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Nightlife Guide: Exploring Liberia, Costa Rica

Liberia Costa Rica nightlife might not be as vibrant as the one from San Jose or Jaco, but definitely worth taking into consideration.

There are plenty of bars, restaurants and nightclubs in the area so plan at least one night out with your friends to have a fun, chat and make new friends during your visit to Costa Rica.

Liberia is located in the northwestern part of the country in the province named Guanacaste and is a very popular attraction among tourists interested in wildlife, nature and beaches.

You will find here the second largest airport in the country, an international airport that connects this part of the country with San Jose and some other international destinations.

The place has a very rich history, a beautiful central park and a very interesting and unique colonial vibe.

Liberia is a great place to visit if you are looking for something more authentic and is a great place to set your camp and explore the national parks from the area.

Within minutes by car, you can reach the most important national parks and protected areas from the country and by the time you come back to your hotel, beautiful bars, restaurants and nightclubs open their doors for tourists.

I will drop below a list of the most important places where you have to go to taste a little bit of the Liberian night vibe and I will tell you a few words about the most important ones.

Bars and night clubs: Palermi Sports Bar, Guana’s, LIB Costa Rica

Restaurants: Toro Negro Steak House, El Pilon, Taqueria Mazatlan or Abbocato

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Liberia Costa Rica nightlife

Liberia nightlife Costa Rica

Liberia Costa Rica nightlife hotspots

Palermi Sports Bar

Costa Rica Liberia nightlife tour should start at Palermi Sports Bar, a very popular place among tourists and Costa Ricans because of its impressive drink menu and relaxing atmosphere.

You can choose to drink a beer or a cocktail from the very long menu while watching a sports game and chatting with your friends.


If you like pizza and good beer then head up to Guana’s, the place with the best pizza from the Guanacaste province.

This bar is located right near Parque Central and has a wonderful garden where you can enjoy your pizza and make new friends.

What I liked most about this place is the atmosphere, the positive vibe and its courtyard where you can meet new people and make new friends.

LIB Costa Rica

LIB Costa Rica is one of the most complex bars in the area with many tasty dishes, a great atmosphere and lots of screens.

You can find here from traditional dishes to international ones, most of them have strong American influences, so you will definitely like the food and also drinks, as there is a wide option of drinks to choose from.

Liberia Costa Rica nightlife beer

Liberia Costa Rica nightlife beer

There are lots of screens everywhere so that you don’t miss any important sporting event and sometimes you can find live music here, all kinds of music, from country to rock.

You definitely have to try the mini burgers and the beer and after that pick a cocktail from the list and enjoy it in a good atmosphere.

Make sure you visit LIB on a Friday night as this place is extremely popular during these times because of its good live music and great food.

Toro Negro Steak House

For the best steak in town, you definitely have to pay a visit to Toro Negro Steak House, a beautiful restaurant is located in a colonial building.

Here you will find everything, from fish and pork to lamb and veal, from steaks to burgers served with delicious french fries and lots of sauces.

You may book a seat inside the building or outside on the terrace from where you can enjoy the cooling breeze from the ocean.

El Pilon

Costa Rica nightlife Liberia includes a night out at El Pilon, one of the best seafood restaurants from the area, a great place to taste fresh fish and seafood cooked in various ways.

The menu is quite varied and besides food, it has a very impressive list of cocktails that go perfectly with your food.

Besides the very famous seafood and fish, you can also find lamb and chicken but it is a pity to go here and not to try their seafood dishes.

These are the new essentials you have to pack for your trip

Taqueria Mazatlan

Located in Santa Rosa Plaza, very close to Jumbo Supermarket, Taqueria Mazatlan serves one of the best Mexican foods in the area.

The restaurant from my Liberia Costa Rica nightlife list belongs to a couple of Italian/ Brazilian people who became popular because of their tasty food.

Liberia Costa Rica nightlife

Liberia nightlife Costa Rica

If you go to this taqueria you will definitely have to order the Grande Quesadilla or the Enchilada or why not a Nacho Fiesta, one of the best dishes I have ever eaten when in Costa Rica.


Abbocato is something unique and quite a rare type of restaurant from Liberia, a place where to taste the reinvented traditional cuisine.

Located on a small ranch with a very private atmosphere and fusion cuisine, Abbocato awaits its guests for a unique experience while in Costa Rica.

One of the owners of the restaurant is also a chef and brings a personal touch and flavour to each dish they serve.

You will have your dinner surrounded by wildlife, as monkeys are a common presence in the trees around.

It is one of the most romantic places I have ever been to in Costa Rica, and I definitely recommend you to try it if you are looking for a romantic escape in Liberia.

The menu is very diverse and includes slow-roasted lamb, grilled sesame shrimp, seared tuna and pineapple creme brulee.


Best accommodation close to Liberia Costa Rica nightlife

Most of the hotels are located outside the city centre where all the magic happens so you might need to take a taxi from your hotel to downtown.

Hotel Javy Costa Rica is the closest to the city centre and it is a short walk to most of the bars and restaurants from Liberia.

It features clean and spacious rooms with a private bathroom and TV, spacious common areas and a guarded parking place.

If luxury is more important than distance then I definitely recommend you to book your stay at Blue River Resort Hot Springs Costa Rica.

The place is hidden inside the dense jungle and has mineral hot springs where you can relax and purify your body.


Costa Rica nightlife Liberia might not be the strongest point of this area, but there are still plenty of options to spend your night out with your friends.

Put on your casual clothes and prepare to meet new people in one of the bars and restaurants listed in this article.

Costa Ricans are friendly and welcoming and they like to chat with tourists and make new friends, so be open and make new friends.

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