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Your Pocket Guide to Montezuma Waterfalls, Costa Rica

Montezuma waterfalls Costa Rica are located in the Nicoya Peninsula and are one of Montezuma’s best-kept secrets.

The Nicoya Peninsula is full of stunning places: amazing beaches, wild forests rich in wildlife and many waterfalls, some of them with swimming holes, others with rope swings and the Montezuma falls.

We visited Montezuma falls Costa Rica on your tour across the country and I can tell you for sure that it was one of the most beautiful spots we’ve seen.

First of all, I want you to know that there are three waterfalls located close to one another along the Montezuma river and they have some beautiful pools where you can swim and even jump into from some rocks if you dare.

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The tallest fall is about 81 feet (25 metres) tall and has a really nice pool at the base where you can cool off on a hot summer day.

The second Montezuma waterfall Costa Rica is smaller, it is only 41 feet (12 metres) tall and in order to get to it, you have to swim across the swimming holes from the upper waterfall.

The last waterfall is the smallest one and it is just 15 feet tall and there is a rope swing here to use if you want to jump from the top in the waterfall pool from the cascade.

Be careful when peeking over the cliffs as there are slippery rocks right on the top and accidents might happen and this is the last thing we want on our holiday.

The safest pool to bathe in is the pool from the lowest waterfall, as the currents are moderate and the waters are perfect for swimming.

Accessing Montezuma waterfalls Costa Rica

There are two main ways to get to Montezuma Costa Rica waterfall:

  • By Riverbed trail
  • By Canopy Tour Trail

Getting to Montezuma waterfall Costa Rica by riverbed trail

This is the easiest way to get to the biggest waterfall from all of them; if you want to get from this one to the other two you will have to climb some very steep stairs.

This waterfall is the most visited one as it is closely located in the town of Montezuma and there is no entrance fee to this attraction.

If you start your tour from downtown Montezuma, then you don’t even need a car to reach the first waterfall, you can walk for about 500 metres to the small bridge that crosses the Montezuma River.

Follow the trail that starts right near the parking lot and after about 20 minutes of hiking, you will reach the first waterfall and pool.

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If you want to get to the other two upper waterfalls after you reach the first waterfall you have to climb about 200 stairs that start from the first fall.



After these 200 stairs, you will get to a small structure at the top where you might encounter an employee from Sun Trails (the company that owns the property) that may ask you 2 USD per person to continue your hike to the last pool.

After another 81 steps, you will reach the river and the Top Waterfall as well as the swimming hole of the Middle waterfall.

Canopy tour trail to Montezuma waterfalls Costa Rica

If you choose to follow the canopy trail you definitely need a rented car or a taxi, or a shuttle to get you to the zipline.

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There are two hanging brides owned by Sun Trails that lead you to the Top waterfall, from where you can climb the rocks and swim in the Middle waterfall pool.

For visiting the Lower Waterfall from this point you will have to descend some very steep stairs to the Lower Waterfall using the riverbed trail described above.



In order to get the canopy tour, you will have to drive south from the town of Montezuma for about 500 metres, cross a bridge and turn right after Hotel Amor del Mar.

You will get to the bottom of a quite steep hill and after passing the Butterfly Garden you will immediately reach the zipline of Sun Trails.

After you will pay the entrance fee in the amount of 4 USD you will receive all the necessary explanations about the trail and how you can get to the falls.

Plan your trip accordingly as the Sun Trails canopy tour is open daily from 8.30 am to 16.30 pm and there is also a zipline tour to the waterfalls for about 45 USD per person.


Montezuma waterfall Costa Rica what to pack

There are no lockers, changing rooms or bathrooms at the begging of the trails so be sure you have with you:

  • Bottle of water as there are no markets from where to buy anything before starting your hike
  • Snacks, especially if you plan to stay for long around Montezuma waterfalls Costa Rica
  • A dry bag where to put your things if you plan to swim in the waterfall holes or cross the Montezuma river.
  • Insect repellent as there are many insects and mosquitos around, a normal thing as you are in the middle of the forest
  • Sunscreen because the sun may cause you burns while you are swimming in the pools from the top of the waterfall
  • A towel to dry off before putting your clothes on and continuing your hike after a refreshing bath in the pool

Safety tips for visiting Montezuma falls Costa Rica

Don’t jump off the first two waterfalls ( the highest and the medium highest ones) as stupid accidents might occur.

There have been many tourists that died jumping from that cliffs so we don’t encourage you to do so.



Along the trails from one waterfall to another, there are many slippery rocks so be careful and wear water shoes or hiking boots for your own safety

Be careful to flash floods that might occur without any warning, especially during the rainy season. If you notice that the river volume increases, go to higher ground as soon as possible.

Accommodation for Montezuma Costa Rica waterfall

Our top choice for Montezuma Waterfalls is Hotel Nya Montezuma Costa Rica, a beautiful location nestled in the jungle, designed by two young and very talented American architects and is a tribute paid to costa Rican beautiful and wild side.




hotel nya montezuma waterfalls Costa Rica terrace

hotel nya montezuma Costa Rica waterfalls terrace


Montezuma waterfall Costa Rica is one of the wildest and spectacular waterfalls from the Nicoya Peninsula, a place that might get quite crowded during weekends and dry season.

If you want to visit it, we advise you to head there in the morning when the temperatures are lower and the crowds fewer.

Wear your swimming suit as you most probably will want to cool off in the waterfall pool as it is a unique and very relaxing atmosphere.

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