world-class spa, Meera Spa, with lots of different treatments and massages.

There are also ping pong tables, fitness rooms, and an amazing diving center.

You can book snorkeling and diving trips, fishing experiences, and all kinds of excursions at the diving center.

What guests say

Jo H from US
My husband and I have just had the most incredible, memorable stay at Gili.
From the moment we arrived until our last goodbyes, the Management and their staff in all departments could not do enough for us . I think they were the friendliest resort team I have experienced.. our Ms Friday Shaany, deserves a special mention for her ever present joyful , ‘brighten up your day’ , helpful attitude.
We had a residence with pool room which had a huge terrace to laze around , watch the sunset or go snorkelling from. The villas inside are incredibly spacious with indoor/outdoor areas.
The standard of the food at all mealtimes is also exceptional and varied. We tried the private teppanyaki dinner menu in By The Sea which was superb and entertaining . ( shout out to Jason our chef).
The No news, no shoes , all natural concept is the perfect way to get a truly Maldivian experience without any compromise on luxury .
We have said goodbye, but will be definitely back

Rachel from US
As i write this review i am nervous i Am not going to be able to express how amazing gili is. While we were there, there were multiple times we googled best hotels in the world and didn’t understand how gili wasn’t on some of the lists because it is truly just such a spectacular place.
We were there for our honeymoon and got to stay in a crusoe residence over the water. This was literally a house in the middle of the most beautiful ocean. We were skeptical staying in one of these at first because we were unsure how long we’d have to actually wait to get picked up by boat to go eat/go to the main island, but we would call and within no joke 2 minutes the boat was there waiting for us! The villa was just so beautiful and everything was so well thought out we couldn’t imagine a more magical villa for our honeymoon (it was seriously soooo cool).
Everytime we went for breakfast/lunch/dinner or just a drink at the overwater bar we were greeted by a minimum of 2 people who would take our orders and ensure we were happy. We have to give a shout-out to BOBO who made our experience at the over water bar so fun and he always knew exactly what we’d be in the mood for. He was so attentive and knowledgeable about all the different drinks and the large menu and the everyday changing menu it was really just so impressive. By the end of our stay it felt like our day wasn’t complete unless we went to the bar to say hi to him. Also when i talk about the over water bar, it is the most beautiful and comfortable setting ever, something i wish for everyone to be able to experience one day.
We have been to many hotels/resorts that have a “butler” assigned to the villa you stay at-at gili they are called your mr. Friday. We were so extremely lucky to have Fiyaz as our mr Friday. I can’t say enough amazing things about him and how he made our experience there so seamless and perfect. He knew exactly what we would want/need even before we asked and he would already have it booked for us.

Gabrielle R from Boston, US
I wish I could give a 6th star – Gili was a dream! We went for our honeymoon and stayed 7 nights, it couldn’t have been more magical. What sets Gili apart from any other 5 star hotel are the people. From the moment you’re picked up from the airport in Male to the moment you leave, you’re surrounded by staff who are genuinely invested in your stay. I have to give a special shoutout to our Mr. Friday, Alif, who pulled out all the stops for us. Not only was he accommodating, but also took the initiative to surprise us with special experiences – and oh did he nail it! The staff at Gili, especially your Mr. Friday, have a way of anticipating and providing assistance and expertise without you ever having to ask. The number of times I turned to my husband and said, how did they know we would want that/were just talking about that?! They just know. The food is just the icing on the cake. Breakfast has unlimited options with many different exotic fruits, lunch we often opted to take privately in our villa, and dinners were all varieties of cuisine. Our favorites were the Asian Market, Mediterranean, and Indian nights though all dinners were impressively presented and delicious…

5. Constance Moofushi

One of the most beautiful hotels in Maldives is Constance Moofushi, located 30 minutes seaplane from Male International Airport.

One of the best things about Constance Moofushi , one of the best resorts in the world is its location, close to 30 of the most important diving sites in the area.

Constance Moofushi Maldives All Inclusive Private Beach Turquoise Water
Constance Moofushi Maldives All Inclusive Private Beach Turquoise Water

This hotel is in a good location because the coral and marine life was not affected by the mass coral bleaching from 2016.

