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Complete Guide to Exploring Mirissa Beach in Sri Lanka

Imagine a long strip of beach with golden sand and beautiful blue water where to relax and enjoy the sunset! This is how Mirissa beach Sri Lanka looks like!
It is a magnificent place very popular among surfers and beach lover, located on the south coast of the island at about 150 km away from Colombo.

How to get to Mirissa

The most comfortable and easy way to get from Colombo to Mirissa is by car. I don’t recommend you to rent a car for safety reasons and besides that, driving in Colombo is more dangerous than you imagine. I do recommend you to take a car with a local driver.

Don’t worry about the price! Negotiate the price with your driver and look very carefully to the driver’s attitude and face! Sri Lanka is pretty safe but it is better to be precocious and stay on the safe side!

The price for a car with driver from Colombo to Mirissa is somewhere between 50$ to 100$.

You can choose to go by train. From Colombo take the train to Weligama. It is about 2 and a half hours ride and cost somewhere around 3$. From Weligama take a taxi for about 5 minutes. The taxi cost is around 5$. The trains are not very reliable in Sri Lanka, delays are very common. It is a very cheap way to get to Mirissa beach Sri Lanka, but not the fastest.

Ultimate guide to Mirissa beach Sri Lanka

Mirissa Sri Lanka Beach

There is also a bus option. Take the bus from Colombo to Matara. It took you 2 and a half hours to reach Matara. From there take a taxi to Mirissa. The cost of the trip is about 3$ for bus and 5$ for a taxi.

Where to stay in Mirissa

There are plenty of options suitable for any type of budget to choose from when speaking about accommodations in Mirissa.

From guesthouses to fancy hotels with outdoor pools and nice view over the ocean, you can find all types of accommodations.
We chose to stay at Three Gables Mirissa , because the location is right on the beach and has very modern and fancy rooms.

What to do on Mirissa beach Sri Lanka

There are many activities to do during your stay in Mirissa.
You can take a whale watching tour, take some surf lessons or lay in a hammock on the beach listening to the ocean sound.

There are many tour companies which offer whale and dolphin watching tours.

Near Mirissa beach you can spot Bryde’s whale, Blue whale, Fin whales, Sperm whales and Orca, bottlenose dolphins, Spinner dolphin, Risso’s dolphin and striped dolphins are just some of the species which can be seen during a whale watching the tour.

The peak season for whale watching in Mirissa is between December to March.

The price for a tour is around 50 $ per person and lasts for about 4 hours.

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Ultimate guide to Mirissa beach Sri Lanka

Mirissa Sri Lanka beach

Another good way to spend some quality time and to be active is to practice surf. You don’t know surf? No problem! You can learn to surf there! According to all surfers, this is one of the best beaches for surfers, especially for beginners! Mornings are the best for surfing! The waves offer nice turns so you will enjoy this sport a lot!

In my opinion Mirissa beach Sri Lanka is one of the best beaches on the island!

The atmosphere is very relaxing and chill! It is the ideal destination for your beach holiday! And there are so many interesting things to do in the area!
Pamper yourself in a fancy hotel with an incredible view of the ocean and recharge your batteries spending a few days on the beach! What else you could wish for?!