Thracian cliffs beaches on Bulgaria Sea Argata Beach Bendida Beach

If you are searching for a remote beach that is not crowded where you can relax and spend a day on the beach, Thracian Cliffs beaches might be the answer for you.

Thracian Cliffs Beaches Bendida Beach
Thracian Cliffs Beach Bendida Beach

There are two beautiful beaches on Bulgaria sea, available for tourists that choose to spend a few nights inside the resort. Most of beach surface is private and only guests are allowed in main areas, which is not necessarily a bad thing considering that you can have some time away from the other crowded public beaches on Bulgarian Sea.

We chose to spend a day on each of the two black sea beaches and below are a few thoughts on each of them:

Argata Beach at Thracian Cliffs beaches

Argata is the smaller one of the two, having more privacy since it is narrower it can host fewer people and therefore not so many families choose this beach as they tend to go to the bigger one – Bendida beach.

Thracian Cliffs Beaches Argata Beach
Thracian Cliffs Beach Argata Beach

Most of the tourists we saw here are couples. It is more quiet, little to no children and not much water activities available. This translates into being quieter and the perfect spot to relax on your own sunbed under your hay umbrella.

Argata beach is the perfect place to stay on your sunbed and read your book with a cocktail by your side.

Argata Beach sun umbrella
Argata Beach sun umbrella

There is a beach restaurant called Argata Restaurant, located just as you enter the beach. It has enough tables but it might get crowded around lunchtime, so my advice is to go a little earlier than everybody, or a little later. We went at around 2:30 PM and it was perfect as we found a free table for us.

The service in the restaurant is average but it is better at Argata than on Bendida, because there is fewer people, smaller restaurant, etc.

Bendida beach at Thracian Cliffs BEACHES

This black sea beach is larger than the other one. It is chosen by families and therefore it is more crowded and more noisy.

Bendida Beach Bulgaria Sea
Bendida Beach Bulgarian Sea

The Bendida beach on Bulgaria sea has fine grainy yellow sand just as Argata does, but the beach area is larger with more sunbeds. It is also a public beach, so tourists from outside Thracian Cliffs resort can also stay here, just near the private area.

Thracian Cliffs Bulgaria Sea Bendida Beach
Thracian Cliffs Bulgaria Black Sea Bendida Beach

Here you can find a restaurant just as you can on Argata Beach, but the service inside the Bendida beach restaurant is way below average, I could say execrable.

We asked for pasta and we soup stew of penne with a lot of tomato juice and vegetables. It could have been my first penne soup but I decided not to eat such a disaster, as my stomach would’ve hated me for eating it and punish me afterwards.

Not only they did not try to apologize for their mistake but they were bold enough to force us to pay for the food that looked very weird and that we told them it is not what we asked for and not what we ordered. My advice is to not eat here and avoid this black sea beach restaurant located on Bendida Beach.

Better eat at other restaurants inside the resort if you can, and just skip the one on the beach as it is not recommended to eat there.

WHICH OF THE 2 BUlgaria Sea BEACHES SHOULD YOU CHOOSE Bendida beach vs Argata beach ?

In conclusion: I would say you should go with Argata if you have the choice and you can even skip Bendida if you don’t have children and just want to spend a relaxing and quiet time on one of the secret beaches of black sea coast of Bulgarian sea: Thracian Cliffs beaches.

Argata Beach Bulgaria Black Sea
Argata Beach Bulgaria Black Sea

Beach essential checklist for when you go to the beach

Don’t forget these beach essentials if you go to these beaches on black sea coast of Bulgaria sea so you can spend a perfect relaxing day on the beach:

  • bathing suite
  • sun hat
  • sun glasses
  • sun lotion
  • beach slippers
  • good book to read
  • your smartphone
  • a bottle of water
  • external battery + cable
  • beach towel
  • tripod for smartphone

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