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Essential Information about Car Rental Services at Keflavik Airport in Iceland

The flight itself is a very stressful experience not to mention the luggage, the passport control and the impact of time zone difference over our body.

After arriving at the destination the only thing you wish is to have a smooth passage from the airplane to the new country.

Airplane to Iceland Keflavik Airport

Airplane to Iceland Keflavik Airport

For most of us when we know that we have to pick up a rented car the stress became bigger! Where is the pickup desk? Would it be any problems at pick up? How much money do I need a warranty? And so on!

iceland car rental Keflavik airport

Fortunately, Iceland’s Keflavik airport is a very easy and simple process.

The big advantage is that Keflavik International airport is pretty small so arrival and departures are close to each other and the airport overall has a very simplistic design.

More than that, some of the car rental companies think about everything and have their desks located right in the arrival terminal.

Iceland Airport Keflavik

Iceland Airport Keflavik

Companies like Avis, Europcar, Budget and Hertz have strategically positioned their pick up desk to be easier for the customers to reach them.

It is a very simple way to get new clients! Some of us maybe don’t have an online reservation for a car for different reasons but when they see the car rental offices there it is very likely that they might change their minds and book a car on the spot.

Iceland Airport Keflavik arrive in Iceland

Iceland Airport Keflavik arrive in Iceland

Well, this is not the smartest thing you could do because the prices are higher if you rent a car on the spot from the airport than booking online in advance.

We always book our cars in advance and pay less money because of that. We always use Rentalcars when we rent a car. They are very reliable and safe!

We had never encountered any problems with the reservations made through them. And you know what is great? You can cancel your booking up to 48 hours prior to pick up time.

Oh! That is so great!

Get the best price for your car rental today

Another big advantage is the opening hour of the pickup desks. Iceland car rental Keflavik airport is an easy process! Avis, Europcar and Budget have opening hours from 4 a.m. or 5.30 a.m for Europcar up to 01.00 a.m.

The only companies open 24 hours is Hertz and trust me, this is a big advantage. You don’t have to lose your night at the airport or come back in the following day to pick up your car. It is a good way to gain time.

iceland car rental Keflavik airport

Iceland Rental Renault Kadjar Blue Car Rental

There are also other companies located outside the arrival terminal. For these companies, you need to take a shuttle bus from the outside of the arrival terminal.

Usually, when you get up in the bus you tell to the driver from which company you rent the car and then pay attention to the driver because he will call up in the bus the name of the rental companies which have offices on that stop. No worries!

There are just a few stops and the bus comes every 15 minutes. So, if you lose one just wait for another! Iceland car rental Keflavik airport is such an easy thing!

Blue Car rental and other car rental companies in Iceland are located outside the terminal. This does not mean that the companies are cheaper or offer lower services. It is just that these companies do not have space or did not want to pay high rental fees to be in the arrival terminal.

The most important thing when speaking about rent a car is to book the car in advance and to read very carefully the reviews of the people who rented vehicles before you.

iceland car rental Keflavik airport Renault Kadjar Blue Car Rental Keflavik

Iceland Cars Rental Renault Kadjar Blue Car Rental Keflavik

The most common problems meet in Iceland when you rent a car are the ones related to ash and ice risks in winter or sand and ice risks in summer. Why am I telling you this? Because most of the rental company did not offer coverage for these risks.

And because the chances to get damages to your car because of these are pretty high we always buy extra insurance when we travel in Iceland. The price is reasonable and we are relaxed. Anything bad would happen to the vehicle we are covered.
Do you like to travel without any worries that a car accident might ruin your holiday? Stay on the safe side and buy extra insurance for your car rental!

So, to get the best price-quality ratio book your vehicle in advance and for extra safety book extra insurance! This is the easiest way to stay safe and save money! Iceland car rental Keflavik airport?! No worries! You know to deal with it!