Is Costa Rica US territory or a sovereign nation ?

Costa Rica US territory or a sovereign nation, this is the question most of you have so here you can find the correct answer.

Since September 1821, Costa Rica has been an independent country from Latin America bordering Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the south, while the Pacific Ocean is to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east.

Like other countries from Central America, this beautiful country gained its independence from Spain without starting any war.

Together with El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras, Costa Rica was separated from Mexico in 1823, and just in 1848, it declared its independence.

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is Costa Rica US territory
is Costa Rica US territory

Is Costa Rica part of US territory

Although there are really tight relations between the United States and Costa Rica, the tiny country from Central America is a sovereign nation with very strong economic growth.

Today, the United States is this country’s main ally in maintaining regional security and a good living standard for Costa Ricans.

I’ve been talking a lot in this article about how strong are the relations between these two countries but now let me give you some punctual information about this subject:

  • The first diplomatic US presence in this Latin country dates from 1852 when it was established the first Consulate in San José
  • Both governments, from Washington and San Jose work together to maintain and improve the security in the area, to protect the human rights and the prosperity of the country
  • The United States is the main source of foreign investment for Costa Rica; more than 1.5 billion USD had been invested in the last year into Costa Rica’s economy. The main sectors where this money go are manufacturing, technology, and infrastructure


Is Costa Rica part of the US territory
Is Costa Rica part of the US territory
  • About 85% of the jobs created by multinational companies in this Latin American country are created by US multinationals as there are more than 200 US companies operating in this country.
  • The stunning landscapes of the country are visited on a yearly basis by almost 3 million American citizens.
    The Republic of Costa Rica is the first option for US study programs outside the US territory.

Costa Rica US territory relations

As you already found out above, the answer if is Costa Rica in the United States is no, it is not, but it is a very thriving country, a pioneer in ecotourism, green energy, and environmental protection and a reliable trading partner for the USA.

Its sandy beaches, turquoise waters, national parks, and incredible wildlife attract many tourists year after year.

And the good news is that this country is doing its best to protect its nature and wildlife and encourage farmers to cultivate their land using eco-friendly methods.

The country has developed a method of payments for environmental services which are all kinds of incentives offered to farmers and landowners if they cultivate their land using ecological services.

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More than that Costa Rica has developed a system of taxes and penalties for those businesses that pollute the environment and the water with chemicals, dump sewage, and other pollution factors.

This tiny country from Latin America has 99% of the electricity used across the country coming from renewable sources.

On the other hand, there are all kinds of laws and regulations adopted with the purpose of stopping the deforestation process and creating awareness of the importance of nature protection.

So don’t be surprised to find out that Costa Rica is ranked as the most visited country of all the Central American countries with more than 3.5 million visitors each year.


Costa Rica US territory
Costa Rica US territory


But this prosperity comes with new challenges related to the increased interest shown by drug trafficking through Costa Rica.

Fortunately, Costa Rica has a very strong ally in the drug trafficking war and that is the United States of America.

In the last year, America provided more than 45 million dollars in security assistance in their efforts to destroy the newly created flow of illicit drugs that transit de Costa Rica with the final destination United States.

The US institutions work closely with Costa Rican authorities to secure the borders, strengthen the judicial sectors, identify the potential risks and improve the surveillance and protection system.

This strategy is part of a larger project that comprises not just Costa Rica but also Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, and Nicaragua and focus on 3 major lines:

  • Strengthening security
  • Improving governance
  • Promoting prosperity

Because of this tight cooperation between all these countries, Costa Rica managed to identify and confiscate immense quantities of drugs in 2019 and 2020.

Costa Rica and pandemic response

The United States proved again to be a strong ally that never leaves its partners behind, but helps and supports them whenever they need.

From the beginning of the pandemia until the end of 2020, the US sent Costa Rica medical supplies as well as protective equipment and financial support in the amount of about 1.5 million USD.

The money had been used with the main purpose of controlling the effects of pandemia and protecting Costa Ricans.

The good news is that Costa Rican president and the authorities managed to keep this pandemia under control and starting by March 2021 both the marine and the aerial borders had been opened to American citizens and tourists from all over the world.

Tourism Costa Rica US territory visitors

Tourism became the main income source for this country that has one of the best systems of national parks and protected zones in the world.

The total surface of the protected areas and national parks covers about 25% of the country’s surface and is the largest percentage in the world.

Costa Rica is home to a wide range of fauna and flora and almost 5% of the world biodiversity can be found in this small country.

About 50% of the tourists that visited Costa Rica in 2019 and 2020 choose to do activities related to ecotourism and here I would like to name trekking, bird watching, visit rural areas, observing flora and fauna.


Arenal Volcano Costa Rica
Arenal Volcano CostaRica


Ecotourism is extremely popular in this country, Costa Rica is considered a pioneer in ecotourism.

Most of the attractions from the country are nature-related, a very interesting and unique combination of ecotourism, adventure activities, and leisure.

About 8 Costa Rican resorts had been included in Conde Nast Traveler’s choice as the best hotels from Central and South America, so besides nature, Costa Rica offers top services and world-class hotels.


Costa Rica is not and never was a US territory, but it has strong relations with the United States in terms of economic, strategy, and security.

The country is one of the most visited places in Latin America because of its incredible sceneries, an abundance of wildlife, and incredible landscapes not to mention the beautiful volcanoes in Costa Rica.

This beautiful country from Central America is a safe country and a great place where you and your family have to spend your next holiday.

The dry season in this country lasts from December to April so this is one of the best destinations for your Christmas reunion and a warm experience not far from America.

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