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Unveiling Vatican City: 7 Lesser-Known Facts

Is Vatican city a country?

Yes, it is! The Vatican is not just the residence of the Pope, the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church, but also the smallest country in the world!

It is located in Rome and has just 100 acres and the head of the state is the Pope.

Although this small country does not meet all the 8 criteria to be considered an independent country it is treated as an independent State.

Is Vatican city a country

Is Vatican a country

7 things you don’t know about the Vatican

The Vatican is a small country but there are many interesting things which I bet you don’t think about when speaking about the this wonderful place.

Let me tell you the most bizarre ones:

1. The Vatican has citizens, but no one is born in the Vatican

Yeah, you read correctly! Is Vatican city a country but nobody is born in this small state! There are no maternities or things like this in this small state! So, nobody can be born with Vatican residency but it is granted to those who work and even live there. This is the case of the Cardinals and the Diplomats of the Holy See.

Inside Vatican Church

Inside the Church

2. Vatican is the only UNESCO designated country

No other country in the world is on the UNESCO list as a whole. Most countries have certain places listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites but the Vatican country is listed as a whole.

This small country also has 50 monuments listed on UNESCO list starting with July 2014.

3. Is Vatican city a country listed on wine drinking tops?!

Yes, it is! The Vatican is the first country in the world when speaking about wine consumption per individual. More than 50 litres of wine are consumed each year in this state. The main reason why this happened is considered to be the fact that the wine is distributed during communion.

4. It is the most visited country in the world

If we take the number of tourists and divide them with the number of residents, we obtain an impressive number which puts this small country in first place on the top.

Vatican City staricase

City staricase

The reasons are very obvious and clear: this small country is the most important place for romano-Catholics from the entire world and it has many monuments full of history.

5. The Vatican has its own EURO

Together with Italy and some other countries, the Pope’s state adopted the EURO in 2002.

But starting with 2002, this amazing state has the privilege to mint its own currency. The currency is valid and can be used not just in the Vatican state but also in Italy and other countries which adopted the EURO.

is vatican city a country

is Vatican a city or country

The main characteristic of the currency is that the “national” illustration from one side of the currency are the Popes.

6. Is Vatican city a country with its own army, isn’t it!?

Although a small country, the Pope’s state has its own army. And you know what’s interesting?! This army has a funny outfit! They are dressed in red, blue, orange and yellow.

The army has 130 swiss soldiers and is responsible for the Pope’s safety. The Pontification Swiss Guard protected the Pope for more than 500 years. To be a soldier in this army you need to be a swiss citizen, unmarried with age between 19 to 30 and have at least high school.

7. You cannot get your passport stamped

When you visit this small state you don’t get your passport stamped! So, there is no evidence on your passport that you’ve been there!

Is Vatican city a country that does not stamp your passport? Yes, it is!

Some other smaller states like Andorra, for example, stamp your passport if you pay a fee! But the Vatican state does not do that!

Vatican Passport Stamp

No Passport Stamp

All you have left are your memories and your photos!

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5 reasons why is Vatican city a country

1. Has area or territory that has actually worldwide acknowledged borders

Yes, the Vatican City’s boundaries are undeniable despite the fact that the nation is located completely within the city of Rome.

2. Has people who live there on a continuous basis.

Yes, the Vatican City is house to approximately 920 full-time citizens who maintain keys from their residence country as well as diplomatic tickets from the Vatican. Therefore, it is as though the entire country is made up of mediators.

Along with the more than 900 locals, about 3000 individuals work at the Vatican City as well as commute into the country from the better Rome metropolitan area.

3. Has financial task and also an organized economic climate. A nation regulates the international and domestic profession and also concerns cash.

Rather. The Vatican relies on the sale of shipping stamps and visitor mementoes, costs for admission to galleries, and the sale of publications as governmental earnings. The Vatican City releases its very own coins.

There is very little international trade however there is significant international investment by the Catholic Church.

4. Has the power of social engineerings, such as education and learning.

Yes, although there aren’t many little ones there.

5. Has a transport system for relocating products as well as people.

There are no freeways, railways, or flight terminals. Vatican City is the smallest country on the planet. It just has roads within the city, which is 70% of the size of the Shopping centre in Washington D.C

As a landlocked nation surrounded by Rome, the country relies upon the Italian infrastructure for accessibility to this small country.

Wow! These facts are really interesting! I bet you have never considered them!

I hope I piqued your interest and you will put the small country of Vatican on your travel list.

Land in Rome and book a whole day to explore this wonderful place! It has many beautiful buildings with a lot of history behind!