You will be able to see a lot many coral fish and marine creatures that cannot be seen anywhere else.

Whale sharks and manta rays are common here, so you should book an excursion that allows you to see them.

Another big plus goes to the quality of services and the staff, who are always smiling and ready to help.

Constance Moofushi Maldives All Inclusive Water Villas
Constance Moofushi Maldives All Inclusive Water Villas

The resort has lots of things to do, so you don’t have to worry about being bored.

Even if the weather is bad or you don’t want to go snorkeling or diving, there are still plenty of other options.


Don’t expect huge villas as the bungalows are fairly small, after the Maldivian standards but you come to Constance Moofushi for the abundance of marine life and not for huge rooms.

I like the outdoor shower at the villas.

It is a unique experience that you should try when you are in Maldives.

The restaurants at the resort have a lot of different types of food from all over the world, not just Asia.

You can find foods from different cultures as well as local dishes.

Constance Moofushi Maldives All Inclusive Romantic Dinner
Constance Moofushi Maldives All Inclusive Romantic Dinner

You can order a drink from any of the resort’s bars and watch the sun set into the ocean.

This is a very special thing to see.

What guests say

Jack from US
I cannot stress this enough: Constance Moofushi is the best place I’ve ever stayed at and the perfect way to spend our honeymoon!! I literally can’t stop thinking about it.
Everything about our stay was heavenly. The staff was incredibly attentive. The food was superb. The sommeliers were inspirational and so informative. I had zero cares in the world. There was so much space all around the resort. We felt completely safe the entire time. Every aspect of the resort is well thought out, intentional, romantic, and just utterly stunning.
Some people made it exceptionally special for us. Sam always made sure we were taken care of and made sure we had everything we needed. Dylan and everyone at the tiki bar was so lovely (and Dylan is such a good DJ!) Madu and Joseph introduced us to the wonderful world of wine. Anna, Dema, and Kinley were so amazing at the spa. I enrolled in 1:1 private yoga sessions with Jayantha…he helped me to do a headstand for the first time and expanded my understanding of yoga. And Manuj is a phenomenal reiki master and our session together was truly profound. I can’t recommend them enough.

Helen H from UK
This resort ticks all the boxes. A house reef that shows signs of regrowth. Incredibly friendly staff – chefs who went out of their way to insure the children were catered for and sommeliers who worked hard to insure our wine preferences were satisfied . Nothing was too much trouble… with head chef, Mr Dilep producing the most delicious garlic curry just for us. Thank you all so much for making the holiday so special

Angela D from US
We have just returned from a fantastic holiday at Constance Moofushi.
The staff are brilliant and the service excellent.
The food is amazing with a great variety of choice.
There is an amazing choice of drinks and wine. The bar staff and sommeliers are very knowledge.
The resort is eco friendly, well maintained and has a lovely nursery. The gardeners have created various colourful areas around the resort.
The island is beautiful with large sandy beaches and surrounded by various reefs to snorkel. The resort has placed many coral growing cages over the past few years and they are growing very well.
Sea life around the resort is very good and you can often see turtles on the local reef.
We stayed in a lovely beach villa very close to the water. The room was spotless, cleaned twice a day.
There are excursions everyday, the snorkeling and dolphin trips were very good.
The diving trips from the resort are unbelievable and you are guaranteed to see so much on any dive. The dive team are very professional and cater for what you as the guest want to do. You can also use DPV here and go to various sites to see sharks, eaglerays and in season Mantas.
Moofushi is truly an amazing island.

6. The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort

The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort is a very good hotel located on Baa Atoll.

This is the only UNESCO Biosphere reserve from Maldives.

People come here to relax and explore the fabulous marine world.

Westin Maldives is located about 30 minutes seaplane ride from Male International Airport and is definitely a must-see place when in the Maldives.

The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort 80
The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort

The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort is one of the best hotels in Maldives.

The people who designed it, Peia Associati, used the ocean as their main source of inspiration.

The luxury villas are shaped like turtles getting out of the sea. The jetty looks like a sailboat with a staircase that is shaped like a shell.

