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These are the easiest ways to get to Romania, Eastern Europe

It is easy to get to Romania because it is located in the Balkan Peninsula, in the southeastern part of Europe, Romania is one of the best holiday destinations in Europe because of its location.

This wonderful country has everything you could wish for: untamed nature, mountains, seaside, delta, medieval castles, fortified churches, painted monasteries, and many other unique places in Europe.

I have to tell you: this is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets!

It is an ex-communist country that struggles to forget its past and to build a bright future!

Year by year, the number of tourists increases and the whole world starts to discover the beauty of the place!

This is the perfect time to visit this wonderful country! It still has its traditions alive, its sceneries are breathtaking and the people are welcoming and friendly!

Henri Coanda Airport Bucharest Romania

Henri Coanda Airport Bucharest Romania


It will be love at first sight! Trust me! You will get a lot for what you pay!

It will be a very unique experience, something memorable which you will want to share with your friends and family or to keep for yourself if you don’t want everybody to visit this country and transform this mystical place!

I must say, I was fascinated by its landscapes, welcoming people, and the huge diversity of relief, fauna, and flora!

I guess I managed to make you curious about how to get to this wonderful country!

There are three main ways to reach Romania: by train, by bus, by car and by plane.

Let’s discuss each of them to see which one is the best for you!

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Get to Romania by plane

By far, the plane is the fastest way to get from one point to another.

And in our days, it is not that expensive to travel by plane.

Many airline companies offer tickets at very good prices!

It is true that you don’t have your luggage included, but I am sure you will manage to solve this problem in a way or another!

I mean, you can travel with your cabin luggage which is included in your price or you can buy space for luggage! In the end, it is not that expensive!

Fortunately, there are many flights which land at Bucharest airport, from the most important cities in Europe.

TAROM, Romanian national company as well as many other companies offers direct flights to Romania from all major European cities.

Henri Coanda Airport Bucharest Romania

Henri Coanda Airport Bucharest Romania


After Bucharest, which is the largest airport in the country with the highest number of external flights, there are also some other cities that operate international flights.

And here I would name Cluj Napoca, Sibiu, Iasi, Oradea or Timisoara.

It is true that the international destinations are very limited on these secondary airports but there also might be a good option for you, especially if you fly from Germany, UK, Italy or Spain.

Or, you can choose to land on Bucharest Henri Coanda International airport and from there take an internal flight to these major cities spread all over Romania.

There are regular flights between Bucharest and these cities, and the length of the flight is less than an hour.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to take an internal flight from Bucharest, there is also a second option.

I am talking about renting a car or taking public transport.

Get to Romania by train

Getting to Romania by train has never been easier! There are direct connections between Bucharest and Vienna, Budapest, Chisinau, Vrsac and Sofia.

If you are looking for a very affordable and relaxing way to explore Romania and the whole of Europe, then this is the right option for you.

Get to Romania by train

Get by train to Romania


All trains have first and second-class cars and for overnight trains or for the rides which last more than 10 hours, you can buy your tickets at sleeping cars.

The tickets for domestic and international routes can be bought from any SNCFR Rail Travel Agency or from the ticket offices located in the most important cities of the country.

Tickets for domestic destinations can be bought also on-line.

The Romanian railways link the most important cities and tourist areas from the country and train is a pretty reliable and safe way to explore the country.

You can check the train timetable and the fairs before your trip by accessing the national railway site .

Get to Romania by bus

For those of you who like to travel by bus, I have great news!

There are plenty of buses which link Romania with the most important European countries.

Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj Napoca and many other important Romanian cities have connections with the most beautiful cities in Europe. Now, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London, Vienna, Budapest, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Valencia and many others are just some hours away.

Get to Romania by bus

Get by bus to Romania

The bus ticket prices are much cheaper than planes, so many people choose to travel by bus.

Yes, is true! You need more time and it is more exhausting to travel by bus than by plane, but it is a good opportunity to see Europe with your own eyes.

Companies like Eurolines, Flixbus, AtlasSib, Double T, CDI Transport or Comati link the most important cities of Romania with the rest of Europe.

For exact information about the fares and timetable, we advise you to check the national buses site.

On this site, you can see what buses are leaving and when.

Get to Romania by car

In my opinion, the car is the best way to explore a country.

You have the freedom and mobility to do whatever you want.

You can stop whenever you want and stay for how long you want.

Nobody tells you anything. Is just you and your thoughts! What else you could wish for?!

The road conditions in Romania are not excellent but are good.

Unfortunately, there are limited kilometers of highway, but European and national roads link the major cities and tourist areas from the country.

Get to Romania by car

Get by car to Romania

In order to drive in Romania, you need to have a valid driver’s license, a registered vehicle, and valid insurance for your car.

Get the best price for your car rental today

If you are planning to do a tour across Europe, ask the renting company about the policy regarding taking the rented car across the national borders. You will see that some renting companies are very flexible in this practice.

Getting to Romania by boat

Some of you might prefer to get to Romania by boat. Well, you have to know that this is possible and quite simple!

There are several companies from Germany, Austria, and Vienna which offer cruises on the Danube Delta River.

The cruise starts at Passau or Regensburg in Germany, passed throw Vienna and Budapest, and goes to Danube Delta and then to the Black Sea.

The ride is very beautiful but you need more time to do it.

Danube Delta is the ending point for some of the cruises and is a wonderful place.

Actually, Danube Delta is the second-largest delta in Europe and is home to hundreds of species of birds and impresses with its fauna and flora.

It will be a memorable journey, trust me!

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Renting a car
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