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Exploring Nauyaca Waterfalls: Your Complete Guide

Nauyaca waterfalls Costa Rica are located in the mountainous area from the southern part of the country and is one of the most picturesque waterfalls from this Latin American country.

The trail to Nauyaca waterfall Costa Rica is extremely accessible, being only 20 minutes from the town of Dominical and 45 minutes by car from Manuel Antonio.

Nauyaca falls Costa Rica should be on your travel list especially if you plan to visit the South Pacific coast and is a great experience for those of you looking for some adventure.

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Nauyaca Waterfalls Costa Rica
Nauyaca Waterfalls Costa Rica

How to get to Nauyaca waterfalls

In order to get to these falls, you need to follow Route 34 and turn left onto Route 243 to San Isidro de General.

Immediately after you turn left you will see many signs pointing to the waterfall, so you will reach your final destination in a couple of minutes.

The road to this natural attraction is almost entirely paved, except for a small part from the office to the parking lot which is a steep and dirt road.

Once you reach the entrance to the park, there are three ways to get to this attraction: on the back of a truck, with a horseback riding tour or by foot after you get your tickets from the small shop located just on the side of Route 243.

These waterfalls are on a private property that is owned by a local family named Don Lulo and you have to pay a small entrance fee of 10 USD per person in order to get to the falls.

Hiking to Nauyaca waterfalls Costa Rica

If you choose to hike to the waterfalls in Costa Rica you have to know that the hiking to the falls lasts for about one and half hours and has about 2.5 miles (4 kilometres) one way.

It is a pretty challenging trail so you need to be in pretty good shape to hike to Nauyaca waterfall Costa Rica.

Nauyaca waterfall Costa Rica
Nauyaca Costa Rica Waterfall

Bring water and hiking shoes with you as the path might become muddy, especially during the rainy season.

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On your way to the falls keep an eye on the canopy as you might spot sloths, toucans, monkeys, hummingbirds and many other exotic species.

Horseback riding to these waterfalls near Manuel Antonio

You can choose a horseback riding tour if you don’t have time or energy to hike to the waterfall.

The tour starts from Don Lulo shop and in about 30 minutes you reach the falls on the beaten path; the price for a person is around 85 USD.

The tour starts at 8 am and ends at 1.30 pm with lunch served at Don Lulo restaurant.

The tour price includes the ride and lunch, a light breakfast, a guide and the admission fee.

If you are interested in the horseback riding tour then you have to book your seat in advance to secure your seat, especially during peak season.

4×4 truck to the Nauyaca waterfall Costa Rica

This is the best option to choose from if you don’t want to walk or ride a horse and it is the fastest and easiest way to get to Nauyaca waterfalls, Costa Rica.

The cost for the car tour is about 32 USD and the tour lasts for about 2 hours; the truck leaves from the designated area from Monday to Saturday at 7 a.m., 9 a.m., 11 a.m., and 12 p.m.

For those of you looking for a premium experience, there is also the half-day truck experience which costs 85 USD and starts at 8 in the morning till 1.30 in the afternoon.

The tour includes a light snack, the car ride, the guide, the Nauyaca Waterfalls entrance fee and of course a tasty breakfast at the end of your tour.

Entrance fee and opening hours for Nauyaca waterfalls Costa Rica

Access to Nauyaca falls Costa Rica is allowed daily from 7 a.m to 2.30 pm, the horse ride experience and the truck tour are available only from Monday to Saturday.

Nauyaca Waterfalls entrance fee: The cost for the entrance ticket is 10 USD, while the horseback tour and the premium experience by truck are 85 USD each. Nationals and residents pay a tax of ¢ 3500 colones, taxes included.

In the price asked you have included a light breakfast, the ride to the waterfalls, a guide, entrance fee and lunch.

Nauyaca Waterfalls Costa Rica
Nauyaca Waterfall Costa Rica

Both waterfall tours start at 8 am in the morning and end at 1.30 in the afternoon, followed by lunch served at Don Lulo.

The normal truck tour lasts for about 2 hours and costs about 32 USD per person and have the following schedules: 7 a.m., 9 a.m., 11 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Nauyaca waterfalls nature park

This New nature park is located on the eastern part of Nauyaca Waterfalls. You can take a 10-minute truck ride to the waterfall access and from there you have just a 600 m walk down to the waterfalls.

The cost for an adult is 27 USD, including the entrance fee, parking, trolley ride, access to changing rooms and bathrooms, and of course access to their nature park hiking trails.

You can easily find them on Google maps and Waze if you search “Nauyaca Waterfalls Nature Park”, just make sure to make a reservation before you go.

Nauyaca Falls in Costa Rica can be visited from this nature park or the Don Lulo family office, from where you can take a horseback ride, truck and then a 4km hiking trail to the waterfalls.

Nauyaca waterfalls Costa Rica experience

Nauyaca falls consists of two waterfalls: the Upper Falls and the Lower Falls, all located in a beautiful canyon in the middle of the jungle.

The Upper Falls of this Costa Rican attraction is made up of several waterfalls, all flowing into a river where you are not allowed to bathe in.

This Upper Falls is about 150 feet (45 meters) tall and is the tallest from the Nauyaca waterfall Costa Rica complex.

Swimming climbing jumping and other such activities are forbidden in the area around Upper Falls as nasty accidents might occur.

Upper Nauyaca Waterfalls Costa Rica
Upper Nauyaca Waterfalls Costa Rica

The Lower Falls is just 65 feet ( 21 meter high) tall and flows into a beautiful pool where tourists are allowed to swim and refresh.

The area is surrounded by many rocks where you can sit and admire the green forest that surrounds the falls.

Be careful if you choose to swim in the swimming hole from the bottom of the Lower Falls as the pool is quite deep, having 6 meters (20 feet) deep.

There is a rope tiden by the rock so those of you who are looking for a little adventure might climb the rocks and jump into the natural pool.

What to pack for Nauyaca waterfalls Costa Rica

  • Bring lots of water with you especially if you choose for a half-day tour
  • Put also sun cream and an insect repellent
  • Take a waterproof backpack, especially if you carry electronics with you
  • Don’t wear flip flops or tennis shoes, as the rocks are slippery and you’ll get wet very easily; take some hiking shoes or at least closed-toed shoes
  • Wear clothes that dry fast as the humidity in the area is very high
  • Pack a raincoat with you to protect you from rain
  • Visit the waterfalls during the dry season as the trails are more dry and accessible


Accommodation around Nauyaca waterfall Costa Rica

Paradiselodge Temple Costa Rica is a beautiful lodge located just 4 kilometres away from the falls, surrounded by exotic gardens and lush vegetation.

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Spectacular beaches, romantic escapes and breathtaking sceneries can be found in less than 30 minutes drive from the lodge.

You can choose from the secluded Junglebungalow and one of the 6 pool villas equipped with a kitchen and own terrace with a pool.

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There is no doubt that Nauyaca falls Costa Rica is among the most beautiful natural attractions in the country.

It is extremely accessible by car and the horseback ride experience is definitely worth every dollar.

I strongly advise you to visit this magnificent place and book half a day to enjoy the beauty of this secluded attraction that gets more and more popular among tourists from one year to another.

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