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Tel Aviv Beaches: Discovering the Best Spots

Beaches Tel Aviv Israel

Tel Aviv is one of the most cosmopolite cities from the Middle East and one of the very few metropolis on the planet with direct access to the sea.

Tel Aviv beaches attract tourists from all over the world, searching to spend some quality time far from home.

Israel beaches Tel Aviv

With more than 13 awesome strips of sand, Tel Aviv is one of the top destinations for sun lovers.

Why not spend some quality time on these beaches and relax in the sun without spending any money?

And then, when the night comes, get ready to party at one of the many restaurants and bars from the city centre.

After such a long and exhausting day, we recommend you spend the night at Tal By The Beach Tel Aviv , a wonderful hotel located close to the city centre and all the main attractions of the city with beautiful swimming pool!

The hotel is also conveniently located close to the sea right near the most important beaches of Tel Aviv! Let’s discover together which are the 7 most beautiful urban beaches of Tel Aviv:

1. Hilton Beach

One of the most beautiful and famous Tel Aviv Israel beach is located right near Hilton hotel, that’s why it is named so.

The place is extremely popular among tourists and locals thanks to the large variety of activities which could be practised in the area: surf, suntan and swim.

This amazing strip of sand offers umbrellas and beach chairs for a very small price and in the area; there are many beach bars and restaurants where you can eat and enjoy a cocktail.

Changing rooms, showers and bathroom facilities are available for all people from the beach, while parking places could be found at Hilton hotel parking lot.

You can get to the beach by car, public transport, bicycles or even on foot, especially if you have accommodation in the nearby area.

Hilton strip of sand is split into 3 sections:

  • South Hilton known also as the Surfer’s beach
  • Middle Hilton, a place visited mostly by gay people
  • North Hilton, where dogs are allowed to play on the golden strip of sand.

2. Ha’Maravi Beach

Among the most interesting beaches Tel Aviv Israel is also Ha’Maravi, known also as The Maravi beach or the Western Beach in Hebrew.

It is located on the southern strip of Tel Aviv’s coastline right near the Old Jaffa, in between the beautiful promenade and the sea.

This is by far the most spectacular strip of sand because of its perfect view over the Old Jaffa and proximity to many bars and restaurants.

It is the favourite place for the young generation who is keen on surfing as the place have perfect waves for this water sport.

On the other hand, this is one of the most dangerous Israel beaches Tel Aviv because the currents are very strong and there is no lifeguard service on the beach.

So, if you are not a very good swimmer I don’t recommend you to throw into these waters; you’d better lay in the sun the whole day!

3. Banana Beach

Located close to the Dolphinarium, Banana Beach is the best beach Tel Aviv Israel has for those looking for a quieter place, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Right on the sand, there is a volleyball court, sunbeds and umbrellas where people can relax and enjoy their time spent near the sea.

Because of its unique location, this beach is considered to be one of the best places to be if you want to catch the sunset in Tel Aviv.

4. Jerusalem Beach

The most accessible from all the beaches Tel Aviv Israel, even for wheelchairs is for sure the Jerusalem Beach known as Geula.

The beach is located in the proximity of bars and restaurants, the half distance between the Old Jaffa and the Tel Aviv sport harbour.

This golden strip of sand is popular for those of you interested in swimming and sunbathing, surfing being forbidden in the area.

Showers, lockers, sunbeds, umbrellas and a lifeguard makes your day at the sea comfortable, safe and relaxing.

5. Mezizim Beach

Mezizim Beach is one of the best Tel Aviv beaches Israel has and is located extremely close to Tel Aviv port, one of the most vibrant places to hang out at nighttime when in Tel Aviv.


The name of the beach comes from the restaurant located right on the golden strip of sand known for its delicious food and amazing views.

Because of its shallow waters and beautiful playground, the place is very popular among families with young children.

Toilet facilities, sunbeds and umbrellas as well as a bar and a restaurant can be found right on the sand, making from this location the ideal place to go if you have kids.

6. Gordon Beach

One of the most popular Israel beaches Tel Aviv, Gordon Beach is the place where you should go if you want to bath in one of the world’s coolest pool.

I am talking about Gordon Pool with a total length of over 50 metres filled with salted water, perfect to swim and relax.

This piece of sand gets pretty busy during the summer season because of its central location and great amenities: showers, sunbeds, umbrellas, volleyball courts.

There is even a lifeguard on duty watching you each time you enter the sea for a swim or for kayaking ( you can rent the equipment from the nearby marina).

7. Bograshov Beach

One of the most crowded beaches Tel Aviv Israel has is for sure Bograshov strip of sand.

Right on the beach, there are some of the most incredible buildings from Tel Aviv and this place is for sure the right place to be if you want to see what this city is about.

The place gets extremely busy, especially during weekends with people roaming around, drinking a cocktail at a bar or eating a delicious meal on one of the restaurants from the area.

If you are looking for something really delicious then you should book a table at Thai House, one of the most popular Thai restaurants in the whole city.


All these 7 beaches are incredibly beautiful and popular among locals and tourists from all over the world.

The other 5 strips of golden sand Tel Aviv have are: Nordau beach, Alma Beach, Hatzuk, Tel Baruch and Frishman beach.

These are perfect places to relax, swim and have fun and it is a real pity not to book at least one day at the beach when visit Tel Aviv.

Pack your things and hit the road as a new world full of vibrant restaurants, clear waters and golden sandy beaches are waiting for you!

If you have time and want to explore more of Israel, you can book a car and drive to the Dead Sea to see how is to float in the most salted water in the world! And then, head south to the Red Sea and book a snorkelling season at Coral Beach, a world-famous natural reserve!

And after you come back please tell us which Israel beaches Tel Aviv you like the most and why!


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