The resort has 41 beach villas and 29 overwater villas.

They are all in different categories depending on how big they are and what extra features they have.

The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort Infinity Pool Sea View 80
The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort Infinity Pool Sea View

Most of them have huge bedrooms, a private pool overlooking the ocean, and an outdoor shower which is amazing!

These are the new essentials you have to pack for your trip

The best part of the resort is the spa. It is in the middle of the island.

You can get massages and other treatments there.

You are going to a luxury resort. This means that the services will be high quality.

You will also have a personal butler who can help you plan your free time.

He can also help you and make reservations for restaurants and trips.

The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort Water Villa 80
The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort Water Villa

Speaking about restaurants from Westin Maldives , the food is really great with many options inspired by international cuisine but also with local and Asian dishes.

What guests say

N3065LKdebbies from Virginia, US
We had an unforgettable experience at a most beautiful resort. Our over-the-water villas were very spacious with a nice deck with a private pool, lounge chairs, dining table and chairs, and outdoor shower with phenomenal views.
I wish I could remember all names of the staff because each of them was so accommodating always with a smile. Raj kept our
Mimosas flowing, Atheik our butler made sure everything we needed was there including arranging a wonderful speedboat ride to a private island with a picnic lunch and all amenities, Solomon, manager, Paul, who was such a joy to visit with and always making sure our restaurant times and room service was perfect, and of course, the spa attendants, Jolly, Rath, and Kruddey were just exceptional! We loved the spa so much we went 3 out 9 days there!

LetiB_79 from Switzerland
Amazing stay with our 5 children. From the youngest to the oldest we all had an excellent time in this resort.
The size of the atoll is perfect as not too big and not too small with a 360 view on the ocean.
Bungalows are very comfortable, spacious, quiet, private.
The food and cocktails are amazing in all restaurants.
The team is super nice, friendly, attentive, proactive, helpful. Everyone is listening to customers’ needs.
An unforgettable stay

Spkr4life from Maryland, US
We recently had the most wonderful stay at the Westin Maldives. It exceed our expectations. As a Bonvoy Ambassador for Marriott, I travel often and can say without question this was one of the best stays ever. So much so I’m returning in 2022. Kudos to the Ibrahim and the entire staff but special shout outs to Miqdad (the ultimate host), the amazing culinary skills of Chefs David, Robaldi and Mac and the service of Hussain. The overwater villas with pool are truly the way to go as you sit on your private deck watching the sunrise or sunset.

7. One & Only Reethi Rah

This resort is one of the best hotels in Maldives.

People come here because of the great food, beautiful beaches, and luxurious feel.

One Only Reethi Rah Maldives is located about 40 minutes speedboat ride from Male International Airport and made up of reclaimed land.

One and Only Reethi Rah Maldives Resort
One and Only Reethi Rah Maldives Resort

This resort is a great place to stay for families. It is luxurious and many travel magazines say that it is a must-stay place in the Maldives.

The people who designed the hotels were inspired by Maldivian, Balinese, and Chinese architecture.

They combined different elements to create a new and exciting design.


The villas at one of the best hotels in the Maldives were designed by Jean Michel Gathy. You can find them on the island and over the water.

One and Only Reethi Rah Room Suite
One and Only Reethi Rah Room Suite

The most luxurious of all is the Grand Sunset Residence, which is the largest villa on the property it comes with a private beach, a few pools, an outdoor cinema and hosts a long list of celebrities including Tom Cruise, the Beckhams, and Gordon Ramsay.

The beach villas from One Only Reethi Rah Maldives are perfectly located and allow immediate access to the ocean so they are just perfect for snorkeling.

The overwater villas come with amazing views of the ocean, a lot of privacy, and of course direct access into the sea.

One and Only Reethi Rah Room
One and Only Reethi Rah Room

The food is incredible and there are so many dishes to choose from that you simply cannot decide what to eat. We definitely recommend you to try all the restaurants from the island, including the buffet restaurant as the food is good and extremely varied.

The spa itself win a lot of awards so you definitely don’t have to miss it; the list of face treatments, massages, and therapies is very long so you can visit the spa more than once to try their programs.

