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Cinque Terre Weather Guide: Essential Tips for Your Trip

Among the first things you probably do when searching for the best place to spend your holiday abroad is information about the weather.

When you plan your trip to Cinque Terre, you most probably want to know how Cinque Terre weather is in the month you choose to visit that region.

And this is not a bad thing at all; it is perfectly normal because the weather is a very important factor which can make the most of your holiday or can ruin it.

Weather for Cinque Terre Italy

Located between the Ligurian Sea and the Apennine Mountains, Cinque Terre Italy has a pretty mild climate, with warm winters and not extremely hot summers.

The fact that the place is located so close to the Ligurian Sea has many benefits which are visible especially during the winter season.

Weather for Cinque Terre Italy
Weather in Cinque Terre Italy

The main benefit is the relatively increased temperatures during winter when the average temperature is around 12 degrees Celsius.

The Apennine Mountains on the other hand protect the region against the seasonal north winds, but the main influencer when speaking about the air movement profile of Cinque Terre region is the sea.

Like I said earlier, the climate of the area is mild and warm, with the air temperatures which tend to stabilize during summertime to an average value of 30 degrees Celsius.

When we speak about Cinque Terre weather we have to speak also about the amount of rainfall from the area.

Winter is the rainiest season, while spring and autumn are characterised by abundant short-lasting showers.

Peak season is summertime, especially July and August when the temperatures are pretty high and the quantity of precipitations is extremely low.

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Rainfall days

Weather in Cinque Terre for each season

When speaking about the weather for Cinque Terre Italy we have to discuss separately spring, summer, autumn and winter which alternates along one year.

Now let’s discover together the characteristics of each season and when is the best time to visit Cinque Terre.


Winter months are considered to be December, January and February when the weather is colder and rainy compared with the rest of the year.

Corniglia Cinque Terre weather
Corniglia weather Cinque Terre

During this time of the year, there are no regular boat rides between the small towns of the area.

There is no snow in the area and the temperatures never drop below 0 degrees Celsius; it is still very cold and some of the paths are inaccessible because of the autumn rains.

Pack with you thermal clothes and dress up with multiple layers which you can take off if necessary.


Cinque Terre weather during spring and autumn is perfect for hiking, but not for bathing as the seawater is still too cold.

The temperatures are starting to rise, from an average of 14 degrees Celsius in March up to almost 22 degrees in May.

Weather for Cinque Terre Italy
Weather for Cinque Terre Italy

The number of rainy days decreases, short showers being more common during this time of the year.

The number of visitors starts to increase, so you’d better book your accommodation in advance if you want to secure a great room for your stay.


June, July and August are summer months with July and August being the crowded period of the entire year.

The temperatures rise from one day to another up to more than 30 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius during daytime are very common, with around 20 degrees Celsius during night time.

Monterosso Cinque Terre weather in summer
Monterosso Cinque Terre weather in summer

So, this might not be the best time of the year for hiking, as the temperatures are still too high, but it is the best time for swimming and bathing into the Ligurian Sea.

The seawater temperature is heating up to 25 degrees Celsius during July and August, so it’s not a surprise that all the beaches are full of tourists.

The number of rainy days decreased consistently; there might be some short thunderstorms but nothing notable.


Weather for Cinque Terre Italy is perfect for sightseeing and hiking, especially during September.

Autumn comes with warm and sunny days with average temperatures around 24 degrees in September which can drop up to 14 degrees Celsius in November.

Corniglia Cinque Terre weather autumn
Corniglia Cinque Terre autumn weather

The number of rainy days increases and there might be heavy rains with floodings which might cause the closing of some of the paths.

October and November are considered to be the wettest months of the year and is not a good time to go hiking without listening to the weather forecast.

Where to sleep in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre weather is perfect for bathing or hiking depending on the time of the year you choose to visit this part of Italy. The number of hotels and guesthouses are limited and sometimes the number of tourists overcome the number of available rooms.

That is why I advise you to book your accommodation in advance to secure the best price-quality ratio.

Here are the places where we stayed when we travel to Cinque Terre and where we recommend you to book your stay, too:

1. Set in a 13th-century building, Alla Marina Affittacamere Riomagiore is one of the best choices for those interesting to spend at least one night in Riomaggiore.

The hotel is located right near the harbour offering wonderful views over the sea and the colourful houses built on the steep cliffs.

2.  Located on top of steep cliffs and offering amazing views of the neighbourhoods, Corte Del Gallo Corniglia Corte Del Gallo Corniglia is our choice for those looking to sleep in Corniglia, the only villages without access to the sea.

The property has a beautiful garden with tables, chairs and sun loungers where you can relax after a tiring day of hiking