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Travel guide to Sri Lanka

Experience the best of Sri Lanka with our comprehensive Sri Lanka Travel guide.

From the vibrant culture and traditions to the stunning wildlife and breathtaking beaches, our guide takes you on a journey across the entire country.

Beginning in Negombo and covering everything from the mountains and tea plantations to the south coast, this guide is your ultimate companion for discovering the beauty of Sri Lanka.

Don’t miss a single must-see attraction or unique experience – let our guide lead the way!

Preparing a trip to any country in the world might require time, effort and some knowledge about that country, especially if you want to see as much as you can and experience everything when visiting that part of the world.

And Sri Lanka for sure has plenty of beautiful attractions spread all over the country and a lot of unique and interesting things to experience once you’re there.

Also known as The Pearl of the Indian Ocean, the country is full of historical sites, religious monuments, and rich biodiversity.

The best way to see this country is to try a mix of all these elements that compose this unique and beautiful country: cultural monuments, historical sites, and of course national parks full of wildlife.

This Travel guide for Sri Lanka leads you all across the country to discover its beauty: you will discover the Sri Lankan culture and traditions, its beautiful wildlife, and explore its beaches and mountains.

It is a very complex tour that starts in Negombo, 30 minutes drive from Colombo International Airport, and crosses the whole country, up to the mountains and tee plantations and then down to the south to the beach.

You will meet the beautiful elephants from the national parks located in the central part of the country, the shy leopards from Yala National Park, and perfect your tan a few days on a Sri Lankan beautiful beach.

This tour gives you the unique opportunity to visit a tee plantation from the highlands and find out the secrets of tee making process, to stay in the most secluded and beautiful accommodations from the country without breaking your budget.

You will get in touch with local culture and visit the most important religious and archeological sites in the country, you will go on on safari to spot wildlife in their natural environment and you will get close to locals, try their traditional food and get a glimpse of their culture and traditions.

It is a very intense and diverse tour, that has something to offer to everyone, no matter how picky you are.

This 10 days Sri Lanka Itinerary is perfect for those of you looking to go one step ahead of the ordinary and want to discover the real face of Sri Lanka.

And of course, you have a day dedicated to the emblematic train ride between Kandy to Ella, an epic train ride ranked among the most picturesque train rides in the world.

We reserve a little surprise to hikers as you have half a day of hiking in the highlands, and here I am talking about climbing Little Adam Peak the most popular hiking trail in the country that offers an incredible view over the tee plantations from the valley.

Trust me! This Sri Lanka travel guide includes all important activities to do and places to see from the country and is just one click away from you!

How this Travel guide to Sri Lanka will help you

  • This Tour guide for Sri Lanka contains all the necessary information for your Sri Lankan adventure: things to know before you go ( currency, language, vaccines, what to drink and what to eat, climate, etc) as well as a very complex itinerary for a 10 days tour
  • It provides you with a very complex and diverse itinerary for your trip including cultural and historical attractions, national parks and wildlife, and the most important attractions from the country
  • This tour is very easy to follow as it splits the country into areas and we show you on the map what attractions can be seen in each of these areas
  • This 10 days in Sri Lanka tour allows you to experience the Sri Lankan culture, history, wildlife, and cuisine
  • It is a complete 10 days tour that goes across the whole country and that starts and ends in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka and the main gateway to the world
  • It is a guide created based on our experience as travelers and it contains genuine and real advice to maximize your time spent abroad
  • We planned for you each day in detail and tell you which are the best places to sleep to be easier for you and to really enjoy your holiday and don’t miss anything important
Sri Lanka Travel Guide ebook packing list
Sri Lanka Travel Guide ebook packing list

How this guide will help you save money and time

  • You don’t have to pay a travel agency from your country or from Sri Lanka to organize your trip we did this job for you at a considerably lower cost
  • You know exactly what to see, when to go so you can budget ahead of your expenses correctly
  • The guide contains a tone of useful information about the attractions from Sri Lanka which you are about to see so you don’t need a local guide to present the attractions
  • You don’t need to buy another guide or ebook for your Sri Lanka trip as this guide contains all the useful information about the country and its main attractions
  • You will save a lot of money by choosing to stay in the accommodations provided inside the guide as these definitely have the best price-quality ratio
  • Inside the guide, you will also find a packing list that is very useful to know what to pack and to avoid the situations when you get to your destination and start buying things which you accidentally left home
  • You can choose the best time to go as the guide contains also such a chapter and so you can get more bang for the buck
Sri Lanka Travel Guide daily itinerary
Sri Lanka Travel Guide daily itinerary

Frequently asked Questions

What makes this Travel guide to Sri Lanka different?

Most of the Sri Lanka Travel guides focus on one of the following themes: history and culture, nature and wildlife but this 10 days itinerary is an interesting combination of historical, cultural, and religious attractions not to mention the unique opportunity to see wildlife roaming free inside the national parks.

This itinerary is perfect especially for first-time visitors as it helps you get an idea about the local culture and traditions, the biodiversity, and the varied landforms that can be found on this small but beautiful island.

This guide will offer you the unique opportunity to get in touch with locals, to travel as locals do if you choose to use public transport and not rent a car and it shows you the beauty of this country.

We created this guide based on our experience, we tested it to see if it is doable if it ticks all the boxes, and just after that we come back to you and present you the best way to explore this country.

This travel book is an interesting mix of what Sri Lanka has to offer and concentrates in just 10 days on all the important things to be seen on this island.

What makes us experts of Sri Lanka?

