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Essential Tips for Enjoying a December Holiday in the Netherlands

Netherlands is the perfect destination for your holiday, no matter if it is spring, winter, summer or autumn.

Each time there is something to do and each season has its own charm and particularities.

During spring you have the unique opportunity to visit Dutch tulip fields, in summer you can enjoy the warm and long days while you explore the big cities and autumn is spectacular in the Netherlands countryside.

But how about winter? Is it worth to visit Netherlands in winter? Of course, it is!

travel tips to visit Netherlands in December Christmas Market

Christmas Market in Netherlands


Winter has its own secrets and charm. Here are the most useful travel tips to visit Netherlands in December:

1. Take with you thermal clothes and a waterproof jacket

Dutch winters might be harsh sometimes and because of the cold wind and rain, you might feel colder than it really is. Thermal clothes will keep you warm and so to have the freedom to walk around all day long.

Netherlands in Winter

Netherlands in Winter

Of course, hot chocolate or a tea break is always welcomed, especially during cold and rainy days of winter, but a good waterproof jacket and some warm slaves and pants are always a good thing.

2. Don’t forget your ice skates. Or rent ones

What could be more interesting than skating on the Amsterdam canals or on the ice skating area specially prepared for you to have fun?!

Ice skating is a very popular sport in Netherlands. On the old times, locals used to skate on canals but in our days each town has its own ice skate ring.

During very cold winters all Amsterdam canals used to freeze and so it created the perfect environment to have fun and enjoyed your time spent outside. But in our days you have to be lucky to skate on Amsterdam canals. Canals don’t get freeze every year. But when it did it is amazing!

Winter in Amsterdam ice canal copy

Winter in Amsterdam ice canal copy

Everybody, from small to big, from foreigners to locals put the ice skates in their foot and enjoy the time spend outside.

That is why one of the best travel tips to visit Netherlands in December is to take with you your ice skates and make new friends on ice!

When the canals don’t freeze, the Dutch people arrange many ice skate rings!

Each year, all over Netherlands many ice skate rings are arranged. Rotterdam has one of the most famous ice rings from the Netherlands. You should go and see it!
Ice rings are the ideal places to meet new friends and interact with locals. There is no other place where you can feel the winter vibe than the ice skating rink.

3. Experience the Deventer Dickens festijn

Dickensfestijn is the time when the little town of Deventer transform in a beautiful medieval English town just like it looked like when Charles Dickens lived.

Dickens Festijn Deventer Netherlands

Dickens Festijn Deventer Netherlands

Deventer is full of Christmas decorations and all the streets are packed with actors dressed in medieval costumes and you have the feeling that you travelled back in time. There is even a Christmas market from where you can buy a lot of sweets and hot wine.

The atmosphere is very nice and people are very happy and welcoming!

This year, the festival will take place on 14th and 15th of December.

These are the new essentials you have to pack for your trip

4. Visit the Christmas market

Winter is not complete without Christmas markets. They are all over the place in Netherlands. The most beautiful and famous Christmas market is the one from Groningen. So, the best travel tips to visit Netherlands in December should include a visit to Groningen Christmas market.

travel tips to visit Christmas Market Netherlands in December

Visit Netherlands Christmas Market

What makes it so special? Well, it is the market theme. This Christmas market has a maritime theme with the stalls arranged along the banks of the canals. Historic canal boat moor along Groningen canals and people can step inside and visit them. Some of them are shops, while others are art galleries. Just step inside and see what is about!

This year, the WinterWelVaart, how the Christmas market from Groningen is called is open between 20th to 22nd December.

5. Go to a carol concert at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam

Going to a classical music concert in the Netherlands Concertgebouw is a very interesting and unique experience, but going to a carol concert is something extraordinary!

Concertgebouw in Amsterdam Carol Concert

Concertgebouw in Amsterdam Carol Concert

You really get in the Christmas mood very easily and sing with the orchestra those beautiful carols known all over the world. To keep the Christmas spirit alive, after the concert we recommend you visit the Christmas market from nearby and buy a oliebollen- a traditional Dutch sweet treat served at the market.

World wide travel tips to visit Netherlands in December

December is one of the most beautiful time to visit Netherlands. Netherlands countryside and the big cities are all bathed in the magical atmosphere of Christmas.

Book a few nights in Rotterdam at and a few nights in Amsterdam at and enjoy the beautiful cities. I highly recommend you to take day trips in the villages nearby these two big cities, to see how the Christmas spirit feels in the countryside.

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