What guests say

M.s. from US
The most amazing festive time at our favorite Maldivian resort with fantastic food, lots of fun activities, and outstanding service. Special thanks to our butler friend, Arthur, he made our stay smooth and comfortable, he was thinking of everything we needed and was planning all the practical necessities instead of us – always with the biggest smile! Thank you Arthur! Also special thanks to Joseph who gave the best tips about dining and experiences on the island, and took care of us the kindest way in the restaurants! Superb team, and special resort, we will be back!

L9489AAmanda from UK
The most amazing festive time at our favorite Maldivian resort with fantastic food, lots of fun activities, and outstanding service. Special thanks to our butler friend, Arthur, he made our stay smooth and comfortable, he was thinking of everything we needed and was planning all the practical necessities instead of us – always with the biggest smile! Thank you Arthur! Also special thanks to Joseph who gave the best tips about dining and experiences on the island, and took care of us the kindest way in the restaurants! Superb team, and special resort, we will be back!

Khonold from California, US
Incredible hotel, service, food. 10 out of 10 for us. Beautiful private island, very exclusive with amazing amenities and out butler Lisle was amazing and only helped our experience. You have many beaches that can accommodate what you are looking

8. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Located on two private islands united by a 500 m bridge, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is definitely a must-stay place and the only resort from Maldives with an underwater restaurant.

Conrad Maldives is perfectly located in the South Ari Atoll, a great place for diving and a place where you can spot whale sharks all over the year.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island 80
Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

You can reach the hotel by seaplane, a 30 minutes stunning ride from Male International Airport, or if you arrive after 4 p.m. you can take a domestic flight to Maamigili and then a 20-minute speedboat.

The hotel embraces the barefoot policy so the reception and most of the common areas have white sand on the floor, while two islands connected definitely mean more space and more options to spend your free time.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Water Villa 80
Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Water Villa

Conrad Maldives , one of the best hotels in Maldives offer beach villas and overwater villas with large windows and huge bathrooms, while some of them come with a private pool.

The centerpiece of the villas is the Muraka residence, a huge villa with overwater and underwater suites, a huge infinity pool, and dedicated staff, including a private chef and a butler.

For dining options, you don’t have to worry as there are 12 lounges and restaurants spread on both islands.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Room 80
Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Room

The must-do experience is definitely dining in the underwater restaurant, Ithaa underwater restaurant, where you can dine surrounded by large fishes and an abundance of marine creatures.

Choose the set menu paired with wine for a complete experience on your luxury Maldivian holiday.

What guests say

Worldtraveler2221 from Toronto, Canada
Photos are real! Service is Next Level.
This is the most beautiful serene place we have ever been! After our arrival coconuts they took us by Golf cart and first dropped off my wife and kids at the Villa so they can relax and settle in while I was brought to the front desk to complete Check in for our 10 night stay!
The service here is top notch. The beauti of this island and the set up of the 2 BR water villas could not be much better. The beach villas are perfect and modern. The only thing i would suggest to the hotel is to fully update the water villas. They are older style but still gives the perfect over the ocean feel.
If i could give this hotel 6 stars i would. Dont believe i have ever said that before. Definitely Paradise!

Sevidlam from Chicago, US
My friend and I just returned from a terrific 7-night holiday at Conrad Rangali over the 2021/2022 festive season.
At the time of writing this review, I have been lucky enough to have visited 12 resorts in the Maldives (mostly in the 5* and above segment) and, after this holiday, Conrad Rangali has surely secured a spot at the top of my list of most favorite resorts thanks to the mind-blowing natural surroundings, idyllic Rangali island lagoon, and picturesque views from just about every corner of both islands. The entire Rangali complex is so absolutely visually stunning that when I first stepped foot on this property, I said to myself: “wow, WHY and HOW have I not come here sooner?!”.

