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Giethoorn Village: Uncovering a Hidden Gem Among Netherlands Attractions

Hmmm… Giethoorn village … Do you remember when you were little and your mother was reading you bedtime stories?

I am sure that at least in one of those stories there was a fairy tale village with beautiful houses, magnificent landscape and nice people!

Well, that’s how this Holland village is!

It is so calm, beautiful and unique that once you visit it you want to move there forever! It is indeed a hidden gem of Netherlands attractions and you should include this place on your travel list when you visit Netherlands.

How do I get to Giethoorn?

Another beautiful part is that Giethoorn village is located just 120 km away from Amsterdam and is easily accessible by car, train and even by bus.

If you go by car, you need just one hour and a half to reach the village. Car is the most comfortable and flexible way to move around in Netherlands.

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Because is so close to Amsterdam I consider this place ideal for one of the many options for Amsterdam day trips.

Giethoorn village a hidden gem of Netherlands attractions
Geithoorn village a hidden gem of Netherlands attractions

It is not something very rare to use the bike in Netherlands countryside but most of the villages have roads for cars too and most of the houses could be reached by car.

What impressed me most in this village is the fact that there are no cars in the village and no roads for cars. The houses are located along the channels and to get from point A to point B you go by bike, on foot or by boat.

Giethoorn has channels full of boats so go ahead and take a boat tour on the canals, it is called “Northern Venice” after all.

You can take a boat tour of the GIETHOORN village to admire the beauty of these Netherlands attractions.

Let me give you a piece of advice! If you go here in summer and you are interested in a boat tour then you should book it some days in advance! Why? Simple! There are limited day trips and a limited number of boats and the popularity of this area is increasing from one month to another! There are high chances to miss your dreamed boat tour if you don’t book it in advance!

Ultimate guide to visit Giethoorn Netherlands

Giethoorn village the Netherlands

Oh! If I think better you might have a second chance to have a boat tour in this part of Netherlands countryside! In Giethoorn you might rent a boat and with some elementary knowledge, you can drive by yourself among the channels! I know this is not what you dreamed at but be happy if you can find some boats to rent! You know…during peak season there are limited too!

A good way to experience what Giethoorn has to offer is to book a night in one of its cosy accommodations. Even if the number of hotels is limited, they all offer a very authentic and unique experience. You should try it!

What could be more relaxing than a boat tour along the village and then sip a glass of wine on a restaurant overlooking the old houses and the beautiful channels?!

So if you like fairytale stories it would not be very hard for you to imagine a place like Giethoorn village! I am sure that you will instantly fall in love with these beautiful Netherlands attractions!


shailesh ranka

Friday 3rd of May 2019

Any accommodation available in Giethoorn for Stay

Alex Hash

Friday 3rd of May 2019

Hi Shailesh Ranka, There are chalets to rent or hotels, depends on what are you looking for. We liked De Dames Van De Jonge Hotel Restaurant and Chalet park Kroondomein Giethoorn. Please check these ones for availability for your desired period. Have a nice and safe trip and check your email for more info!