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Train Travel Tips: London to Paris Journey

London to Paris by train

What could be more awesome than visiting two world-famous cities on a single trip?!

Have you ever considered visiting London and Paris on the same weekend? I know! It sounds crazy but it is possible!

With Eurostar in less than 2 and a half hours, you get from one point to another! Wow! That is really great!

Eurostar leaves from London St Pancras International and arrives at Gare du Nord in Paris.

Eurostar Train Europe London to Paris by train
Eurostar Train Europe

There are on average 3 trains per day which leaves from St Pancras International and 3 trains per day which leaves from Gare du Nord.

There are no overnight services, the first train leaves very early in the morning and the last train leaves late in the evening.

Even if it is a train ride you still have passport control and security checkpoint because you go from one point to another. The experience is similar to the one of travelling by plane.

Passport control is necessary because France is in the EU and Schengen area, while the United Kingdom is not.

After you made your security check you wait to get up the train in a designated area.

Eurostar offers 3 different types of seats to fulfil your demands, as well as seat numbers, are assigned.

You’re allowed 2 medium-sized luggage with a maximum length of 85cm, plus 1 product of hand baggage. You require to sign in at the very least half an hour prior to departure.

London to Paris by train, Eurostar fares

Eurostar is a bookings just solution– you can book as much as 6 months in advance.

The further ahead that you book, the more likely you’ll have the ability to grab the best fare. Non-flexible tickets (i.e. no exchanges or refunds allowed) are less expensive than tickets with fewer limitations.

Eurostar Train Europe
Eurostar Train Europe

Eurostar fares are dynamic, there will certainly be different fares for different routines on the very same day. Prices can be eye-watering if you schedule late or are trying to take a trip when an occasion is on at your destination so do try and also prepare well ahead.

You can find below a table with the average fee for each class, single and return ticket

Standard€52 – €240€65 – €420
Standard premier€130 – €310  €230 – €540
Business premier€352-  €360 €565- € 620

Where to sleep

Did you enjoy London to Paris by train? I bet you did! Now it’s time to rest and prepare for a new day to explore these wonderful cities!

Once you reach your destination, no matter if it is Paris or London, book a few nights in a hotel close to the city centre and explore these wonderful cities.

They are beautiful and have many amazing attractions!

For Paris, we recommend you to stay at Hotel Dupond Smith Paris , located right in the heart of the city, 15 minutes walk from The Louvre.

Hotel Dupond Smith Paris
Hotel Dupond Smith Paris

As for London, our proposal is Great Scotland Yard Hotel London , a nice hotel located in Westminster just 200 metres away from Trafalgar Square.

Great Scotland Yard Hotel London
Great Scotland Yard Hotel London

Travelling by train from London to Paris is the best option for those interested in visiting these two cities.

Both train stations are located in the city centre and from there it is very easy to reach the main attractions and the hotel.

Definitely I would choose to go from London to Paris by train because it is cheaper and less time consuming than the plane!