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Florence to Cinque Terre: Your Travel Options

Florence to Cinque Terre

You arrive in Florence, you visit Tuscany but you also want to feel the cooling breeze of the sea. And what place could be more appropriate than Cinque Terre?!

It is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places from Italy, a place where you can combine hiking, exploring and swimming in a single trip. So, why don’t you take a short trip from Cinque Terre to Florence?!

Florence to Cinque Terre

Visit Italy cinque terre view

You even can choose to sleep in one of the five beautiful villages from the Cinque Terre area just to have enough time to explore the area.

Where to sleep when exploring Cinque Terre

1. Hotel Al Terra Di Mare Cnque Terre is located in Manarola, the first of the 5 towns from the area. The rooms are spacious and clean overlooking the valley or the sea.

2. Alla Marina Affittacamere Riomagiore is a beautiful hotel from Riomaggiore town. The hotel is located in an old building completely refurbished in 2011, just 4 minutes walk from the train station.

3. Hotel Pierre Florence is a great option in Florence if you are interested in a day trip to Cinque Terre. The hotel is centrally located, close to the main attractions of the city.

How to get from Cinque Terre to Florence

There are 3 main ways to get from Florence to this magnificent area: by car, by train or with a specialized tour.

1. Florence to Cinque Terre by car

Travelling in Italy has never been easier especially if you have a car. You can rent a car directly from the airport or you can get one from a rental office near your hotel.

I must tell you that exploring a country by car is my favourite way. The car gives you the mobility and the freedom needed to plan a trip on your own style and to stay in a place for how long you’d love to.

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You don’t have to stick to the train scheduler, to depend on a group, to be at a certain hour in a certain place and so on.

All you have to do is to plan your itinerary and enjoy each moment spent in a place! If you want to spend more time here than in other places, you can do that! Nobody is intervening in your scheduler!

At first, sight, renting a car might seem expensive but when you put down all the advantages you will soon realize that this is the best option. Not everything is about money! It is also about time and comfort!

Travelling by car is also the fastest way to get from one point to another! It took you about 1 and a half hours to reach Florence from Cinque Terre!

2. Florence to Cinque Terre by train

The second option to travel from Cinque Terre to Florence is by train. Travelling by train is very comfortable and simple! It is true that you have to stick to a certain scheduler but once you are on the train you don’t have to worry about anything! Maybe you’ll have to figure it out where to get off the train but this is not a big deal.

The journey lasts about 2 and a half hours and you have to change the train in La Spezia railway station. The ticket price is around 20 EUR ( 22 USD).

From La Spezia railway take the 5 Terre Express Train which stops in each of the 5 cities: Manarola, Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso.

You can buy a daily train ticket for 5 Terre Express Train and hop on and hop off at every village. The price per adult is 7.5 euro (9 USD). For seniors and children, discounts are applied.

3. Day tours from Florence to 5 Terre

Most tour operators from Florence offer day trips to Cinque Terre.
Some of the tours include just transportation, while others also have a guide.

Our recommendation for guided tours is From Florence: Round Trip Transfer to Cinque Terre a complete tour with guide and transportation from Florence to Cinque Terre. Once you reach Cinque Terre you can take the bus or the train to travel from one town to another.

A big plus of this tour is that you can cancel it prior to 24 hours before the starting date, so this is very useful if you have a last-minute change of plans.

From Florence Round Trip Transfer to Cinque Terre

From Florence Round Trip Transfer to Cinque Terre

These are all the available options to travel from Cinque Terre to Florence! Choose the one which fits you best!

I am sure you will leave Italy with many great memories and wonderful photos of the places you’ll discover!