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10-Day Travel Guide to Costa Rica

Planning a trip to a foreign country might be quite overwhelming especially if there are so many interesting things to do and places to see and so little time.

And Costa Rica for sure is one of those countries, full of wildlife, national parks, and diverse landforms, that you definitely have to see at least once in your lifetime.

This small but beautiful country attracts visitors from all over the world as it hosts about 5% of the world’s biodiversity and is one of the very few countries that really do something to save the beauty of this planet.

It is heaven on earth for nature lovers but also for beach lovers as it has one of the most secluded and beautiful beaches from Central America.

Costa Rica means welcoming people, impressive wildlife, and multiple landforms like volcanoes, rainforests, cloud forests, beaches many beautiful waterfalls, and some of the most relaxing natural pools with thermal waters from Central America.

You don’t have to drive very far from Costa Rica to find wildlife and stunning landforms as the country has an impressive number of national parks and protected areas packed with a wide range of animals and plants, some of them unique in the world.

This Travel guide for Costa Rica carefully picked the most beautiful attractions and include them in your itinerary.

You will start your journey in San Jose, go to the Pacific Side and in the central part of the country to see volcanoes and to relax in a natural pool, then continue your trip to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and end your journey in San Jose, from where you will fly back home.

You will drive many kilometers and you will see what this beautiful country has to offer.

You will meet locals, talk with them, eat traditional Costa Rican food and explore the most emblematic places in the country.

The tour is very complex and includes multiple daily stops to different attractions so it is important to wake up quite early in the morning and stick to the scheduler as there are so many interesting things to experience all across the country.

We carefully picked for you the best hotels where to sleep each day, hotels that are located along the itinerary and have the best price-quality ratio.

It is a very intense and diverse tour, that circles the whole country showing you its wild side and stopping at the most emblematic attractions.

With this itinerary, you don’t have to worry about anything! Just rent a car as it is easier for you to reach all these attractions and prepare for the adventure of your life!

How this Travel guide for Costa Rica will help you

  • We carefully picked for you the most beautiful attractions from Costa Rica so you don’t have to worry that you will miss something important on your tour
  • We planned for you each day of your trip and tell you exactly where to go, what to see, and where to sleep so that you have a relaxing holiday and fully enjoy your time spent abroad
  • We give you all the necessary information for a 10 days trip to Costa Rica so you don’t have to contact tour operators or travel agencies and pay a lot of money for getting an itinerary
  • The itinerary is very easy to follow as we split the attractions and the activities on a daily basis and all you have to do is to follow the guide and reach the accommodation before dark
  • This tour allows you to experience the wildest and untamed side of Costa Rica and leads you to the most important attractions of the country including national parks, home to unique and amazing creatures and plants
  • We took care of everything and plan each day so that you can maximize your time spent abroad and provide you with accommodation ideas for each day of your itinerary
  • With this guide, you can be sure that you see the most emblematic places from Costa Rica without spending a lot
Costa Rica Travel Guide Download
Costa Rica Travel Guide Download

How this guide will help you save money and time

  • You don’t have to pay a travel agency from your country or from Costa Rica to organize your trip as we did this job for you at a considerably lower cost
  • You know from the beginning what you will visit and you can better plan your expenses and your budget for this adventure
  • The guide contains a ton of useful information about Costa Rica and its amazing places that should be included in your itinerary so you don’t need a local guide to tell you some words about each attraction
  • You don’t need to buy another guide or ebook for your Costa Rican adventure as this guide contains all the useful information about the country and its main attractions
  • You will save a lot of money by choosing to stay in the accommodations provided inside the guide as these definitely have the best price-quality ratio
  • Inside the guide, you will also find a packing list that is very useful to know what to pack and to avoid the situations when you get to your destination and start buying things which you accidentally left home
  • You can choose the best time to go as the guide contains also such a chapter and so you can get more bang for the buck
Costa Rica Travel Guide PDF Download ebook
Costa Rica Travel Guide PDF Download ebook

Frequently asked Questions

What makes this Travel guide for Costa Rica different?

Most guides about Costa Rica tend to concentrate on a specific area and do not provide a full itinerary of the whole country.

This might be frustrating sometimes as you might end up spending your whole vacation on the Pacific side or central part of the country without having any clue what this country is about.

This guide is an interesting mix of all the main areas of Costa Rica and helps you get a better understanding of the country, its landmarks, and attractions.

You will spend a few days on the beach in the Caribbean and Pacific, then go to the central area of the country and end your itinerary in San Jose, which is the main airport of the country.

It might sound complicated, but in reality, it is not as we provide you with all the information you need for these 10 days in Costa Rica.

We tell you where to go, what to see and do, and also where to sleep, choosing the hotels and guesthouses that have the best price-quality ratio from the area, suitable for each budget.

This itinerary is perfect especially for first-time visitors as it provides you with all the information you need, highlights the attractions, and provides you options for sleeping and eating.

It is like you are traveling with an invisible guide that leads you to the best attractions, and gets you to the cozy and beautiful accommodations at the end of the day.

You will see an impressive number of trees, plants, and animals that live inside the protected areas and national parks and discover the best beaches in the country.

We created this guide based on our experience, we tested it to see if it is doable if it ticks all the boxes, and just after that we come back to you and present you the best way to explore this country.

This travel book is the best Travel guide for Costa Rica and offers you the opportunity to visit all the emblematic places from the country with minimum effort from your side.

What makes us experts of Costa Rica?

We have been among the lucky people who visited Costa Rica more than once and this happened mostly because are fascinated by nature and wildlife Costa Rica is one of the very few places on Earth where you can see so many species of animals and plants gathered in a single place.

