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Rome to Cinque Terre: 3 Travel Options You Should Consider

Rome to Cinque Terre or CInque terre from rome?

With so many beautiful attractions, Italy is a very popular destination all year round.

Amazing sceneries, beautiful towns and delicious food and welcoming people are some of the reasons why you should visit this wonderful country.

Rome, the capital of the Italian peninsula is a top destination in Europe with many ancient ruins, spectacular churches and great restaurants and cafes.

Rome to cinque terre Italy Colloseo Roman Empire

Rome Italy Colloseo Roman Empire


Rome was my first Italian city which I visited and I fell in love with it immediately!

Besides the wonderful cities spread across the country, there are also the coastal area and the countryside, both extremely beautiful.

Spend a few days in Rome and visit Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi, St Peter’s Church and the Vatican museum and then head up to the coastal area of Cinque Terre.

There you will discover a completely new vibe of the Italian peninsula.

You can choose to spend a few nights in Rome, at the Hotel Scenario Rome .

This is a 4-star hotel located close to the main attractions of the city with modern interiors and a really great sauna.

Then head up to Cinque Terre from Rome and spend at least one night in one of the following accommodations:

1.In Manarola, the first of the 5 towns, we recommend you to sleep at Hotel Al Terra Di Mare Cnque Terre . This is a wonderful hotel with beautiful rooms overlooking the valley and the sea.

2. In Riomaggiore at Alla Marina Affittacamere Riomagiore . This hotel located in an old building completely renovated in 2011 is just 4 minutes walk to the train station.

Going from Rome to Cinque Terre is not that complicated!

There are 3 ways to get to Cinque Terre from Italian capital: by car, by train and by bus.

1. Getting from Cinque Terre to Rome by car

You like to travel without being stressed out by a scheduler or without depending on other plans?

Then renting a car is the best option for you.

You have the freedom to stop wherever you want and to decide on your own where to go and how much time you want to spend in each place.

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From one point to another there are 450 kilometres.

It took you around 5 hours to get to Cinque Terre without stopping anywhere.

The easiest way to move around is to use a GPS map that guides you along the way.

There are two ways to get to Cinque Terre from Rome: a road which goes along the coast and another one which is inland.

Cinque terre from rome by car

Cinque terre to rome by car


The one from the coast is more spectacular and for sure you’ll need more than 5 hours of drive.

You will stop often to take photos and admire the view.

The road from the inland is not that beautiful so you might reach your destination earlier as you are not that tempted to stop along the road.

Once you get to La Spezia search for a parking place and leave your car there.

All the 5 towns from the coast are car-free towns and the only ways to get there are on foot, by train or by water.

2. Rome to Cinque Terre by bus

Getting to Cinque Terre from Rome by bus is the second option on my list.

You can choose between the night bus, Flixbus and Marino Bus. Let me tell you more about each!


Marino Bus is the most expensive but not the fastest bus to travel from Cinque Terre to Rome.

In about 8 or 9 hours you reach your destination and the total price is around 60 EUR ( 66 USD)

Flixbus from Rome to La Spezia is faster than Marino Bus and way cheaper.

And there are always the night buses. These are the cheapest buses.

The bus leaves from Rome around midnight and arrives in La Spezia in the morning.

It might be a tiring trip but it is cheaper than any other options.

So, you might take it into consideration if you don’t have a problem travelling the whole night.

3. Rome to Cinque Terre by train

Travelling by train is a very comfortable and quick way to move around in Italy!

The train ride to Cinque Terre from Rome lasts about 3 hours and costs around 20 Eur (22 USD) for one adult.

This train is a direct line from Rome to La Spezia. From there take the 5 Terre Express train which stops in each of the five towns, walk along with them and enjoy the view.

Italy Train from Cinque Terre to Rome

Italy Train Cinque Terre to Rome


The 3 hours train from Rome to La Spezia leaves from Rome Tiburtina Station, while the rest of the trains from Rome to La Spezia leave from Roma Termini Station.

There are multiple trains each day from 8 in the morning till 7 in the evening.

Once you reach the Cinque Terre area you will be amazed by its beautiful sceneries, colourful houses and turquoise waters.

Each village has many beautiful attractions which should be included on your travel list!

Take the 5 Terre Express train and travel from one town to another, but I also recommend you to take a hike between two of the five cities.

You will get some amazing views from the top of the hills!