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Essential Pre-Travel Checklist

This Pre traveling list is developed by frequent travelers like us for people like you who are searching for the best vacation it will help you better prepare for your trip and also to assist you to arrange your daily tasks so that you can tick all the boxes with the most crucial points to be seen for an outstanding journey.

Going on vacation soon and want to make sure you don’t forget anything important?

Our Pre travel checklist was designed specifically for travelers like you. Created by experienced travelers, it’s the perfect tool to help you better prepare for your trip and make sure you don’t miss any must-see sights. It also helps you organize your daily tasks so you can have the best vacation possible.

This Pre Travel planner was created based on our journey experience and on our demands and then it was refined over years of travel.

It contains all the useful information and activities to be done and helps you organize your tasks so that you don’t feel overwhelmed about the things you have to prepare before you go.

The pre trip planner contains all the things you have to do before you go and are split into the following periods of time: 8-10 months before you go, 4-6 months before you go, 1-3 months before you go, 1-2 weeks before you go, 2 days before you leave and the day you are leaving.

But people are different so we also prepared a blank before trip travel planner so as to be easier for you to write down your tasks after you read the filled-in checklist and choose the activities relevant for your trip.

These pre trip checklists are applicable not just for those of you who travel inside their country but also for those traveling overseas.

I know there are many things to consider and to prepare before you go and sometimes the pre-holiday period might be exhausting and very stressful but these lists help you prepare everything in advance so that you don’t feel the pressure in the week before you go.

We gather for you in one place all the relevant activities you need to fulfill so that everything will go smoothly on your holiday.

You will spare a lot of time and effort with these printables as we did the hard job for you.

Once you create your own personalized pre travel checklist you can keep it for future trips so that you don’t have to take the whole preparation process from scratch.

Tip for multiple uses

Print the files and fill out the basic information (the ones that will not change).

Place the printed document in a self-laminating sheet or a plastic page protector.

Each time you leave home you can update the information with a dry-erase marker.

After you come back home just erase the page protector or the laminating printable and keep the things that never change no matter the destination chosen and you will have a pre trip checklist ready to be used again.

Why you need this Pre travel checklist

  • This checklist helps you go smoothly and stressless through the process of preparing a trip
  • It helps you spare time and energy to think about the things that have to be done before you leave home
  • With this printable, you can better plan the things you have to do before your trip so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by all the pre trips actions to be done
  • You can rest assured that all the important actions had been approached with this checklist and you will have a stressless holiday being everything prepared in advance
  • This is the simplest way to prepare everything for your trip without paying a lot of effort and time
Pre trip travel planner Printable 7
Pre trip travel planner Printable 7

How this planner will help you

  • This checklist put together all the relevant actions that should be done before you leave home for your much deserved holiday
  • We did the hard work for you and think about everything you have to do before you leave
  • This planner helps you spare precious time and to reduce the level of pre travel anxiety feeling as you have all the activities to be one in one place
  • You have two blank pre travel checklists to be easier for you to put together a pre travel to-do list and to make your own personalized pre trip checklist
  • Using this planner you make sure that everything gets done from time and there is nothing left behind
Pre trip travel planner Printable 4
Pre trip travel planner Printable 4

Frequently asked Questions

What makes this Pre travel checklist different?

Most of the checklists that exist on the market have just a sheet with a few activities that should be taken within a couple of months before the travel date.

This pre-travel checklist is made based on our own experiences and reviewed many times to keep just the relevant activities to be done before you leave.

The actions to be taken start more than 6 months before the traveling date and are organized so that you have plenty of time for each of the activities and do not feel stressed or pressed.

This planner is useful not just for international trips but also for the holiday inside your home country and all you have to do is to skip the activities related to international holidays like passport validity, bank notifications, etc.

The good thing about this planner is that it contains two blank documents which can be personalized based on your personal needs and habits.

Why should I need this Pre travel checklist for my trip?

The preparations for a trip are generally stressful, time-consuming, and sometimes overwhelming.

We have done the hard work for you and gathered in one place everything you need to prepare and do before you leave home.

We provide you not just a pre-filled travel planner but also two blank documents where you can personalize and make your own pre trip planner with all the activities you consider important to be done before going on holiday.

Why is this Pre travel checklist useful?

Planning a holiday might be difficult but preparing for a holiday is definitely more time-consuming and stressful.

We did the hard work for you and based on our experience and knowledge we put together a pre trip planner to use each time before you prepare for a trip.

This checklist contains a pre filled document with all the important things to be done before your trip as well as two blank pages where you can create your own personalized checklist to have it each time you travel.

Can I print this planner?

Yes, you can as this is not an online pre travel checklist. This Printable will be provided to you in PDF and it can be printed by you to fill it in a paper format.

Are there tips about traveling cheaper inside or any coupons?

Unfortunately there are not such things inside this planner, but it included some very useful planners to help you organise your activities to be done before leaving home.

If I have any questions, can I contact you?

Of course you can! If you have any questions about this planner or anything related to travel please don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact page.

Get the Pre travel checklist now

This Pre trip checklist contains the most important activities that should be approached before you leave home for a relaxing and beautiful holiday.

We did the hard work for you and gathered in one place the most important things to be done before your holiday so that you don’t have to waste time and stress that something might be left outside.

We split the activities on an almost one-year timeline to be easier for you and to know well ahead what you have to do depending on the time you have left until your holiday.

We also include in the package two blank sheets that are extremely useful when creating your own personalized before travel checklist.

What I like about these planners is that you can use them multiple times, and once you create your first personalized document you can keep it for future trips so you don’t have to start the whole process from scratch.

Get the Pre-travel planners now and stop stressing about the activities which should be done before your trip!

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What our customers say:

Lisa White

Really helpful planner. The Pre Travel Checklist is really helpful! I was able to organize everything I needed and not forget anything for my travel!

Kenneth Morgan

This checklist is so comprehensive and well-organized! It made preparing my travel a breeze!

Anthony M

Very easy to get organized. I never would have been able to be so organized without this checklist!

Melissa Bart

So glad I found your product. Thank you for creating such an amazing product! I am so glad that I stumbled upon your Pre Travel Checklist!

Barbara Williams

A very useful checklist before traveling. It’s clear that you invested a lot of energy into creating this useful checklist. The Pre Travel Checklist has helped me throughout planning my travels.

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Pre Trip Planner A4 Cover
Pre Trip Planner A4 Cover