Where is the island of Maldives located and best time to go

Where is the island of Maldives located and when is the best time to go there are two of the most common questions you will ask before planning your trip to one of the most stunning destinations in the world.

The Maldives is indeed amazing and visiting this island was a dream come true and I must tell you that this place is on my top 5 places to visit in your life.

This article will tell you where are Maldives islands are located and when is the best time to go to avoid the rainy season so that you can fully enjoy your time spent abroad.

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Where is the island of Maldives located? Is it in India?

Even today many people still think that the Maldives islands are part of India and not an independent nation.

Well, this is completely false as the Republic of Maldives is an independent country with the capital Male, and about 670.000 inhabitants.

Turquoise Lagoon on small tropial island on Maldives
Turquoise Lagoon on small tropial island on Maldives

The country is headed by an elected president while parliament and the judiciary are independent too.

From the administrative perspective, the islands are grouped into 20 atolls, each of them having its city councils, local councils, and atoll councils.

Indeed the Maldives is the smallest country in Asia but it is an independent country with an elected president, Parliament, and administrative functions.

Maldivian people

The population is almost entirely part of the Maldivian ethnic group composed of the people who settled here along time.

The first people that arrived here were inhabitants of Sri Lanka and India, followed by Arab traders and people from China, Madagascar, Indonesia, and Malaya.

Atoll Maldives Islands from above Indian Ocean
Atoll Maldives Islands from above Indian Ocean

The official language of the Maldivian people is called Maldivian or Dhivehi and is part of the large group of Indo-European languages.

Besides the Dhivehi, the people that live on these islands also might speak Arabic, English, and Hindi.

Maldivian culture and traditions

Maldives is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth with turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and very welcoming people.

Although the smallest country from the Asian continent, these islands’ culture, and traditions have deep roots in the past and strong connections with the people who settled here along time.

The Maldivian culture has deep roots in the Sri Lankan, Indian, Arab, Indonesian, Persian, and even African countries.

Maldivian Culture
Maldivian Culture

People from these islands are warm people, extremely friendly and welcoming who are ready to do their best just that you can have a wonderful experience.

For many of us Maldives is just about the island resorts and the water villas, but their unique history, culture, and language are equally as interesting as the scenery.

Starting with 2009 a new concept appears on the islands and here I am talking about the guesthouses, so today everybody can visit this magnificent place.

The Maldives is located on the so-called spice route between East Asia and the Arab world so much of the country’s cuisine is inspired and influenced by the flavors of the countries that are located in the approximate area.

The main ingredient from Maldivian cuisine is the fish as it is easier to catch and also very cheap, while ingredients like coconut are widely used in all kinds of dishes, both savory and sweet.

Their traditional instrument is called Boduberu which is a drum made from coconut palm wood and it is used to accompany singers and play music for ceremonies and special occasions.

Daily life in the Maldives

Maldivians daylife routine is strongly connected with the ocean as they are surrounded by water and the boat is their main transportation mean.

Private Beach at Maldives Island Atoll
Private Beach at Maldives Island Atoll

During the day women stay home and take care of the home while men go fishing, especially for tuna.

When the men come back from fishing, all the community gather to collect the fish that will be prepared by the women.

Best time to visit Maldives

The Maldives has two dominant seasons: the dry season that usually lasts from May to November and the rainy season that is from December to April.

The dry season is associated with the northeastern monsoon which is the winter monsoon, while the rainy season comes with a lot of rain, heavy storms, and strong winds.

Best time to visit Maldives
Best time to visit Maldives

If you plan to visit the Maldives for its beautiful beaches and to perfect your tan then you most probably should go during the dry season, which is anytime between December and April.

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Let’s take divers for example; they are the luckiest ones as the whole year is perfect for diving.

The dry season comes with great visibility and currents that carry microorganisms that are the perfect food for many species of marine creatures.

The rainy season comes with lower temperatures of the ocean water (just a few degrees in minus, don’t expect cold waters) which attract an impressive number of hammerhead sharks and reef sharks in areas close to the shore.

It is true that the visibility is not as good as it is during the dry season, but the currents are weaker and so it is easier to dive.

