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May Weather in Disneyland Paris: What to Expect

You want to plan a short escape somewhere in Europe and don’t know which is the best destination to go to in May?

Maybe if I tell you that Disneyland Paris weather May is perfect for exploring the park I’ll help you decide faster to visit Walt Disney land.

So, why don’t you go to Disneyland Paris, Europe’s best adventure park, a perfect destination for people of all ages who want to have fun?

Disneyland Paris is located in the Marne-la-Vallee area, 39 kilometers to the east of central Paris.

The climate is slightly warmer and drier than most of the UK with beautiful days of spring and great weather for having fun outside.

Weather for Disneyland Paris May

By May, the temperatures are warmer and this location of France will certainly be seeing more sunshine than at other times of the year.

The beginning of May might also mean extra crowds, as it is the start of the busier time of year in the park.

However, the warmer climate means that waiting in queues for the rides will be a much more enjoyable experience than in wintertime.

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With an average temperature of 15 ° C, four degrees greater than April, May is the 5th hottest month of the year, after the following 4 summer months.

In May, the afternoon maximum temperature goes up to a positive average of 20 ° C, while the nighttime temperature level ranges around 10 ° C.

Those low and high remain to rise every day respectively from 17 ° C as well as 8 ° C at the beginning of the month to 21 ° C and 11 ° C at the end.

There are 7 sunshine hours daily in May, a number equal to the one seen in August.

Only June, as well as July, are sunnier with more than 8 hours of sunshine daily.

The factors behind this high variety of sunlight hours are a decline in cloud cover as well as the continuing lengthening of the days throughout the month.

Disney Paris weather May and precipitations

Cloud cover in May decreases from 62% to 60% throughout the month. This implies that on most days the sky is partly overcast, leaving more space for sun rays to peak with.

The length of the day increases from 14.36 daylight hours at the beginning of May to 15.52 daytime hours on the last day of the month.

Weather for Disneyland Paris May gets better and better from one day to another attracting more and more tourists from all over the world!

As the temperature rises, as well as much more water, vaporizes, the overall quantity of rainfall increases a little too, so take a look at the weather forecast to choose if you need to pack a raincoat!

May gets 57mm of precipitation over a 12-day duration based on last year’s forecast.

When talking about full days with rain, this makes May be the third wettest month of the year.

The main advantage of the rainfalls is that they usually occur in brief showers, not heavy rain which lasts the entire day.

There is little variance in the opportunity of rainfall throughout the month somewhere around 52%. Moderate rain is still without a doubt one of the most common types of rainfall, observed on 65% of the days with rains.

Occasionally thunderstorms might be announced even during the month of May, but this phenomenon is pretty rare.

They are now taped on 20% of the days with precipitation, while light rainfall occurs on 11% of those days.

Disneyland Paris weather May is warm and sunny enough for a wonderful trip to this amazing thematic park.

For the youngest children, a trip to Disneyland Paris is their unique opportunity to meet their favorite cartoon characters which they see each and every day on TV.

Weather for Disneyland Paris May should not stop you from offering to your child or to your partner a dream holiday.

Accommodation for Disneyland Paris

Radisson Blu Hotel Paris Marme La Vallee from Marne-la-Vallée, Val D’Europe is our recommendation for your trip as it offers a free shuttle bus to the park and has one of the best price-quality ratios from the area.

The hotel is located 10 minutes drive from Disneyland Paris resort and 4 kilometres away from Val d’Europe train station which connects Paris with Walt Disney studios.

With an average of 9 hours of light each day, May is one of the best months to visit the park as the crowds are not here yet and the prices are still low.

Pack your bags, book your hotel, and hit the road as a wonderful experience is waiting for you!