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Currency Tips: What to Know Before Traveling to Rhodes

Rhodes currency

Have you packed your bags? Are you ready for your summer holiday but you don’t know what money to take with you?

This article will tell you everything you need to know about your perfect trip to Rhodes.

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and it is located in the northeastern part of Athens at about one hour by plane.

Rhodes Currency Euro Money

Currency in Rhodes Euro Money

The island belongs to Greece and has the same currency like the mainland: EURO.

Greece has been part of the European Union since 1981 and was among the first countries which adopted the EURO currency. So, starting with 1 January 2002 the national currency of Greece became the euro which is also the Rhodes currency.

Before 2002 things were a little bit difficult. Each European country had its own currency and Greece is not an exception. The national currency of Greece was the Greek drachma. By the time when drachma was replaced by the euro, the exchange rate was 1 EUR= 340, 75 drachmae.

But starting with 2002 things become simpler for everybody, especially for Europeans which have their national currency euro. They don’t have to worry about this aspect when visit Greece.

For the others which don’t have euro, their national currency things might seem a little bit more complicated, but actually they aren’t.

Euro can be bought everywhere in the world from almost each exchange office or bank. So, it is not that hard to have access to it. The only thing you should do is to wait for a good exchange rate and then buy some euros.

Rhodes currency and ATM’s

You don’t feel very comfortable to walk around with many euros in your pocket? No worries! We feel the same!

That is why we never walk with a lot of cash! Because we travel very frequently in Europe we opened an account in EUR and we also have a debit card attached to that account.

We always hunt a good exchange rate and buy euros all over the year, to have euros when we need. We have in our pocket a maximum of 100 euros and the rest of our money is on the card.

Some small shops and restaurants might not accept cards, so you’d better ask about these things before you order.

The big advantage of paying with the card is that you don’t have any commission.

If you have a card with an account attached but in other currency than euro, the only commission you have is the one from the bank where you have the card and the exchange rate used by Visa or Mastercard, depending on what card you have.

Currency of Rhodes Euro Money

Currency of Rhodes Euro Money

But there is always the second option. And here I am talking about withdrawing money from an ATM. Here you might have an additional commission, not just the commission’s applied by your bank.

Some ATM’s from Greece might charge you a small commission for withdrawing money. It is not a big amount but it is.

We advise you to use just ATMs from the bank offices or from hotels, not the ones from the street. You know… better safe than sorry!

These are the new essentials you have to pack for your trip

During our summer holiday in Rhodes, we did as follows: we had a debit card in EURO which we used to pay at the hotel and at some souvenir shops and we withdrew some money from an ATM located inside a bank office.

We had some commission at the ATM but unfortunately, I cannot remember how much was; for sure was not something significant.

You can follow our model and do the same as us. In the end, Rhodes currency is the same as for almost half of the European countries. So, maybe it’s time to open an account in EUR and start to exchange money for your European adventure!

Logistical tips and tricks for your trip

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