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Review: Sentido Port Royal Villas and Spa Rhodes Hotel

At the beginning of summer we planned a trip to Rhodes Greece. We were looking for a location close to Europe, fancy and with high quality services. Usually, during our holiday we travel a lot from one place to another and visit everything in the area but this time we wanted something different.

This time we were interested in an all inclusive resort with a lot of facilities, great location and close to beach. After a short inquiry we decided to book at Sentido Port Royal Villas and Spa Rhodes.

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The hotel is located in Kolymbia, Rhodes in the east part of the island. It is very accessible by car or bus.

The closest airport is 25 km away and from the airport to the hotel you can take a taxi or a bus. There is also the rent a car option but for a holiday in which you want to lay on the beach is not the best option.

Anyhow, in about 30 minutes you reach the hotel by car from the airport.

Rooms at Sentido Port Royal Villas and Spa Rhodes

The rooms are spacious very clean and with a very nice design. All the rooms are in bungalows and most of them have sea view.

At Sentido Port Royal Villas Rhodes you can choose between rooms with sea view, rooms with shared pool or rooms with private pool.

All of them are beautiful and worth the money. The bathroom is reasonable size, with good quality of amenities.

Sentido Villas & Spa rooms have private balcony from where you can enjoy the view while sipping from a glass of wine.

When we arrived in our beachfront room, a bottle of wine and a fruit plateau was waiting for us.

What a nice surprise! We did not expect to such a warm welcome.


The hotel has a beautiful Spa, indoor swimming pool, lots of outdoor pools, gym, sauna, restaurants, bars and a beautiful beach.

The entire resort is very well maintained and clean. There are recycle bins everywhere and many employees take care that everything be spotless and bright.

The outdoor pools from Sentido Port Royal Villas and Spa Rhodes are also very beautiful and clean. Each night the water is tested and treated if needed. You can tell that the stuff really takes care of all the facilities and everything inside the hotel.

We received a voucher for the spa and we tried the massage services. We enjoyed a lot the massage session; it was very relaxing and the ladies really knew what they were doing.

The restaurants and bars are very nicely decorated and located right in the center of the resort.  From the restaurants you can see the pool, which by the way, looks amazingly interesting with the underwater lighting that stay on all night.

Sentido Port Royal villas and Spa Rhodes Review
Sentido Port-Royal villas & Spa – hotel and pool view by night with underwater lights on


The sea completes perfectly the view from the rooms and restaurants. It is very romantic to have dinner near the pool with a piano music in the ground.

The employees are very well trained, attentive, always with a smile on their face and ready to help you.


Oh, the food! We opted for all inclusive! It worth every penny! The quality of food is good, very varied and you can find something to eat no matter how picky you are.

Breakfast and dinner at Sentido Port Royal Villas and Spa Rhodes were both very good! Lot and lot of options to choose from!

Let’s not forget that there is also lunch! Lunch is not that varied but if you did not like buffet three times a day you can go to a la carte restaurant which is also included in the all inclusive package.

There are also snacks available all day long! So, whenever you are hungry between 7 am and 11 pm you can have something to eat! No worries!

Not to mention about the drinks from the bar! Lots of clasic cocktails, local cocktails, beer, wine and many other type of drinks included in all inclusive package!

I have to say that the prices are pretty high in the resort! So, if you are not interested in all inclusive package might end up spending some good money for drinks and foods in the resort!

We do not recommend eating outside the hotel, though you can find some restaurants nearby, but not as classy and the food is not so tasty as the food inside Sentido Resort Hotel Rhodes.