Is Sicily a country? Is Sicily an island? Key facts about Sicily

Is Sicily a country? Or is Sicily an island?

Many of us wonder where is Sicily and if this magnificent place is a country or not.

Well, Sicily is not a country! It is a province or a “regione” of Italy!

In another world, Sicily together with other 19 provinces form Italy!

So, that is why Sicily has the same currency, flag and governance as the rest of Italy!
The capital of the province is Palermo, a beautiful town located on the northern part of the island! The total population of the island is around 5 million people.

Sicily region is split into 9 provinces: Siracusa, Palermo, Messina, Catania, Caltanissetta, Trapani, Enna, Ragusa and Agrigento.

Visit Sicily Italy map
Visit Italy Sicilia map

8 of the 9 provinces have a beautiful coastline, with many wonderful beaches and amazing landscapes. Enna is the only province which does not have a coastline, but it has instead the highest volcano from Europe.

Sicily, on the other hand, is an island. It is the largest island from the Mediterranean Sea with a total surface of over 25.500 square kilometres.

The province is separated from Italy’s mainland by the Strait of Messina.

You can reach Sicily by ferry or by plane.

So, the answer to the other question, if is Sicily an island, is yes, it is an island!

Is Sicily a country is sicily an island
is sicily a country

In Sicilia, there are 6 airports, spread all over the place. The most important are Catania Airport “Vincenzo Bellini” and Palermo Airport Falcone Borsellino. These are international airports and many European airlines land on one of these two airports.

There are other two smaller airports where usually land domestic and low-cost flights and two tiny airstrips just for domestic flights.

Around the island, you can move by bus, by train and by car.


Trains are reliable but very limited when we speak about routes. Most of the train routes are along the coastline.

There are 3 train categories: intercity which are the fastest train and stop only in major stations; espresso which are a little bit slower and stop on most of the stations from the route and the slowest which stop in each and every village from the route are the trains called regionale.

Italy Train Sicily
Italy Train is Sicily an island

The ticket prices are pretty high and the trains are not as fast as the ones from the Italian mainland.


Buses go almost everywhere after a fixed scheduler. Buses are the best option when you want to travel from one big city to another, not if you want to explore the island (now you know if is Sicily a country or just an island).

Sicily Transportation Bus is sicily an island
Sicily Transportation Bus

Generally, buses are fast and offer a direct connection between the main cities from the island. But if you want to explore the coastline or the countryside, then buses are not the best option.

The ticket prices are reasonable and can be bought from the bus or from specially designated shops.


Cars are the best choice when exploring the island. They give you the mobility and flexibility you need when planning an itinerary! You don’t have to worry about public transport schedules or about connections.

Sicily Italy rent a car
Italy rent a car

Just pick up your car and hit the road! There are so many interesting places to explore this amazing island!

Get the best price for your car rental today

So, let’s sum up!

Is Sicily a country ? No, it is not. It is part of Italy
Is Sicily an island ? Yes, it is! It is located in the southern part of Italy

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