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Complete Guide to Amsterdam’s Public Transportation Tickets

Amsterdam public transportation tickets are sold by the company GVB, Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf, or Municipal Transportation Company and their costs vary depending on the length of use.

First of all, you have to know that due to the Coronavirus epidemic, all people age 13 that are using public transport must wear their mask during their trip, from the moment when they embark to the moment when they get off the vehicle.

The mask must be worn correctly to cover your mouth and nose and you are not allowed to eat or drink when in public transport because you are not allowed to remove the mask for any reason.

The fine for not wearing a mark when using public transport in Amsterdam is 95 euro and all people have to keep at least 1.5 meters social distancing rule.

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Public transportation in Amsterdam

Most of the buses, all trams, and metros that can be found in Amsterdam are owned by GVB, including the free ferries that go on the river.


Public transport is extremely reliable in Amsterdam and trams connect all the neighborhoods to Amsterdam Central Station, the main connection point from the city.

Amsterdam public transportation tickets
Amsterdam Tram Public Transportation Tickets

There are two tram stations located around Central Station, one on the western part and another one on the eastern side.


Metro stations are gated by ports accessible only with a public transport chip card or another travel card valid for Amsterdam public transport.

Public Transportation Amsterdam Metro Wagon Netherlands
Public Transportation Amsterdam Metro Wagon Netherlands

There is an app available on Android and IOS so you can download the metro map to figure out on your own how you can get from one point to another in the city.


The most extensive public transportation network is the buses that connect each and every corner of the city with other city areas.

Public transportation in Amsterdam Bus Netherlands
Public transportation in Amsterdam Bus Netherlands

Besides the GVB which is the main public transport operator from Amsterdam, you will find Connexxion and EBS that also operated buses that connect parts of Amsterdam with Central Station and the rest of the city.


The ferry services across the IJ River are free of charge and generally, you don’t have to wait for more than a few minutes for the next ferry.

Amsterdam Netherlands Ferry
Amsterdam Netherlands Ferry

The most popular route is Amsterdam Central Station to Buiksloterweg but there are also ferry routes that cross the North Sea Canal in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.


The main station from Amsterdam is Central Station that connects the city with the whole country, from small villages to other important cities.

Amsterdam Train Ticket
Amsterdam Train Ticket

The railway station is extremely well connected with Amsterdam’s neighborhoods, many trams, metros, bus, and ferries have their stop in the vicinity of Central Station.

Amsterdam public transportation tickets

There are a few options when speaking about Amsterdam public transport tickets and this is what you need to know.

I Amsterdam City Cardunlimited GVB bus, metro, tram travel in Amsterdamincludes special fee to museums, free canal boat tour and other discounts
Amsterdam Airport Expressroundtrip airport-city center- airport operated by Connexxionticket valid up to 14 days
Amsterdam multi day ticketunlimited GVB bus, metro, tram travel in Amsterdamyou can add roundtrip airport-city center-airport with Express bus

How to use public transport tickets

In order to use public transport in Amsterdam, you first need to buy your  GVB tickets, from a vending machine or directly online.

You have to use your credit card when buying tickets from vending machines as cash is no longer accepted starting with 2014.

Once you have the tickets you have to validate them when you get on the vehicle by holding the ticket against the screen of the ticket machine or the card reader – for buses and trams, or a gate- from metro or train. Once you hear the “beep” it means that your card has been validated and you can remove it from the screen.

Amsterdam Ticket Price
Amsterdam Ticket Price

By the time you get off the vehicle or when you intend to change the public transportation mean you also need to validate your ticket.

Listen again for the “beep” meaning that your ticket had been validated and you are free to get off the vehicle or get out of the metro station or the train.

If you forget to check out from a vehicle then you cannot check-in for the next one and your ticket will no longer function.

How much is public transport in Amsterdam and what type of tickets

There are plenty of options to choose from when talking about Amsterdam public transportation tickets.

I list below the tickets you can find all across Amsterdam at vending machines and online:

1. GVB 1 hour – this ticket allows you to travel for one hour starting from the first check-in and is available for all GVB lines and costs 3.2 euro.

This is the most expensive ticket available and is valid for one hour during which you can change the vehicle to other GVB vehicles.

Amsterdam Metro tickets
Amsterdam Metro tickets

2. 1.5 hour Bus Tram Metro that is available on all transportation companies: GVB, Connexxion, EBS, is valid for day buses and can be bought from vending machines, bus stations around IJ side of Central Station and drivers in Connexxion and EBS buses and cost 6.5 euro.

