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Pre travel checklist

2,99 $

This Pre travel checklist is created by travelers for travelers from all over the world to help you better prepare for your trip and to help you organize your daily tasks so that you can tick all the boxes with the most important things to be done for an amazing trip.

This before trip planner was inspired by our trip and was designed based on our needs and refined in many years of travel.

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You have planned your next trip and you feel overwhelmed by the things you have to do before leaving?

You have so little time and there are so many things to prepare before your trip that you don’t know where to start?

Do you want to know which are the things to be done and the best timing for each of them?

This pre travel checklist splits the tasks into a well-defined period of time so you don’t leave everything at the last minute.

With this checklist, you can rest assured that you don’t leave anything for the last minute and you have time to solve all the tasks in due time.

This pre trip checklist contains 4 documents as listed below:

  • A cover sheet with information about your trip
  • A pre trip checklist pre-filled with the most important tasks to be done before your trip
  • A blank pre trip checklist so that you can create your own personalized pre trip travel planner
  • A blank pre trip planner that is split into two main categories: a to-do list and things to buy so as to be easier for you to properly prepare your trip

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