Alexandria Johnson from US
One of the best overall experiences we’ve ever had. Top notch along with Bora Bora. This is a paradise! Our spa treatments were best of class and the the therapists were amazing. The staff were kind and very helpful. The beach villa was perfect. We loved cocktail hour for HH members, happy hour along with the breakfast buffet. The scuba diving intro session was super fun and fantastic and our diving guide was amazing! She made us both feel safe and we had a wonderful time. We also enjoyed having the water sports to use at our leisure although the winds this time of year made it a little scary for us to try paddle boarding even though we initially wanted to. The live music and DJ added to the amazing environment. We dined at Sunset grill, the Manhdoo along with in room dining and the Rangali Bar – our fav was Manhdoo!! I will say, it was sad to see the current state of the coral and we would have loved having bicycles to get around. We had that in Bora Bora and loved the convenience of it

9. Six Senses Laamu

A little bit further from Male International Airport, Six Senses Laamu is definitely worth the effort of a longer transfer from the capital city.

It will take you an hour seaplane ride followed by a short speedboat transfer to reach this island but once you get here you will arrive in paradise, a remote island with amazing marine creatures around.

Six Senses Laamu Water Villa
Six Senses Laamu Water Villa

Six Senses Laamu Maldives was built using sustainable materials and it blends in perfectly with the landscape and the surrounding ocean.

The guests are required to stay barefoot and the only permitted shoes are flippers for snorkeling and there is no dress code for dinner.

You will get around the island with a bicycle that is provided to each guest or you can book a golf cart if the outside is rainy.

Six Senses Laamu Maldives Suite 80
Six Senses Laamu Maldives Suite

There are beach villas and overwater villas available on the property but my favorite one is the overwater villa as you can jump directly into the ocean, in the middle of the coral reef from your own private deck.

All the villas at Six Senses Laamu Maldives are spacious and built from natural materials like wood, leather, hessian, thatch, and linen and all come with an outstanding outdoor shower.

The services are among the best in the world and the personnel is extremely well trained so expect to top-notch services and welcoming staff.

The resort’s spa is great, with therapists trained in Bali and a long list of treatments and massages available for all guests.

Six Senses Laamu Room Maldives 80
Six Senses Laamu Room Maldives

Don’t miss the picnic lunch on a deserted island located close to the resort, which is indeed a unique experience!

What guests say

Le’Kedra Q from Virginia, US
My husband and I rarely return to the same location – we both agreed we simply must return here! The beauty of the Maldives was elevated by our experience here. We were encouraged to go barefoot and it helped us feel connected to the earth. They emphasize sustainability, and is nestled within nature left it as undisturbed as possible; be sure to take the Sustainability tour!
We stayed in one of the overwater villas – loved stepping off our deck directly into the ocean to snorkel where the waters are teeming with beautiful marine life. We even had an eagle ray one morning circling the waters around our villa.
All the food was exquisite. We did the Lobster BBQ, where I had lobster prepared at least 5 ways; highly recommended. Leaf was in a class of it’s own. The menu changes daily and is planned based upon the day’s catch and available ingredients, the food quality and freshness is outstanding.
We had an amazing experience and I can not more highly recommend this resort. I literally was in tears boating away from the resort – See you again soon!

Minnie S from London, UK
What an incredible 11 nights at six senses laamu. It was better than we ever imagined and will hold a very special place in our hearts. Abdullah was exceptional. He went above and beyond for all our needs and by the end became a good friend. We can’t thank him enough for making our stay that little more special. Thank you to everyone for the most memorable time and we can’t wait to come back

Amybeth B from Nashville, US
Out of this world incredible and more. From the moment you arrive at the arrival jetty the entire experience is perfection and magical. Can’t recommend enough! The food is amazing. The attention to detail and pride taken by the entire staff is thoughtfully curated

10.Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru

Featuring more than 100 villas, 4 amazing restaurants, and a world-class marine research center, Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru is definitely one of the best hotels in Maldives for your next getaway.

Four Seasons Maldives Baa Atoll is 35 minutes seaplane ride from Male International Airport and is located on Baa Atoll, the only UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in Maldives.

Four Seasons Maldives Private Island at Voavah Baa Atoll 80
Four Seasons Maldives Private Island at Voavah Baa Atoll

This world-class hotel on Maldives has a tropical vibe with its coconut boulevard that goes from the jetty to the huge open-air reception, so the WOW factor is definitely on their side as soon as you reach the atoll.