We saw toucans, monkeys, spiders, colorful frogs, jaguars, and many other beautiful creatures not to mention the impressive number of flowers, plants, and trees that can be observed in the forests around the country.

I cannot get bored of this country and each place is unique and packed with amazing fauna and flora, which is hard to be seen anywhere else in the world.

We did a ton of research each time we went here and the attractions included in this guide are the most important ones.

We present the main attractions on our website but we carefully picked and include in the guide the most beautiful and representative ones.

Why is this Travel guide for Costa Rica useful?

This guide is made by travelers for travelers so first, we try it to see if it is doable and interesting enough and just after that we come with this proposal to you.

This itinerary for Costa Rica is extremely complex and includes all the main attractions from the country, from the Pacific Coast, Caribbean Coast, and also the central area where the most beautiful volcano is located.

You will get closer to volcanoes, you will enter deep into cloud forests and rainforests, relax on the beach and observe beautiful creatures like sloths, jaguars, monkeys, frogs, and many more.

Another thing that makes this guide extremely useful is that it helps you maximize your time spent abroad and take advance of each moment of your stay in Costa Rica.

You don’t have to pay money to travel agencies to organize a tour, as you can do it on your own or if you like to travel in luxury you can hire a driver with a car to tour you across the country (which by the way it is way cheaper than buying the tour package from a travel agency).

Can I print this guide?

Yes, you can as this is not an online travel guide. This is a guide that comes in PDF which can be printed on paper or saved on your laptop, tablet, or phone once you get it.

How will this guide help me save money?

With this guide, you don’t have to pay any money to a travel agency or a tour company to get you to see Costa Rica.

We did the hard work and we put together a 10 days itinerary for Costa Rica that will show you the most important attractions from the country.

You will visit the Pacific Coast but also the Caribbean side as well as many beautiful and unique national parks.

With this guide, you can better estimate your budget as you know from the beginning the places you will see and can check how much are the entrance fee for each of them.

We even provide you with some options for your overnight stay, hotels, and guesthouses with good reviews on specialized sites and one of the best price-quality ratios from the area.

Print it on paper and save it on your telephone to have it on hand on your tour across the country.

Are there coupons or any discount tickets inside?

Unfortunately, there aren’t. It is a very comprehensive guide about what you have to see and where you have to go during your trip to Costa Rica.

However, there is plenty of useful tips and advice which can help you save money while you visit Costa Rica.

What’s the difference between this guide and the information on this site?

The information provided on our site is also very useful and well structured and it treats each point of interest individually.

You can find on our website many updated and comprehensive information about Costa Rica but this guide contains a 10 days itinerary with daily planners for your trip.

It tells you exactly what to do on a daily basis and how to plan your trip as not to skip any attraction.

It also provides you with useful information about the country, about what to eat and drink, and valuable information about weather and the best national parks and protected areas to include in your itinerary.

If I have any questions, can I contact you?

Of course you can! If you have any questions about this planner or anything related to travel please don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact page.

Get the Travel guide for Costa Rica now

This 10 days itinerary for Costa Rica is a very complex tour of the country that includes all the important attractions from the country.

You will explore the Pacific Coast, the highlands, and also the Caribbean side, the tour leading you to the most important areas and places from Costa Rica.

You will get spot many interesting and unique creatures like sloths, monkeys, jaguars, spiders, and a wide range of colorful frogs and birds.

We carefully plan for you each day and give you the best places where to sleep after such long and intense days.

In the guide, you have included not just the most important attractions where you have to stop and take photos but also we include tips for the best places where you can spend your night at decent prices!

Get this 10 days itinerary to Costa Rica now and prepare for the trip of your life!

eBook PDF Instant Download USD$14.99

What our customers say:

Michael Smith

Use this travel guide to discover Costa Rica
A great way to get to know Costa Rica is to use this travel guide. The helpful information inside can help you plan your trip down to the last detail, ensuring that you make the most of your time in this amazing country.

Demi J

Plan your trip and make sure you don’t miss anything.
If you’re looking for an amazing and affordable tropical vacation destination, look no further than Costa Rica! This incredible country is home to beautiful rain forests, stunning beaches, and friendly people. This travel guide will help you plan your trip and make sure you don’t miss anything!

Cristopher Johnson

Amazing Travel Guide for Costa Rica
One of the best things about Costa Rica is its diversity. You can find everything from lush rain forests to dry deserts in this small country. Be sure to include a variety of destinations on your itinerary to get the most out of your trip.

Melissa Williams

I managed to plan my visit around Costa Rica by myself
Costa Rica is also home to the stunning Arenal Volcano.I managed to plan my visit around Costa Rica by myself using this travel guide. If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I got this Costa Rica Travel Guide and managed to plan my visit around this incredible natural phenomenon. The lush rain forests of Costa Rica are another must-see destination on any trip to this incredible country. Be sure not to miss them as part of your itinerary.

David Brown

This travel guide is useful even if you’ve already been to Costa Rica before
Very useful even if you think you know all there is to know about Costa Rica, chances are that there’s still something new to learn! Be sure to take the opportunity to discover some hidden gems on your trip. One of the best ways to explore Costa Rica is on a road trip, so be sure to rent a car and take advantage of the many scenic routes that wind their way through the country.

Explore the beauty of Costa Rica in just 10 days with our comprehensive Travel guide. From its diverse wildlife and national parks to its breathtaking landforms, Costa Rica is a country that should not be missed.

Our guide has carefully selected the most stunning attractions and included them in a hassle-free itinerary, making it easy for you to experience the best of Costa Rica in a short amount of time.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – start planning your trip with our guide today.

Get the Travel guide for Costa Rica Now

Costa Rica Travel Guide_Cover A4
Costa Rica Travel Guide_Cover A4