3. GBV P+R ticket is valid for two trips on GVB trams, buses, or metro for a maximum of one hour per trip.

4. GVB Multi-day ticket- gives you unlimited travel on all GVB vehicles and routes 24 hours, including night buses.

The ticket is valid the first time you check in and you have to keep it for control in trams, buses, or metro.

Let’s take for example the 2 days ticket which is valid 48 hours from the first time you check in a vehicle belonging to GVB.

Amsterdam public transport 3 day ticket is perfect for a city break and is valid 72 hours from the first time you check-in and cost 19 euro, while the 2 days ticket cost 13.5 euro and the 4 days ticket cost 24.5 euro.

You can also find 5 days, 6 days, and 7 days tickets for prices between 29.5 euro and 37 euro and they are valid for the first time you check-in.

Get your multi-day ticket right now to secure the best price: Amsterdam: GVB Public Transport Ticket.

Only with this ticket, you can get unlimited travel on GVB trams, buses, metro and ferries in Amsterdam, GVB day and night ticket and you can experience Amsterdam like a local.

5. Amsterdam travel ticket allows you to travel for how many times you want with the trains of NS railway, Amsterdam Airport Express ( 397 bus), Niteliner N97 ( of Connexxion) between Amsterdam and Schipol Airport and also gives you unlimited travel for all GVB vehicles including the night buses.

The ticket is valid for one, two, or three days and can be used on all the vehicles mentioned on the above lines. The price of a ticket starts from 17 euros for 1 day and goes to 28 euros for 3 days.

This is the best ticket to buy if you plan to get by public transport from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam city center and use public transport during your stay.

Amsterdam Boats Tour Public Transportation
Amsterdam Boats Tour Public Transportation

6. Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket gives you unlimited travel on metro, trams, and buses from Amsterdam and the surrounding area.

Amsterdam public transportation tickets are available for GVB, Connexxion, NS, and EBS ( train ticket for 2nd class) and the ticket is valid for one, two, or three days from the first check-in.

The price for a one-day single ticket available for the entire region is 19.5 euro, while the three days ticket costs 36.5 euro.

7. I Amsterdam City Card is probably the most famous tourist card from Amsterdam that gives you free transportation and many discounts to museums, shops, and beautiful attractions from the area.

This card grants you unlimited travel to day and night buses, trams, metros, and ferries operated by GVB.

The tickets are available for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days from the first time you check-in at every vehicle operated by GVB.

The cheapest one is 65 euro and is available 24 hours, while the 5 days ticket costs 130 euro and is valid 120 hours from the first check-in.

You can get your I Amsterdam City card here to get a detailed city map, unlimited use of GVB public transport in Amsterdam, free entrance to a long list of museums and attractions, one free canal cruise, 24 hours bicycle rental, and many other discounts and facilities.

The electronic ticket or OV-Chipkaart

The OV-chipkaart is a paper or plastic debit card size ticket with a memory chip inside that can be read by the ticket readers located on board public transport vehicles.

In order to validate the card, you need to swipe it across the face of the ticket reader when you hop on and hop off the vehicle.

There are 3 types of cards available: anonymous, disposable, and personalized and each traveler has to have her/his own card.

Amsterdam public transportation tickets
Amsterdam public transportation tickets

Tourists generally choose the disposable card, which means that once you use it you can dispose of it.

The cost of an anonymous OV-chipkaart is 7.5 euro and it can be charged with up to 150 euro credit.

Benefits of using the OV-chipkaart

  • you can add additional travel products like night bus tickets or multi-day tickets
  • if you use this card you will pay 0.154 euro per kilometer plus a base fee of 0.89 euro and if you transfer within 35 minutes from the first check-in the base will not be charged again.

Disadaventages of using the OV-chipkaart

  • if you lose your card then you will lose all your money charged on that card


Amsterdam public transportation tickets are suitable for every type of trip and any kind of traveler, and you have a wide range of choices, from an hour ticket to multi-day tickets to choose from.

The best thing you can do is to design your itinerary, determine the length of your stay and the things you want to see in order to establish which the best ticket for your stay is.

If you plan to visit museums and stay only in Amsterdam, then consider buying I Amsterdam ticket as it comes with many discounts and great offers, besides the free transportation.

Multi-day tickets are also an interesting option, especially if you are not planning to see a lot of museums, as the prices are great for what they offer.

The good news is that public transport in Amsterdam runs 24 hours a day and you have a wide range of choices, all you have to do is to plan your trip on a daily basis to see which ticket is the best for your stay.

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