Water bungalows wooden jetty Maldives turquoise water water villa
Water bungalows wooden jetty Maldives turquoise water water villa

The temperatures are constant all year round, with values between 25 to 32 degrees Celsius.

Where is the island of Maldives located makes it the perfect holiday destination, with great temperatures all year round.

The wettest months of the year are July, followed by September, October, and November.

During the winter season, short afternoon showers are quite common, but there are light rains that don’t disturb you.

The rain season comes with tropical cyclones and sometimes heavy storms and rain that might determine the authorities to relocate people to safer zones.

The good news is that in the last 130 years only 11 cyclones hit the islands of Maldives and caused some damages.

Best time to visit Maldives for watersports and diving

Watersports are extremely popular among tourists that visit the Maldives and here I am talking about surfing, diving, boating, and snorkeling.

Surfers generally like to visit the Maldives between February and November when the currents are stronger and the waves are perfect to ride.

Where is the island of Maldives located
Where is the island of Maldives located

If snorkeling, canoeing, and kayaking are your favorite activities, then you should visit Maldives in December and January, when the currents are weaker.

The best visibility for snorkeling and scuba diving is during the dry season, from January to April, when you can spot a wide range of marine creatures.

Bioluminescence and best time to visit Maldives

Bioluminescent plankton might be visible also in the Maldives and Raa Atoll is the best place for this natural show from the world map.

Bioluminescence Maldives
Bioluminescence Maldives

The glowing marine organisms light the beach and the ocean water during certain nights over the year.

Still, the best time to spot them is between June and October, because during these months the currents bring more plankton close to the shore.

Cheapest time to visit Maldives

I know it might sound like a cliché, but the Maldives can be also a budget destination if you know when to travel and if your expectation in terms of accommodation is not up in the sky.

You can visit the Maldives and stay in a guesthouse close to the capital island Male, you don’t have to take a seaplane or stay in a water villa of a luxurious island resort.

Atoll Maldives Islands from above Indian Ocean
Atoll Maldives Islands from above Indian Ocean

As you might expect, the lowest prices are recorded during the wet season, from May to October, because of the high quantity of precipitations that drop almost daily.

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What I can tell you about the rainy season in Maldives is that the rains are not on a daily basis. Yes, there might be 2 or 3 days on the row with no rain and then just some occasional showers, nothing to bother, but it is all a matter of luck.

What I can tell you for sure is that the prices for rooms, including overwater villas, drop significantly and if you have a tight budget you should consider visiting Maldives during these months.


Where is the island of Maldives located makes it a heavenly destination, a place where your dreams come true.

Where are the Maldives Located
Where are the Maldives Located

This place is about turquoise waters, white sand, luxury, and warm people, the perfect recipe for an amazing holiday.

It is true that the prices might be a little bit higher than for other exotic destinations, but what you experience here is unique and definitely worth the money.


Is Maldives part of Africa or Asia?

The Maldives is an independent country from Asia, actually, it is the smallest country on the Asian continent.

The Maldives is formed from 1192 islands grouped in 26 atolls that are located in the southwestern part of India and Sri Lanka.

The total population of the country is just a little bit over 680.000 people spread on the inhabited islands of the archipelago.

Tropical Beach at Maldives Islands Atoll
Tropical Beach at Maldives Islands Atoll

Is the Maldives in Dubai?

The beautiful islands of Maldives are located in the Indian Ocean, in the southeastern part of the Arab countries.

From the Maldives to Dubai there are about 3,100 kilometers or about 5 hours by plane.

Is Maldives a part of India?

The scattered islands of the Republic of Maldives are located in the Indian Ocean on the southwestern part of the Indian Ocean.

The archipelago is an independent country, distinct from the Indian and the Indian subcontinent which has its own culture and traditions.

Is Maldives a beautiful country?

Maldives is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with turquoise beaches, secluded hotels, and world-famous water villas.

What is interesting about these islands is that nobody heard about them before 1972 and today it is one of the safest and most popular exotic destinations in the world.

Tourism is the main source of income from this country and they certainly know how to make you feel welcomed and spoiled.

Once you go there you will want to come back again and again; it is like a drug that creates dependency.

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