The villas have a strong air of privacy and all of them are made mostly from organic materials and the interior design is inspired by the Maldivian culture.

At Four Seasons Maldives Baa Atoll  you will find thatched roofs, snuggly beds, and coral walls as well as a huge bathroom with an indoor and an outdoor shower, a bathtub, and organic toiletries.

Four Seasons Maldives Private Island at Voavah Baa Atoll Resort Maldives 80
Four Seasons Maldives Private Island at Voavah Baa Atoll Resort Maldives

What I find interesting and unique at this hotel is the so-called manta on-call service which is a service available upon request and you will get notified when manta rays are around. From the moment you got the call, you have 30 minutes to get ready and to jump on the boat to go where the rays appear and swim with them.

Four Seasons Maldives Private Island at Voavah Baa Atoll Maldives 80
Four Seasons Maldives Private Island at Voavah Baa Atoll Maldives

Another service that you will not find anywhere else is the ayurvedic consultation conducted by a specialist who will analyze your mind and body and advice you on the best diet and lifestyle for you.

What guests say

Danir54321 from Los Angeles, US
Well, we have nothing but wonderful things to say about this property. We were relocated from a sister property that was not exactly what we were looking for, for our honeymoon. Upon arrival to the Landa G we knew this was going to be an experience to remember. We were there over Christmas and to say it was spectacular is an understatement. The staff was so friendly, we felt at home right away. Shout out to our wonderful villa butler Mode for making our room extra special. He is a true artist and takes a lot of pride in his work and making every decoration and detail perfection. Sandeep the restaurant manager pulled off miracle after miracle for us, helping us book a few experiences very last minute, which was tough to do with the Christmas celebrations just a day away. Justin at the restaurant was always super attentive with us and spent time telling us all about the property and recommendations. Finally, Ivan the hotel manager was unbelievably kind and thoughtful in every way. We always felt like he was looking out for us. We were in an over water villa that was a true DREAM and worth every penny. From our experience at another property, we know that not all over water villas are created the same and the ones at Landa G are incredible in every way – spacious, well designed and curated. I highly recommend opening up a bottle of the Landa G specialty drink (the red one) and making a spritz out of it with the Louis Roeder champagne. It’s divine!

ChadSolter from California, US
NCREDIBLE STAFF, INCREDIBLE ACCOMODATIONS, INCREDIBLE FOOD, and one of the most amazing spots on all of the planet. We can’t say enough about the staff, led by the GM, Nitin, Zach and the incredible F&B, Spa, Water Sport teams. They all made our stay spectacular. We have traveled the world and this is the best Four Seasons staff (they are all really good, some better than others) we have ever experienced. Thank you soooooo much Team Landaa Giraavaru!

Brandon from New York, US
From the moment we landed the entire experience was flawless. We booked our stay at the four seasons Landaa Giraavaru for our wedding. When we arrived in Male we were in a private lounge waiting area for our seaplane to the island. After a long flight from the states we had access to a shower, fresh drinks and snacks and an entire friendly team. Right after we were taken to the resort, we were greeted right on the deck by a personal concierge member. Our villa was beyond beautiful – private pool and private beach access with an outdoor cabana area and outdoor private shower. The service was impeccable. We met amazing people such as Rasheed and Joy who coordinated the logistics of our wedding and ensured we had an incredible stay. They paid close attention to every detail down to reservations at restaurants, access to the hotel chat, service, cleaning, our general experience and attending to all of our needs. Everything we needed was taken care of. On top of that, the staff ensures that everything everywhere is extremely clean (something even more important during the pandemic).


These are definitely the best hotels in Maldives, places that you should be on your shortlist when preparing for your trip to the Maldivian archipelago.

All these resorts of Maldives offer amazing services, top-notch amenities, wonderful sceneries, and a positive vibe.

Pick the one that suits you best and prepare for the trip of your lifetime!

It might look far and hard to get but I can guarantee you that this paradise definitely worth each minute spent on the road!

Once you stay at the best hotels Maldives has you will give a new meaning to the word of luxury and secluded destinations on Earth, that’s for sure!

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