We have been among the lucky people who visited Sri Lanka more than once and this happened mostly because we fell in love with this country from the moment we get off the plane.

We like everything about this country: the people, the culture, their traditions, the highlands, the beaches, the impressive biodiversity and of course, the climate.

Each time we visit this country we discover new things and what I like most about it is that this country never stops to amaze us.

There are always new places to discover, from small towns to hidden beaches and we always come back with an open heart and leave with a big smile on our face and tons of new information.

Although quite a small country, it is packed with many attractions we picked for you just the most important ones.

We did a ton of research each time we went here and the attractions included in this guide are the most important ones.

We tried to group them from different areas of interest because this is the best way to get an understanding of the Sri Lankan culture and heritage.

By seeing a little bit of its culture, religion, history, and nature you can say that you know something about this country and its people.

Why is this Travel guide to Sri Lanka useful?

This guide is made by travelers for travelers so first, we try it to see if it is doable and interesting enough and just after that we come with this proposal to you.

This Sri Lanka itinerary is an incredible mix of what this country has to offer, introducing you to Sri Lankan culture, history, and religious heritage.

You will get closer to wildlife and have the privilege of going to safari not once, but twice, in the most famous parks in the country: the ones from the central part where you can spot elephants and the famous Yala National Parks to see the elusive leopards.

Another thing that makes this guide extremely useful is that it helps you maximize your time spent abroad and take advance of each moment of your stay in Sri Lanka.

You don’t have to pay money to travel agencies to organize a tour, as you can do it on your own or if you like to travel in luxury you can hire a driver with a car to tour you across the country (which by the way it is way cheaper than buying the tour package from a travel agency).

Can I print this guide?

Yes, you can as this is not an online travel guide. This is a guide that comes in PDF which can be printed on paper or saved on your laptop, tablet, or phone once you get it.

How will this guide help me save money?

With this guide, you don’t have to pay any money to a travel agency or a tour company to get you to see Sri Lanka.

This guide is an interesting mix of cultural and historical sites, national parks, and other important attractions that definitely should be seen on your visit to this country.

We did the hard work for you and created one of the most complex and interesting guides for visiting Sri Lanka.

Print it on paper and save it on your telephone to have it on hand on your tour across the country.

Depending on your budget, pick your transportation mean: choose the public transport which is the cheapest or hire a car or get a car with a driver if you want to travel in style and follow the itinerary created to see the wonders of this country.

Are there coupons or any discount tickets inside?

Unfortunately, there aren’t. It is a very comprehensive guide about what you have to see and where you have to go during your trip to Sri Lanka.

However, there is plenty of useful tips and advice which can help you save money while you visit Sri Lanka.

What’s the difference between this guide and the information on this site?

The information provided on our site is also very useful and well structured and it treats each point of interest individually.

You can find on our website many updated and comprehensive information about Sri Lanka but this guide contains a 10 days itinerary with daily planners for your trip.

It tells you exactly what to do on a daily basis and how to plan your trip as not to skip any attraction.

It also provides you with useful information about the country, about what to eat and drink and contact details of embassies and foreign consulates.

If I have any questions, can I contact you?

Of course you can! If you have any questions about this planner or anything related to travel please don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact page.

Get the Travel guide to Sri Lanka now

This Travel itinerary to Sri Lanka is an interesting mix of what this country has to offer: a little bit of nature, some cultural and historical monuments, a tour across the country that allows you to get close to locals and get some understanding of their culture and traditions.

The guide is made based on our own experience and contains the most important attractions from this country that you definitely have to see on your tour across the country.

With this guide, you don’t have to pay a lot of money to travel agencies or tour operators as we did the hard work and come to you with the best guide from Sri Lanka in 10 days.

All you need to do is to decide whether you want to travel by public transport, rent a car or hire a driver and there is nothing else you should worry about as we take care of your daily itinerary and we even told you where to sleep to get the best price-quality ration.

We include in this guide not only the itinerary for 10 days but also very useful information which you need to know before you travel to this country: currency, weather, what to pack, what to eat and what to drink, etc.

Get this 10 days itinerary in Sri Lanka now and prepare for the trip of your life!

eBook PDF Instand Download USD$14.99

What our customers say:

Amanda & John

Thin book, perfect guidance
Although a thin book, this guide was the perfect guidance for our Sri Lanka trip. We travelled by train, by car and by tuk-tuk and followed the route proposed by this travel guide. After a 10 days trip, we were very happy with what we saw. The hotels from this guide are not necessary for backpackers but the price-quality ratio of the accommodations proposed are good.


Perfect for 8 day trip
This was exactly what we needed for planning our Sri Lanka holiday. We showed the guide to the hotel reception from Negombo and they help us arrange a car with a driver for our 8 day trip. It was not a 10 day but still, this guide was very useful for us. We followed the itinerary proposed in this guide and we saw the most famous places of Sri Lanka. And we haven’t paid any extra fee to a local travel agency to arrange us a tour


Useful and comprehensive travel guide
A very comprehensive guide of Sri Lanka. It combines culture with wildlife experiences and history. All major attractions from Sri Lanka are mentioned in this tour. By the way, the accommodations provided are really beautiful and worth the money. Thank you Alex & Sonia for putting all this information together in this travel guide.

Discover everything Sri Lanka has to offer with our Sri Lanka Travel Guide.

From vibrant culture to stunning wildlife and breathtaking beaches, our guide takes you on a journey across the entire country.

Let us be your ultimate companion for exploring the beauty of Sri Lanka.

Get the Travel guide Sri Lanka Now

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Travel guide to Sri Lanka 10 days